IBU Biathlon Live Stream

You can watch IBU Biathlon World Cup and IBU Cup live streams online for free. Here is how.
Watch biathlon world cup live online for free!
Watch biathlon world cup live online for free!

IBU provides a free online live stream for the 2022-2023 IBU World Cup, IBU Cup also the IBU Biathlon Open European Championships will be broadcasted in the end of January.

The IBU World Cup stream is NOT AVAILABLE in France, Denmark and Norway. The IBU Cup livestream is not available in France.

IBU Biathlon world cup live stream on Eurovision Sport

You can find the current IBU world cup and World Championships live streams here:

IBU World Cup Hochfilzen 2022

IBU provides three separate live feeds: main feed, shooting feed and enhanced feed and press conference.

On the same site you can find the latest interviews and highlight videos from the IBU biathlon competitions.