Entry standards for the 2024 European Athletics Championships in Rome

At the beginning of the summer in 2024, the European Athletics Championships will take place in Rome. Later in the summer, the Olympics will be held in Paris.
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Nafissatou Thiam has already broken the entry standard for Rome European Championships.
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen / Trackpic
Nafissatou Thiam has already broken the entry standard for Rome European Championships.

The ranking system in the selection criteria for major athletics events and, in some cases, stricter event quotas have led to high direct qualifying standards for the European Athletics Championships.

In the Munich Championships 2022, the qualifying standard for the 10,000 meters was 28:20, which was already a formidable time, but in Rome, it's even more challenging, with only seven Europeans achieving the standard 27:50 in this summer. In the marathon, the direct qualifying standard is 2:11:00, which is 3.5 minutes tougher than what was required for Munich. The qualifying standard for the 5,000 meters is 13:20, while, for instance, in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, it was 13:23 for the same event.

For the women's equivalent events, the qualifying standards are 15:15, 32:00, and 2:29:00.

Not all events have seen tougher standards, as, for example, in men's javelin in Munich, the standard was 84 meters, and in high jump, it was 230, while now they are 80.50 and 226. In women's pole vault, the standard is 10 centimeters lower than in 2022, and also in events like shot put and long jump, the standards have slightly decreased. The field event quotas for the Rome Championships have increased in a few cases.

It's clear that the goal is for a significant number of athletes to qualify for the championships through rankings rather than direct qualifying standards. By making the standards more challenging, the value of the rankings is increased. Additionally, the European level of performance, especially in middle-distance running, has risen in recent years, which explains the tougher qualifying standards.

Entry Standards - Rome 2024

Entry standard must be achieved between 27.5.2023–26.5.2024.

Entry Standards

10.16100 m11.24
20.45200 m23.00
45.40400 m51.50
1:45.20800 m2:00.00
3:36.001500 m4:05.00
13:20.005000 m15:15.00
27:50.0010,000 m32:00.00
8:25.003000 m steeplechase9:37.00
13.46110/100 m hurdles12.98
49.30400 m hurdles55.70
1:21:3020 km walk1:31:40
226High jump192
575Pole vault450
800Long jump670
16.80Triple jump14.15
20.85Shot put18.00
65.20Discus throw60.50
76.50Hammer throw71.20
83.00Javelin throw60.00