Prize Money in Olympics - Check out the List of Countries!

Succeeding in the Olympics primarily brings you pride and glory. But in some countries, it can also bring you great money prizes.
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Prize Money in Olympics - Check out the List of Countries!
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The ones who have succeeded in the Olympics are rewarded very differently depending on the country. At its best, Olympic Gold can bring you a paycheck of about a million euros. On the other hand, in some countries, the sports federation or the Olympic Committee do not give any recognition to the athlete’s success.

In addition to the cash prizes from the Olympic Committee, the athlete is usually awarded in different ways by their municipality of residence, associations, and personal sponsors. For example, many municipalities have had a habit of rewarding their citizens with a land lot.

Generally, a few countries are known to not skimp on rewarding their athletes.

Singaporean Olympic winners are awarded a million U.S dollars, which means roughly €850,000. If there’s no win, you can still pay off even a mortgage on the larger side with silver (€420,000) or bronze (€210,000) cash prizes.

Also some states in India as Uttar Pradesh, the cash prizes are also huge: the winner gets about €680,000, the runner-up receives €440,000, and third place gets €230,000.

Inside Europe’s borders, for one, in Hungary, you are handed a nice bundle of euros for winning – €140,000.

The United States has had a rule that the college athletes are not eligible for the Olympic cash prizes or in any other way to earn money with their Olympic success. This rule is no longer valid in the Tokyo Olympics and for the first time, the US college athletes can make bank with their Olympic Success. In the great land of sports, winning is rewarded with over €30,000.

In addition to the monetary prizes, athletes are awarded in many ways all over the world. For example, in The London 2012 Olympics, Keshorn Walcott, winner of the javelin throw, got a beacon named after him. He also got a luxury apartment, a land lot, and on top of that about €120,000.

List of Medal Bonuses in Some Countries

Prize Money €

Singapore850 000420 000210 000
Indonesia630 000320 000150 000
Kazhakstan210 000125 00063 0000
Azerbaijan210 000105 00050000
Hungary140 000105 00080 000
Italy140 00070 00045 000
Russia50 00030 00020 000
Finland50 00030 00020 000
France50 00018 00010 000
USA32 00018 00012 000