Vasaloppet 2024

Vasaloppet is a legendary long distance cross country skiing race in Sweden which starts from Sälen and finishes in Mora. The race is 90 km long.

Perhaps the most legendary event in the Ski Classics long distance skiing series is Vasaloppet. The 90 km classic style race is competed in Sweden. The traditional route goes from Sälen to Mora. Vasaloppet is the biggest cross country skiing event in the world.

Vasaloppet´s official history started one hundred years ago as the first Vasaloppet was competed in 1922. During the one hundred years Vasaloppet has been cancelled only three times (mostly due to absence of snow): vuosina 1932, 1934 ja 1990. The first women´s Vasaloppet was competed in 1997.

Vasaloppet´s history goes way beyond 1922 because actually the roots of the Sälen-Mora skiing goes 400 years further back all the way to the year 1520.

Vasaloppet gathers huge amounts of skiers every year. Since 1975 at least 10 000 skiers have entered the race. The all time record of entries was achieved in 2018 when 17 041 entered the race.

The race has been started at best by 15 709 skiers in 2010. The same the record amount of race finishers was achieved when 14 947 skiers crossed the finish line. The always popular Vasaloppet is often fully booked early on.

In 2024 Vasaloppet belongs to the 300-point classic competitions category of Ski Classics. The winner of the competition will thus be awarded 300 points and altogether 80 best finishers will receive overall points.

From the two sprints of Vasaloppet, full sprint points are awarded to the sprint competition. Full points for the climb competition are guaranteed for the only climb finish of the race.

Here´s a video showing the final kilometers of Vasaloppet 2021:

Vasaloppet 2024 – Schedule & timetables

In the season 2023/2024 Vasaloppet is the 11th race of the Ski Classics series. The race starts on Sunday the 3rd of March at 8 AM local time in Sweden.

Sunday 3.3. 8:00 CETWomen 90 km (c)
Sunday 3.3. 8:00 CETMen 90 km (c)

Vasaloppet 2024 - Startlists

Vasaloppet: Women's Pro TourVasaloppet: Women's Pro Tour
Vasaloppet: Men's Pro TourVasaloppet: Men's Pro Tour

Vasaloppet 2024 - Results

We will update the Vasaloppet 2024 results here. You can follow the main event in real-time from the Ski Classics live result service.

Vasaloppet Ski Classics 3.3.2024

Men 90 km (c) Mass start

1.Torleif Syrstad 🇳🇴3.52.43,7
2.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+3.55,4
3.Alvar Myhlback 🇸🇪+3.58,3
4.Thomas Ødegaarden 🇳🇴+4.10,9
5.Emil Persson 🇸🇪+4.58,7
6.Runar Skaug Mathisen 🇳🇴+5.17,9
7.Andreas Nygård 🇳🇴+5.19,7
8.Oskar Kardin 🇸🇪+5.20,7
9.Axel Jutterström 🇸🇪+7.01,5
10.Morten Eide Pedersen 🇳🇴+7.03,0

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Women's 90 km (c) Mass start

1.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴4.23.06,7
2.Magni Smedås 🇳🇴+2.52,7
3.Kati Roivas 🇫🇮+3.24,9
4.Karolina Hedenström 🇸🇪+15.57,2
5.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+16.20,8
6.Hanna Lodin 🇸🇪+16.30,1
7.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+18.01,5
8.Linnea Johansson 🇸🇪+18.44,0
9.Julie Kvale Stostad 🇳🇴+21.05,8
10.Jenny Larsson 🇸🇪+24.01,6

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Tjejvasan Ski Classics Challenger 24.2.2024, Oxberg-Mora

Women 30 km (c) Mass start

1.Kati Roivas 🇫🇮1.16.14,5
2.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+0,6
3.Moa Lundgren 🇸🇪+0,7
4.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+0,8
5.Karolina Hedenström 🇸🇪+27,6
6.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+2.14,8
7.Evelina Crusell 🇸🇪+2.44,9
8.Louise Lindström 🇸🇪+2.45,9
9.Sofia Henriksson 🇸🇪+3.29,0
10.Erica Lavén 🇸🇪+4.01,5

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Vasaloppet 2024 - Prize money

The prizes are paid in local currency, the Swedish crown. 100 000 equals to approximately 9 195 euros (checked on September 22nd 2023).

Vasaloppet prize money

100 000 SEK
50 000 SEK
30 000 SEK
20 000 SEK
15 000 SEK
10 000 SEK
9 000 SEK
8 000 SEK
7 000 SEK
10°6 000 SEK
11°5 000 SEK
12°4 000 SEK
13°3 000 SEK
14°2 000 SEK
15°1 000 SEK

Vasaloppet - Winners through the years

Vasaloppet winners 1922-2023

2023Emil PerssonEmilie Fleten
2022Andreas NygaardAstrid Øyre Slind
2021Tord Asle GjerdalenLina Korsgren
2020Petter EliassenLina Korsgren
2019Tore Björset BerdalBritta Johansson Norgren
2018Andreas NygaardLina Korsgren
2017John Kristian DahlBritta Johansson Norgren
2016John Kristian DahlKaterina Smutná
2015Petter EliassenJustyna Kowalczyk
2014John Kristian DahlLaila Kveli
2013Jörgen AuklandLaila Kveli
2012Jörgen BrinkVibeke Skofterud
2011Jörgen BrinkJenny Hansson
2010Jörgen BrinkSusanne Nyström
2009Daniel TynellSandra Hansson
2008Jörgen AuklandSandra Hansson
2007Oskar SvärdElin Ek
2006Daniel TynellChristina Paluselli
2005Oskar SvärdSofia Lind
2004Anders AuklandSofia Lind
2003Oskar SvärdUlrica Persson
2002Daniel TynellSvetlana Nageikina
2001Henrik ErikssonUlrica Persson
2000Raul OlleSvetlana Nageikina
1999Staffan Larsson 
1998Peter GöranssonKerrin Petty
1997Michail BotvinovSofia Lind
1996Håkan Westin 
1995Sven-Erik Danielsson 
1994Jan Ottosson 
1993Håkan Westin 
1992Jan Ottosson 
1991Jan Ottosson 
1989Jan Ottosson 
1988Anders o Örjan Blomqvist 
1987Anders Larsson 
1986Bengt Hassis 
1985Bengt Hassis 
1984Hans Persson 
1983Konrad Hallenbarter 
1982Lars Frykberg 
1981Sven-Åke Lundbäck 
1980Walter Mayer 
1979Ola Hassis 
1978Jean-Paul Pierrat 
1977Ivan Garanin 
1976Matti Kuosku 
1975Gert-Dietmar Klause 
1974Matti Kuosku 
1973Pauli Siitonen 
1972Lars-Arne Bölling 
1971Ole Ellefsaeter 
1970Lars-Arne Bölling 
1969Janne Stefansson 
1968Janne Stefansson 
1967Assar Rönnlund 
1966Janne Stefansson 
1965Janne Stefansson 
1964Janne Stefansson 
1963Janne Stefansson 
1962Janne Stefansson 
1961David Johansson 
1960Sixten Jernberg 
1959Sune Larsson 
1958Gunnar Larsson 
1957Gunnar Larsson 
1956Sigvard Jonsson 
1955Sixten Jernberg 
1954Pekka Kuvaja 
1953Nils Karlsson 
1952Sigfrid Mattsson 
1951Nils Karlsson 
1950Nils Karlsson 
1949Nils Karlsson 
1948Nils Karlsson 
1947Nils Karlsson 
1946Nils Karlsson 
1945Nils Karlsson 
1944Gösta Andersson 
1943Nils Karlsson 
1942Olle Wiklund 
1941Mauritz Brännström 
1940Artur Häggblad 
1939Alfred Lif 
1938Elias Nilsson 
1937Artur Häggblad 
1936Sven Hansson 
1935Artur Häggblad 
1933Artur Häggblad 
1931Anders Ström 
1930Verner Lundström 
1929J A Persson 
1928Per-Erik Hedlund 
1927Konrad Pettersson 
1926Per-Erik Hedlund 
1925Sven Utterström 
1924John Lindgren 
1923Oskar Lindberg 
1922Ernst Alm 

Most wins in Vasaloppet 1922-2023

The Swede Nils Karlsson has most wins in Vasaloppet. Karlsson was victorious a total of nine times in the 1940s and 1950s. The 1960s was dominated by Swedish Janne Stefansson who won the race seven times.

Most wins

9Nils Karlsson 🇸🇪1943-1953
7Janne Stefansson 🇸🇪1962-1969
4Jan Ottosson 🇸🇪1989-1994
4Artur Häggblad 🇸🇪1933-1940
3John Kristian Dahl 🇳🇴2014-2017
3Jörgen Brink 🇸🇪2010-2012
3Daniel Tynell 🇸🇪2002-2009
3Oskar Svärd 🇸🇪2003-2007
3Lina Korsgren 🇸🇪2018-2021
3Sofia Lind 🇸🇪1997-2005

Previous results from Vasaloppet

Vasaloppet 2023 results

Vasaloppet (Ski Classics) 5.3.2023

Women's 90 km (c) mass start

1.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴4.04.08,4
2.Silje Øyre Slind 🇳🇴+2.32,6
3.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+3.59,7
4.Magni Smedås 🇳🇴+5.12,8
5.Astrid Øyre Slind 🇳🇴+7.14,2
6.Anikken Gjerde Alnæs 🇳🇴+9.20,1
7.Jenny Larsson 🇸🇪+9.54,0
8.Kati Roivas 🇫🇮+9.57,4
9.Hanna Lodin 🇸🇪+14.07,6
10.Sandra Schützová 🇨🇿+14.36,5

Complete results

Vasaloppet (Ski Classics) 5.3.2023

Men 90 km (c) Mass start

1.Emil Persson 🇸🇪3.37.43,3
2.Andreas Nygård 🇳🇴+0,3
3.Kasper Stadaas 🇳🇴+1,0
4.Petter Stakston 🇳🇴+1,8
5.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+6,3
6.Joar Thele 🇳🇴+15,7
7.Oskar Kardin 🇸🇪+16,0
8.Alvar Myhlback 🇸🇪+16,7
9.Max Novak 🇸🇪+17,9
10.Karstein Johaug jr. 🇳🇴+18,6

Complete results

Vasaloppet 2022 results

Vasaloppet 6.3.2022

Men's 90 km (c)

1.Andreas Nygård 🇳🇴3.32.18,5
2.Emil Persson 🇸🇪+1,0
3.Axel Jutterström 🇸🇪+1,7
4.Kasper Stadaas 🇳🇴+2,5
5.Joar Thele 🇳🇴+3,0
6.Herman Paus 🇳🇴+3,2
7.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+4,2
8.Eric Rosjö 🇸🇪+4,4
9.Anders Aukland 🇳🇴+4,7
10.Karstein Johaug jr. 🇳🇴+4,8

Women's 90 km (c)

1.Astrid Øyre Slind 🇳🇴3.50.06,4
2.Britta Johansson Nordgren 🇸🇪+2.47,1
3.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+4.22,1
4.Thea Krokan Murud 🇳🇴+5.09,7
5.Lina Korsgren 🇸🇪+7.47,0
6.Marit Bjørgen 🇳🇴+9.28,4
7.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+14.24,4
8.Laila Kveli 🇳🇴+14.38,9
9.Evelina Settlin 🇸🇪+14.50,5
10.Heli Heiskanen 🇫🇮+17.04,7

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Vasaloppet 2021 results

Vasaloppet 7.3.2021

Men 90 km

1.Tord Asle Gjerdalen 🇳🇴3:28.18,4
2.Anton Karlsson 🇸🇪+36,3
3.Ermil Vokuev+1.01,4
4.Emil Persson 🇸🇪+1.35,9
5.Ari Luusua 🇫🇮+1.38,8
6.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+1.39,1
7.Oskar Kardin 🇸🇪+1.40,6
8.Maxim Vylegzhanin+1.43,2
9.Karstein Johaug jr. 🇳🇴+1.43,9
10.Morten Eide Pedersen 🇳🇴+1.49,1

Women 90 km

1.Lina Korsgren 🇸🇪3:52.08,2
2.Marit Bjørgen 🇳🇴+42,0
3.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+4.59,1
4.Thea Krokan Murud 🇳🇴+5.16,1
5.Katerina Smutná 🇨🇿+6.16,6
6.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+6.20,2
7.Britta Johansson Nordgren 🇸🇪+8.04,5
8.Jenny Larsson 🇸🇪+11.58,9
9.Linn Sömskar 🇸🇪+12.00,5
10.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+13.18,3

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