Holmenkollen World Cup 2023 | Schedule & Results

Holmenkollen cross-country skiing World Cup 2023

Holmenkollen cross-country skiing World Cup event takes place on 11th and 12th of March 2023. See the event schedule, timetables, teams and results.
The traditional Holmenkollen World Cup weekend is a favourite among the skiers. Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway has been a part of the FIS cross-country skiing World Cup calendar every year during the official World Cup, from the season of 1981-1982.

However, the Holmenkollen Skifestival were held long before the beginning of the World Cup. Holmenkollen Games were first held in Nordic Combined as early as 1892 and in Cross Country in 1900.

In addition to cross-country skiing the Holmenkollen Skifestival includes also nordic combined and ski jumping world cup competitions.

Holmenkollen World Cup 2023 – Schedule

Two days of competition is in schedule in Holmenkollen, Oslo. On Saturday men race in the 50 km (f) mass start and on Sunday it´s time for women's first 50 km race in Holmenkollen. Traditionally women have raced 30 km but this season FIS unified men's and women's distances.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Calendar Holmenkollen 11.-12.3.2023

  • DateEventLocation
  • 11.3.2023 - 12.3.2023World Cup Holmenkollen Oslo, Norway
    Sat 11.03.202350 km (f), mass start, women
    Sun 12.03.202350 km (f), mass start, men

Teams for Oslo/Holmenkollen World Cup 2023

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Holmenkollen World Cup 2023 – Results

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Holmenkollen World Cup history

Year after year, Martin Johnsrud Sundby has been a true success in the Holmenkollen 50 km competition. He has been ranked in the top three in Holmenkollen as many as seven times in a row (2012-2018). Sundby has won the competition twice (2016 and 2017). With seven prize places, Sundby is totally in his own league.

Marit Björgen has been even better than Sundby on Holmenkollen’s long-distance. Of the eight Holmenkollen 30 km competitions of the 2010s, Björgen won six and did not participate in the other two. In addition, Björgen holds the 2005 Holmenkollen victory. Therese Johaug has accompanied Björgen strongly, having won in Holmenkollen three times in the 2010s, been second three times and third twice.

In the season of 2019, the Russians shocked the Norwegians by taking a quadruple victory in the men’s royal sprint, led by Alexander Bolshunov. Bolshunov was also the strongest in the season of 2020. For the women, it was a huge surprise when Frida Karlsson skied to victory in the women’s competition, leaving Johaug behind.

Holmenkollen/Oslo World Cup 2022 – Results

Holmenkollen World Cup 6.3.2022

Men HS134

1.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)271,2
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)267,1
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)266,9
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)264,3
5.Karl Geiger (GER)262,8
6.Cene Prevc (SLO)262,0
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)260,9
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)258,0
9.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)254,5
9.Daniel Huber (AUT)254,5

Women HS134

1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)263,9
2.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)259,3
3.Yuki Ito (JPN)254,6
4.Nika Kriznar (SLO)253,2
5.Marita Kramer (AUT)249,9
6.Chiara Kreuzer (AUT)240,2
7.Silje Opseth (NOR)237,3
8.Katharina Althaus (GER)236,6
9.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)233,9
10.Lisa Eder (AUT)210,5

Holmenkollen World Cup 5.3.2022

Men HS134

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)270,4
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)268,8
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)267,7
4.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)264,1
5.Cene Prevc (SLO)262,7
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)262,0
7.Karl Geiger (GER)261,5
8.Stefan Kraft (AUT)258,5
9.Fredrik Villumstad (NOR)257,7
10.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)256,8

Women HS134

1.Silje Opseth (NOR)249,7
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)247,1
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)237,7
4.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)235,4
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)229,7
6.Yuki Ito (JPN)219,8
7.Marita Kramer (AUT)219,7
8.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)213,9
9.Julia Clair (FRA)212,6
10.Chiara Kreuzer (AUT)202,6

Holmenkollen World Cup 4.3.2022

Mixed Team HS134


Nordic combined Holmenkollen World Cup 6.3.2022

Lopputulokset mäki+10km

1.Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR)24.00,9
2.Mario Seidl (AUT)+17,8
3.Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR)+31,3
4.Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT)+39,0
5.Ilkka Herola (FIN)+45,0
6.Espen Andersen (NOR)+48,1
7.Eero Hirvonen (FIN)+48,2
8.Johannes Lamparter (AUT)+48,3
9.Akito Watabe (JPN)+51,6
10.Manuel Faisst (GER)+58,3

Ski jump results

1.Mario Seidl (AUT)0.00
2.Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR)+0.43
3.Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT)+0.43
4.Manuel Faisst (GER)+0.47
5.Ben Loomis (USA)+0.49
6.Philipp Orter (AUT)+1.00
7.Yoshito Watabe (JPN)+1.06
8.Espen Bjørnstad (NOR)+1.23
9.Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR)+1.24
10.Julian Schmid (GER)+1.26

Nordic combined Holmenkollen World Cup 5.3.2022

Results ski jump + 10km

1.Jarl Magnus Riiber (NOR)23.00,2
2.Johannes Lamparter (AUT)+53,9
3.Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR)+1.05,4
4.Jørgen Gråbak (NOR)+1.14,8
5.Philipp Orter (AUT)+1.19,3
6.Mario Seidl (AUT)+1.25,2
7.Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT)+1.26,7
8.Johannes Rydzek (GER)+1.28,0
9.Kristjan Ilves (EST)+1.28,0
10.Eric Frenzel (GER)+1.41,2

Holmenkollen World cup 6.3.2022

Men's 50 km (c)

1.Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget (NOR)2.03.27,3
2.Sjur Røthe (NOR)+0,6
3.Didrik Tønseth (NOR)+3,5
4.Iivo Niskanen (FIN)+11,1
5.William Poromaa (SWE)+11,2
6.Andrew Musgrave (GBR)+52,7
7.Hans Christer Holund (NOR)+53,2
8.Haavard Moseby (NOR)+1.15,8
9.Simen Hegstad Krüger (NOR)+
10.Dario Cologna (SUI)+

Holmenkollen World Cup 5.3.2022

Women's 30 km (c) mass start

1.Therese Johaug (NOR)1.19.22,8
2.Krista Pärmäkoski (FIN)+19,4
3.Jonna Sundling (SWE)+32,3
4.Kerttu Niskanen (FIN)+33,8
5.Katharina Hennig (GER)+34,7
6.Teresa Stadlober (AUT)+46,7
7.Rosie Brennan (USA)+1.12,3
8.Marte Skaanes (NOR)+1.13,1
9.Ebba Andersson (SWE)+1.13,8
10.Heidi Weng (NOR)+1.22,5