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Athletics (Track & field)

For centuries, track & field has constantly been one of the most popular sports in the world. While the first track & field competition took place as early as 776 BC, the sport as we know it has existed since the late 1800s.

Usain Bolt (7).
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen / Trackpic
Usain Bolt (7).

Track & Field – History

Track & field is one of the most highly regarded sports globally, as it is practised all over the world. The world federation of track & field is called World Athletics, formerly known as IAAF. The federation has 214 member states.

Many of today's track & field disciplines were already present when the first Olympic Games took place in 1896. Those games also served as a starting point for the establishment and wider awareness of the sport. The founding of IAAF at the Stockholm Olympics in 1912 was a remarkable step forward in the internalisation of track & field. This era also marked the creation of a more precise set of rules for track & field, and began the listing of world records.

Year 1921 was noteworthy for equality, as it was the first time women were allowed to compete in track & field. The first Olympics with female contestants took place in 1928, though women only participated in a handful of disciplines that time. In addition to women, professional athletes were not seen in the Games until 1970, when they were finally granted access to the Olympics.

During the next few decades, track & field spread globally, with various nations participating in international elite games. For example, the first Olympic level participation of the great power Soviet Union took place in Helsinki in 1952. Unfortunately, political conflicts, such as the Cold War, also affected track & field, with implications as to which nations could participate in elite games.

The first European Championships in track & field were organised as early as 1934, while the first World Championships were not arranged until 1983. This marked the starting point of organising track & field championship games nearly every year.

Women heptathlonists at the London Olympic Stadium.
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen / Trackpic
Women heptathlonists at the London Olympic Stadium.

Athletics calendar - Competition schedule

Here you can find the calendar for the main athletics events held around the world.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Calendar Athletics

  • DateEventLocation
  • 19.6.2021 - 20.6.2021Joukkue EM-kisat YkkösliigaCluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 13.5.2022Timanttiliiga Doha Qatar
  • 21.5.2022Timanttiliiga BirminghamIso-Britannia
  • 28.5.2022 - 29.5.2022Timanttiliiga Eugene Yhdysvallat
  • 5.6.2022Timanttiliiga RabatMarokko
  • 9.6.2022Timanttiliiga Rooma Italia
  • 16.6.2022Timanttiliiga Oslo Norja
  • 18.6.2022Timanttiliiga Pariisi Ranska
  • 30.6.2022Timanttiliiga Tukholma Ruotsi
  • 30.7.2022Timanttiliiga Shanghai Kiina
  • 6.8.2022Timanttiliiga ShenzhenKiina
  • 10.8.2022Timanttiliiga Monaco Monaco
  • 26.8.2022Timanttiliiga Lausanne Sveitsi
  • 2.9.2022Timanttiliiga Bryssel Belgia
  • 7.9.2022 - 8.9.2022Timanttiliiga Zurich Sveitsi

Athletics – Results today

Here you can find the results of the latest main international events as well as live results links to the competitions.

Athletics – World Records


Men – Outdoors

100 mUsain Bolt9,5816.8.2009
200 mUsain Bolt19,1920.8.2009
400 mWayde van Niekerk43,0314.8.2006
800 mDavid Rudisha1.40,919.8.2012
1500 mHicham El Guerrouj3.26,0014.7.1998
MileHicham El Guerrouj3.43,137.7.1999
3000 mDaniel Komen7.20,671.9.1996
5000 mJoshua Cheptegei12.35,3614.8.2020
10 000 mKenenisa Bekele26.17,5326.8.2005
3000 m steeple.Saif Saaeed Shaheen7.53,633.9.2004
Half marathonGeoffrey Kamworor58.0115.9.2019
MarathonEliud Kipchoge2.01.3916.9.2018
110 m hurdlesAries Merritt12,807.9.2012
400 m hurdlesKeving Young46,786.8.1992
Long jumpMike Powell89530.8.1991
High jumpJavier Sotomayor24527.7.1993
Triple jumpJonathan Edwards18,297.8.1995
Pole vaultRenaud Lavillenie61615.2.2014
JavelinJan Zelezny98,4825.5.1996
Shot putRandy Barnes23,1220.5.1990
Discus throwJürgen Schult74,086.6.1986
Hammer throwJuri Sedyh86,7430.8.1986
DecathlonKevin Mayer912615-16.9.2018
4x 100 mJamaika36,8411.8.2012
4 x 400 mUSA2.54,2922.8.1993

Women – Outdoors

100 mFlorence Griffith‑Joyner10,4916.7.1988
200 mFlorence Griffith‑Joyner21,3429.9.1988
400 mMarita Koch47,606.10.1985
800 mJarmila Kratochvílová1.53,2826.7.1983
1500 mGenzebe Dibabaj3.50,0717.7.2015
MileSifan Hassan4.12,3312.7.2019
3000 mWang Junxia8.06,1113.9.1993
5000 mTirunesh Dibaba14.11,156.6.2008
10 000 mAlmaz Ayana29.17,4512.8.2016
3000 m steepleBeatrice Chepkoech8.44,3220.7.2018
Half marathonJoyciline Jepkosgei64.5122.10.2017
MarathonPaula Radcliffe2.15.2513.4.2003
100 m hurdlesKendra Harrison12,2022.7.2016
400 m hurdlesDalilah Muhammad52,164.10.2019
Long jumpGalina Tšistjakova75211.6.1988
High jumpStefka Kostadinova20930.8.1987
Triple jumpInessa Kravets15,5010.8.1995
Pole vaultJelena Isinbajeva50628.8.2009
Javelin throwBarbora Špotákova72,2813.9.2008
Shot putNatalja Lisovskaja22,637.6.1987
Discus throwGabriele Reinsch76,809.7.1988
Hammer throwAnita Włodarczyk82,9828.8.2016
HeptathlonJackie Joyner-Kersee729123.-24.9.1988
4x 100 mYhdysvallat40,8210.8.2012
4 x 400 mNeuvostoliitto3.15,171.10.1988


Men – Indoors

60 mChristian Coleman6,3418. Feb 2018
200 mFrankie Fredericks19,9218. Feb 1996
400 mKerron Clement44,5712. March 2005
800 mWilson Kipketer1:42,679. March 1997
1000 mAyanleh Souleiman2:14,2017. Feb 2016
1500 mSamuel Tefera3:31,0416. Feb 2019
MileYomif Kejelcha3:47,013. March 2019
3000 mDaniel Komen7:24,906. Feb 1998
5000 mKenenisa Bekele12:49,6020. Feb 2004
60 m hurdlesColin Jackson7,306. March 1994
High jumpJavier Sotomayor2434. March 1989
Pole vaultArmand Duplantis61815. Feb 2020
Long jumpCarl Lewis87927. Jan 1984
Triple jumpTeddy Tamgho17,926. March 2011
Shot putRandy Barnes22,6620. Jan 1989
HeptathlonAshton Eaton6645 pts10. March 2012

Women – Indoors

60 mIrina Privalova6,9211. Feb 1993
200 mMerlene Ottey21,8713. Feb 1993
400 mJarmila Kratochvílová49,597. March 1982
800 mJolanda Čeplak1:55,823. March 2002
1000 mMaria Mutola2.30,9425. Feb 1999
1500 mGenzebe Dibaba3.55,171. Feb 2014
MileGenzebe Dibaba4.13,3117. Feb 2016
3000 mGenzebe Dibaba8.16,606. Feb 2014
5000 mGenzebe Dibaba14.18,8619. Feb 2015
60 m hurdlesSusanna Kallur7,6810. Feb 2008
High jumpKajsa Bergqvist2084. Feb 2006
Pole vaultJenn Suhr50330. Jan 2016
Long jumpHeike Drechsler73713. Feb 1988
Triple jumpYulimar Rojas15,4321. Feb 2020
Shot putHelena Fibingerová22,5019. Feb 1977
PentathlonNataliya Dobrynska5013 pts9. March 2012