Villach ski jumping World Cup 2024

Villach in Austria hosts women's FIS Ski Jumping World Cup competitions in early January 2024. Take a look at the Villach ski jumping event schedule and results.

Villach has hosted FIS Ski Jumping World Cup five times. Villach premiered as a world cup host back in 1995 but the latest World Cup competitions were held in Villach in 2007. Women competed in Villach World Cup for the first time in December 2022.

The normal hill in Villach has a hill size of 98 metres. The hill record of 103,5 metres is held by Austrian David Unterberger.

In the season 2023-2024 Villach hosts women's World Cup competitions between 2nd and 4th of January 2024.

Villach Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Schedule & timetables

Action in Villach begins on Tuesday with normal hill qualifications. On Wednesday it's time for the first individual competition. On Thursday another set of qualification and competition is on the schedule.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Villach 2.-4.1.2024 (N)

  • DateEventLocation
  • 2.1.2024 - 4.1.2024World Cup Villach (women) Villach, Austria
    Thu 04.01.2024HS98, qualification, women
    Thu 04.01.2024HS98, women

Villach Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Results

We will update the Villach ski jumping world cup 2024 results/live result links here.

Previous results from Villach ski jumping World Cup

Villach Ski Jumping World Cup 2022 - Results

Villach World Cup 29.12.2022

Women HS98

1.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹260,2
2.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪254,6
3.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮251,1
4.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪250,1
5.Anna Rupprecht 🇩🇪249,5
6.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴245,5
7.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮243,6
8.Chiara Kreuzer 🇦🇹241,6
9.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦241,4
9.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮241,4

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Villach World Cup 28.12.2022

Women HS98

1.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹257,9
2.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴248,4
3.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮243,5
4.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦243,1
5.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹242,9
6.Abigail Strate 🇨🇦240,4
7.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪240,0
8.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮239,7
9.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪239,1
10.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮238,1

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