Mascots in Olympics between 1968 - 2022

For several decades now, mascots have been a permanent fixture in major sporting events. We listed all the mascots in summer and winter Olympic Games.
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Mascots are most often used for event branding as good mascots are remembered and readily linked with the sporting event itself. Mascots are also easy for children to approach so they can feel more present at the sports event.

The Olympics mascots have almost always been animal themed. The first official mascot was a dog named ”Waldi”, who was the event mascot for the Munich Olympics in 1972. Before this, the Winter Games of Grenoble in 1968 also had an unofficial mascot that was designed overnight.

Today, designing the mascots is no small side note to event planning - large advertising agencies are also employed in mascot design. For instance, the mascot for the Sochi Olympics was chosen via an international competition that produced more than 24,000 mascot proposals.

Especially during this millennium, the mascot comprises more than one character.

Summer and winter Olympics mascots 1968 - 2022

OlympicsMascot´s nameDetails
Grenoble 1968ShussA red-head icon with S-shaped body on skis
München 1972WaldiA Multicolored-dog, first official Olympic Games mascot
Innsbruck 1976SchneemannA snowman wearing Tyrolean hat
Montreal 1976AmikA black beaver
Lake Placid 1980RoniA skating raccoon
Moscow 1980MishaA smiling bear
Sarajevo 1984VučkoA wolf
Los Angeles 1984SamAn eagle wearing U.S. colored hat
Calgary 1988Hidy & HowdyTwo polar bears wearing cowboy costumes
Soul 1988HodoriA tiger
Albertville 1990MagiqueA star-shaped icon with red hat
Barcelona 1992CobiA dog
Lillehammer 1994Haakon & KristinTwo real people
Atlanta 1996IzzyFirst Olympic mascot which is not an animal or a human
Nagano 1998Sukki, Nokki, Lekki & TsukkiOwls "the snowlets"
Sydney 2000Syd, Olly & MillieA duck-billed platypus, an anteater and a kookaburra
Salt Lake City 2002Powder, Coal & CopperA hare, a coyote a black bear
Athena 2004Phevos & AthenaAn ancient Greek dolls
Torino 2006Neve & GlizA snowball and an ice cube
Beijing 2008Beibei, Jingjing & Huanhuan, Yingying & NiniFigures which represents 5 natural elements
Vancouver 2010Quatchi & MigaMythical animal figures
London 2012WenlockFigure which represent a steel
Sochi 2014The Hare, the Polar bear & the LeopardAs named
Rio 2016VinciusA mix of different Brazilian animals
PyeongChang 2018SoohorangA white-tiger
Tokyo 2020MiraitowaA figure which possess superpowers
Beijing 2022Bing Dwen DwenA panda wearing an astronaut suit