European Athletics U23 Championships, Tallinn 2021

U23 European Athletics Championships 2021 takes place in Estonia, Tallinn. Check out the competition results, schedules, live stream and startlists.
European Athletics U23 Championships 2021 are held in Tallinn, Estonia in July.
European Athletics U23 Championships 2021 are held in Tallinn, Estonia in July.

U23 European Championships in Athletics will be competed in 2021 in Estonia, Tallinn on the 8th-11th of July.

The championships were originally supposed to be held in Norway, but due to the country’s coronavirus situation, the competitions were moved to Estonia.

NOTE! The U20 European Championships 2021 will also be competed in Tallinn.

Entry standards for European Athletics U23 Championships

U23 Entry standards

14.50100/110m Hurdles14.05
52.50400m Hurdles60.75
9:05.003000m SC10:36.00
1:30.0020km Walk1:48.00
216High jump181
525Pole Vault405
760Long jump620
15.55Triple jump12.80
17.60Shot Put14.50

Results - European Athletics U23 Championships 2021

The daily live results links for the U23 European Athletics Championships 2021 in Tallinn can be found below.

Daily live results:

Schedule & Timetable - European Athletics U23 Championships 2021

NOTE: All the times are Tallinn local times (UTC+3)

Thu 8.7. morning

09:45WDiscus Q A
10:00W400 m heats
10:15WHigh jump Q A+B
10:30MShot put Q A+B
10:40M400 m heats
11:10WDiscus Q B
11:30W100 m hurdles heptathlon
12:00W100 m heats
12:40MPole vault Q A+B
12:45MHammer throe Q A
12:50WHigh jump Heptathlon
12:55M400 m hurdles heats
13:40W400 m hurdles heats
13:55MHammer throw Q B

Thu 8.7. evening

16:15MDiscus Q A
16:50W3000 m steeplechase heats
17:10WTriple jump Q A+B
17:30MDiscus Q B
17:35M1500 m heats
18:15W800 m heats
18:20WShot put heptathlon Q A+B
18:50M10,000 m FINAL
19:00WHammer throw Q A
19:05MLong jump Q A+B
19:30MShot put FINAL
19:40W200 m heptathlon
20:05M100 m heats
20:10WHammer throw Q B
20:35W100 m semi-finals

Fri 9.7. morning

09:30MJavelin throw qualification A
10:05W100 m hurdles heats
10:35WPole vault qualification A+B
10:40MJavelin throw qualification B
10:45M110m hurdles heats
11:35W1500 m heats
12:00WJavelin throw qualification A
12:05M800 m heats
12:40M200 m heats
12:45WLong jump Heptathlon A+B
12:48W200 m heats
13:15WJavelin throw qualification B
13:20W200 m heats

Fri 9.7. evening

15:00WJavelin throw Heptathlon A
15:10M400 m hurdles semifinals
15:30W400 m hurdles semifinals
16:00WTriple jump FINALS
16:05M3000 m sc heats
16:15WJavelin throw Heptathlon B
16:30M20km walk FINALS
17:00W400 m semifinals
17:15MHigh jump qualification A+B
17:20M400 m semifinals
17:45MHammer throw FINALS
18:00W100 m hurdles semifinals
18:30M110 m hurdles semifinals
18:35MLong jump FINALS
19:00W20 km walk FINALS
19:05W800 m Heptathlon FINALS
19:35WDiscus throw FINALS
19:40W10 000 m FINALS
20:30M100 m FINALS
20:47W100 m FINALS

Sat 10.7. morning

9:45WLong Jump Q A+B
10:00M100 m Decathlon Heats
10:55WShot Put Q A+B
11:35MLong Jump Decathlon A+B
12:15W200m SF
12:45M200m SF
13:00MTriple Jump Q A+B
13:05MShot Put Decathlon A+B

Sat 10.7. evening

15:45MHigh Jump Decathlon A+B
16:05WShot Put FINAL
16:10M400m H FINAL
16:25W400m H FINAL
16:40W3000m SC FINAL
17:20M1500m FINAL
17:40WHammer Throw FINAL
17:45W100m H FINAL
18:00M110m H FINAL
18:10MPole Vault FINAL
18:15W400m FINAL
18:30M400m FINAL
18:40WHigh Jump FINAL
19:00W800m FINAL
19:20M400m Decathlon Heats
19:35MDiscus Throw FINAL
20:00M5000m FINAL
20:45W200m FINAL
20:55M200m FINAL

Sun 11.7. morning

09:40M110m H Decathlon Heats
10:30MDiscus Throw Decathlon A
10:40W4 x 400m Relay R1
11:00MTriple Jump FINAL
11:10M4 x 400m Relay R1
11:30MDiscus Throw Decathlon B
12:00W4 x 100m Relay R1
12:25M4 x 100m Relay R1
12:40MPole Vault Decathlon A+B
12:50WJavelin Throw FINAL

Sun 11.7. evening

16:00MJavelin Throw Decathlon A
16:20WLong Jump FINAL
16:30WPole Vault FINAL
16:45M3000m SC FINAL
17:00MJavelin Throw Decathlon B
17:15W1500m FINAL
17:30M800m FINAL
17:40MHigh Jump FINAL
17:55W5000m FINAL
18:30W4 x 100m Relay FINAL
18:40MJavelin Throw FINAL
18:45M4 x 100m Relay FINAL
19:00M1500m Decathlon FINAL
19:35W4 x 400m Relay FINAL
19:50M4 x 400m Relay FINAL


Here you will find all athletes - startlists

Europen Athletics U23 Championships Livestream

The competitions will be broadcasted live on the Eurovisionsports website. You can watch the livestream here.