World Athletics Championships 2023 Budapest

World Athletics Championships 2023 are held in Budapest, Hungary. Read all the information you need about the competitions: schedule, timetable, results, and historical facts.
World Athletics Championships have been organised since 1983, when Helsinki had the honour of hosting the games for the first time. Titled World Athletics Championships, the games of 2023 will be held in August in Budapest, Hungary.

The 19th World Athletics Championships will be launched in Budapest on August 19th, 2023 and end on August 27th, 2023.

World Athletics Championships 2023 Budapest - Schedule

Below you will find the schedule & timetable for the games.


Saturday 19.8.

9:50Men20 km Race WalkFinal
11:30MenShot PutQualification
11:35Seka4x400 mRound 1
12:05Women100 m HurdlesHeptathlon
12:35Men3000 m steeple.Round 1
13:00MenHammer ThrowQualification (A)
13:20WomenHigh JumpHeptathlon
13:25WomenLong JumpQualification
13:35Men100 mRound 1
14:15Women1500 mRound 1
14:40MenHammer ThrowQualification (B)
20:05WomenShot PutHeptathlon
20:05Men1500 mRound 1
20:10MenDiscus ThrowQualification (A)
20:35WomenTriple JumpQualification
20:40Men100 mRound 1
21:30Women200 mHeptathlon
21:35MenShot PutFinal
21:40MenDiscus ThrowQualification (B)
21:55Women10000 mFinal
22:47Seka4x400 mFinal

Sunday 20.8.

8:15Women20 km Race WalkFinal
10:00WomenDiscus ThrowQualification (A)
10:35Women400 mRound 1
11:25Men400 mRound 1
11:30WomenDiscus ThrowQualification (B)
11:35MenHigh JumpQualification
12:25Men400 m HurdlesRound 1
13:00WomenJavelin ThrowHeptathlon (A)
13:15Women100 mRound 1
14:05Men110 m HurdlesRound 1
14:05WomenJavelin ThrowHeptathlon (B)
17:35Men100 mSemi-final
17:55WomenLong JumpFinal
18:05Women1500 mSemi-final
18:35Men1500 mSemi-final
18:50MenHammer ThrowFinal
19:00Women800 mHeptathlon
19:35Men10 000 mFinal
20:10Men100 mFinal

Monday 21.8.

19:40WomenPole VaultQualification (A+B)
19:50Women400 m HurdlesRound 1
20:35Men400 m HurdlesSemi-final
20:40MenTriple JumpFinal
21:05Men110 m HurdlesSemi-final
21:30MenDiscus ThrowFinal
21:35Women100 mSemi-final
22:10Women400 mSemi-final
22:40Men110 m HurdlesFinal
22:50Women110 mFinal

Tiistai 22.8.

19:40Women100 m HurdlesQualification
20:20Men800 mRound 1
20:55MenHigh JumpFinal
21:20WomenDiscus ThrowFinal
21:25Women400 m HurdlesSemi-final
22:00Men400 mSemi-final
22:30Women1500 mFinal
22:42Men3000 m steeple.Final

Wednesday 23.8.

11:05Women800 mRound 1
11:15MenPole VaultQualification
11:20WomenJavelin ThrowQualification
12:10Women5000 mWomen
12:15MenLong JumpQualification
12:55WomenJavelin ThrowQualification
13:05Women200 mRound 1
13:50Men200 mRound 1
20:00WomenHammer ThrowQualification
2010WomenTriple JumpQualification
20:30WomenPole VaultFinal
20:45Women3000 m steeple.Round 1
21:35WomenHammer ThrowQualification
21:40Women100 m HurdlesSemi-final
22:15Men1500 mFinal
22:35Women400 mFinal
22:50Men400 m HurdlesFinal

Thursday 24.8.

8:00Men /Women35 km Race WalkFinal
20:00Men5000 mRound 1
20:45Women200 mSemi-final
21:15WomenHammer ThrowFinal
21:20Men200 mSemi-final
21:50Men800 mSemi-final
22:25Women100 m HurdlesFinal
22:35Men400 mFinal
22:50Women400 m HurdlesFinal

Friday 25.8.

11:05Men100 mDecathlon
11:10MenJavelin ThrowQualification
11:20WomenHigh JumpQualification
12:45MenJavelin ThrowQualification
13:20MenShot PutDecathlon
19:30MenHigh JumpOttelu
20:30Men4 x 100 mRound 1
20:35WomenTriple JumpFinal
21:00Women4 x x100 mRound 1
21:20WomenJavelin ThrowFinal
21:25Women800 mSemi-final
22:05Men400 m Decathlon
22:40Women200 mFinal
22:50Men200 mFinal

Saturday 26.8.

11:05Men110 m HurdlesDecathlon
11:25WomenShot PutQualification
12:00MenDiscus ThrowOttelu (A)
13:05MenDiscus ThrowOttelu (B)
15:00MenPole VaultQualification
20:05MenJavelin ThrowDecathlon (A)
20:25MenPole VaultFinal
20:30Men4 x 400 mRound 1
20:55Women4 x 400 mRound 1
21:10MenJavelin ThrowOttelu (B)
21:15WomenShot PutFinal
21:30Men800 mFinal
21:50Women5000 mFinal
22:25Men1 500mDecathlon
22:40Men4 x 100 mFinal
22:50Women4 x 100 mFinal

Sunday 27.8.

21:05WomenHigh JumpFinal
21:10Men5000 mFinal
21:20MenJavelin ThrowFinal
21:45Women800 mFinal
22:10Women3000 m steeple.Final
22:37Men4 x 400 mFinal
22:47Women4 x 400 mFinal

Budapest 2023 Entry Standards

Entry Standards

1500m/mile3:34.20 (3:51.00)4:03.50 (4:22.00)
10 000m/10km27:10.0030:40.00
3000m steeple.8:15.009:23.00
110m H13.28-
100m H-12.78
400m H48.7054.90
High Jump2.321.97
Pole Vault5.814.71
Long Jump8.256.85
Triple Jump17.2014.52
Shot Put21.4018.80
Discus Throw67.0064.20
Hammer Throw78.0073.60
20 km Race Walk1:20:101:29:20
35 km Race Walk2:29:402:51:30

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World Athletics Championships 2022 - Results & live results

Most successful athletes in World Athletics Championships history

Allyson Felix is the leader of gold medals of World Championships. American has won 13 gold medals (including a medal in the relay event in which she participated in the heats only) and 18 medals total.

Without a doubt, the most successful men athlete in the history of track & field World Championships is Usain Bolt. The Jamaican runner won an impressive total of 14 World Championships medals, 11 of which were gold. In addition, he set world records at the World Championships arenas. Bolt retired from competing in 2017.

Traditionally, the U.S. have dominated the medal count in the World Championships. They have been number one for seven times in the 2000s, with Russia and Kenya taking first place once each. The U.S. have also gained the most medals (30 in London, 2017) and gold medals (14 in Osaka, 2007, and Helsinki, 2005) in a single Championships in the 2000s.

The Most Medals

Allyson FelixUSA4133218
Usain BoltJamaica3112114
Merlene OtteyJamaica334714
Shelly-Ann Fraser-PryceJamaica392011
LaShawn MerrittUSA283011
Veronica Campbell-BrownJamaica237111
Carl LewisUSA481110
Justin GatlinUSA346010
Jearl Miles ClarkUSA24329
Michael JohnsonUSA38008
Mo FarahGreat Britain26208
Gail DeversUSA35308
Gwen TorrenceUSA33418
Christine OhuruoguGreat Britain22158

World Athletics Championships – Hosting Cities & Countries

1983Helsinki Finland
1987Rome Italy
1991Tokyo Japan
1993Stuttgart Germany
1995Gothenburg Sweden
1997Athens Greece
1999Seville Spain
2001Edmonton Canada
2003Paris France
2005Helsinki Finland
2007Osaka Japan
2009Berlin Germany
2011Daegu South Korea
2013Moscow Russia
2015Beijing China
2017London Great Britain
2019Doha Qatar
2022Eugene United States
2023Budapest Hungary