Russia announces team for Tour de Ski

Team Russia is a favourite to sweep all the top spots in men´s Tour de Ski.
Etusuora: 29.12.2020 10:39Cross-country skiing
Team Russia is full of big names when they announced their skiers for the next Tour de Ski. You can say they are not holding back and aiming only for the World Championships.

The Russian team is led by Aleksander Bolshunov, Andrey Melnichenko, Artem Maltsev and Ivan Yakimushkin - the top four skiers from Davos World Cup two weeks ago. The Finn Iivo Niskanen might be the only skier who can challenge the Russian dominance in the Tour.

In the women´s Tour the Russians are also among the favourites. Natalia Nepryaeva, Yulia Stupak and Tatiana Sorina with be fighting for the medals alongside the Swedes and Americans.

Team Russia for Tour de Ski 2020-2021

Evgeniy BelovAlisa Zhambalova
Aleksandr BolshunovAnna Zherebyateva
Gleb RetivykhYana Kirpichenko
Ilja SemikovNatalia Nepryaeva
Denis SpitsovHristina Matsokina
Artem MaltsevAnna Nechaevskaya
Aleksandr TerentevTatiana Sorina
Aleksei ChervotkinYulia Stupak
Ivan YakimushkinAnastasiya Faleeva
Andrey Melnichenko 

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