Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 - Schedule & Info

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

On our Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 page, you can find all the information you need about the event: schedule, timetable and results.
Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 begin on the 2nd of February.
Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 begin on the 2nd of February. (Kuva:, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Winter Olympics 2022 are organized in Beijing, China. The 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held between February 2nd - 20th, 2022. There will be 15 different events for the hunt of the Olympic medals during the nineteen days of competition.

Winter Olympics were held for the first time in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Since then Winter Olympic Games were organised every four years - in the same year as the Summer Olympics - all the way until the 1992 Albertville Games. After that the rhythm was changed so that the Winter and Summer Olympics take turns every two years.

There have been no interruptions to the Winter Olympics except for the years 1940 and 1944 when WW II caused the event’s cancellation.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 - Sports & Events

In Beijing, there the athletes will fight for medals in a total of 15 different sports. You can find detailed information regarding each Olympic sport, including timetables, in the attached list.

Sports and the competition dates for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

SportRace Days
Alpine Skiing6.-19.2.
Freestyle Skiing3.-19.2.
Ice Hockey3.-20.2.
Cross-Country Skiing5.-20.2.
Ski Jumping5.-14.2.
Speed Skating5.-19.2.
Short track speed skating5.-16.2.
Ice Skating4.-20.2.
Nordic Combined9.-17.2.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 - Schedule & Timetable

The 19 days of competition will begin on Wednesday February 2nd, with preliminary rounds in curling. On Thursday it´s time for the kick-off of freestyle skiing and women’s ice hockey. Figure skaters will start their competitions on Friday the 4th.

Events will be kicked into higher gear on Saturday February 5th as we will witness the fight for the first Olympic medals in biathlon, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, speed skating, and short track speed skating.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 - Results

We will update the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics live result links here.
Can the Finn Iivo Niskanen win his third Olympic Gold medal in Beijing?
Photo: Touho Häkkinen
Can the Finn Iivo Niskanen win his third Olympic Gold medal in Beijing?

Winter Olympic hosts

Beijing is number 24 in list of organizers of the Winter Olympics. The Olympic Winter Games began back in 1924 in Chamonix, France. In 1940 and 1944 the Winter Olympic Games had to be cancelled due to World War 2. Sapporo in Japan (1940) and Cortina d´Ampezzo in Italy (1944) got their second chances in 1972 and 1956.

The Winter Olympics have been organized mostly in Europe - a total of 14 times. In North America the Games have been competed six times, four times in the USA and twice in Canada.

Beijing is the fourth Asian host of the Winter Olympics. China premieres as a Winter Olympic Games host as the three previous Asian hosts have been from Japan (twice) and South Korea.

Winter Olympic hosts 1924-2022

1924Chamonix, France
1928St. Moritz, Switzerland
1932Lake Placid, USA
1936Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1948St. Moritz, Switzerland
1952Oslo, Norway
1956Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
1960Squaw Valley, USA
1964Innsbruck, Austria
1968Grenoble, France
1972Sapporo, Japan
1976Innsbruck, Austria
1980Lake Placid, USA
1984Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1988Calgary, Canada
1992Albertville, France
1994Lillehammer, Norway
1998Nagano, Japan
2002Salt Lake City, USA
2006Torino, Italy
2010Vancouver, Canada
2014Sotši, Russia
2018Pyeongchang, South Korea
2022Beijing, China

Most successful Winter Olympic athletes

Norwegian athletes dominate the list of the most successful Winter Olympic Athletes. Cross country skiers Marit Bjørgen and Bjørn Dæhlie and biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen have all gathered impressive eight gold and four silver medals. Bjørgen snatches the top spot with most bronze medals (3).

1.Marit Bjørgen (NOR)Cross-country skiing8-4-3=15
2.Ole Einar Bjørndalen (NOR)Biathlon8-4-1=13
3.Bjørn Dæhlie (NOR)Cross-country skiing8-4-0=12
4.Lyubov Yegorova (RUS)Cross-country skiing6-3-0=9
5.Ahn Hyun-Soo (KOR)Short track speed skating6-0-2=8
5.Viktor Ahn (RUS)Short track speed skating6-0-2=8
7.Lidia Skoblikova (USR)Speed skating6-0-0=6
8.Ireen Wüst (NED)Speed skating5-5-1=11
9.Claudia Pechstein (GER)Speed skating5-2-2=9
10.Martin Fourcade (FRA)Biathlon5-2-0=7
11.Larisa Lazutina (RUS)Cross-country skiing5-1-1=7
11.Clas Thunberg (FIN)Speed skating5-1-1=7
13.Thomas Alsgaard (NOR)Cross-country skiing5-1-0=6
14.Bonnie Blair (USA)Speed skating5-0-1=6
15.Eric Heiden (USA)Speed skating5-0-0=5
16.Raisa Smetanina (USR)Cross-country skiing4-5-1=10
17.Sixten Jernberg (SWE)Cross-country skiing4-3-2=9
18.Ricco Groß (GER)Biathlon4-3-1=8
18.Emil Hegle Svendsen (NOR)Biathlon4-3-1=8
20.Sven Kramer (NED)Speed skating4-2-3=9
21.Kjetil André Aamodt (NOR)Alpine skiing4-2-2=8
21.Sven Fischer (GER)Biathlon4-2-2=8
21.Galina Kulakova (USR)Cross-country skiing4-2-2=8
24.Ivar Ballangrud (NOR)Speed skating4-2-1=7
24.Janica Kostelić (CRO)Alpine skiing4-2-0=6
26.Kevin Kuske (GER)Bobsleigh4-2-0=6
26.Darya Domracheva (BLR)Biathlon4-1-1=6
26.Gunde Svan (SWE)Cross-country skiing4-1-1=6
26.Wang Meng (CHI)Short track speed skating4-1-1=6
30.Yevgeny Grishin (USR)Speed skating4-1-0=5
30.Jayna Hefford (CAN)Ice hockey4-1-0=5
30.Johann Olav Koss (NOR)Speed skating4-1-0=5
30.André Lange (GER)Bobsleigh4-1-0=5
30.Matti Nykänen (FIN)Ski jumping4-1-0=5
30.Alexander Tikhonov (USR)Biathlon4-1-0=5
30.Hayley Wickenheiser (CAN)Ice hockey4-1-0=5
30.Nikolay Zimyatov (USR)Cross-country skiing4-1-0=5
38.Chun Lee-Kyung (KOR)Short track speed skating4-0-1=5
38.Natalie Geisenberger (GER)Luge4-0-1=5
40.Simon Ammann (SUI)Ski jumping4-0-0=4
40.Tobias Arlt (GER)Luge4-0-0=4
40.Dario Cologna (SUI)Cross-country skiing4-0-0=4
40.Caroline Ouellette (CAN)Ice hockey4-0-0=4
40.Thomas Wassberg (SWE)Cross-country skiing4-0-0=4
40.Tobias Wendl (GER)Luge4-0-0=4

Source: Wikipedia