Hinzenbach Ski Jumping World Cup 2024

Hinzenbach in Austria hosts a women's FIS Ski Jumping World Cup weekend in the end February 2024. Take a look at the Hinzenbach ski jumping event schedule and results.

The ski jumping hill Aigner-Schanze in Hinzenbach, Austria.
The ski jumping hill Aigner-Schanze in Hinzenbach, Austria. (Photo: Ailura, CC BY-SA 3.0 AT, via Wikimedia Commons)

Hinzenbach in Austria is a fairly new ski jumping venue and in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Hinzenbach premiered in the world cup circuit in 2012. Since then Hinzenbach has been a regular host in the women's ski jumping World Cup.

The normal hill in Hinzenbach that is used in the World Cup competitions is called Aigner-Schanze. It has a hill size is 90 metres. The hill record of 100 metres is held by Austria's Markus Eggenhofer (jumped in 2011).

In the season 2023-2024 Hinzenbach hosts a women's World Cup weekend between 24th and 25th February 2024.

Hinzenbach Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Schedule & timetables

The women's World Cup weekend in Hinzenbach includes two qualifications and two individual normal hill competitions.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Hinzenbach 24.-25.2.2024 (N)

  • DateEventLocation
  • 22.2.2025 - 23.2.2025World Cup Hinzenbach (women) Hinzenbach, Austria
    Sun 23.02.2025HS90 kilpailu, women
    Sun 23.02.2025HS90 kilpailu, women

Hinzenbach Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Results

We will update the Hinzenbach ski jumping world cup 2024 results. See also FIS live results.

Hinzenbach World Cup 24.-25.2.2024

Women HS90 25.2.

1.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹246,6
2.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮238,9
3.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger 🇦🇹237,8
4.Josephine Pagnier 🇫🇷237,5
5.Katharina Schmid 🇩🇪236,5
6.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦230,4
7.Lisa Eder 🇦🇹226,7
8.Thea Minyan Bjørseth 🇳🇴223,7
9.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵223,4
9.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵223,4

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Women HS90 24.2.

1.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹243,1
2.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger 🇦🇹240,2
3.Katharina Schmid 🇩🇪238,0
4.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮237,4
5.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦236,9
6.Josephine Pagnier 🇫🇷227,7
7.Anna Rupprecht 🇩🇪224,1
8.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮223,9
9.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪221,1
10.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵220,5

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FIS live results

24.2. Women's HS90 qualification
24.2. Women's HS90 competition
25.2. Women's HS90 qualification
25.2. Women's HS90 competition

Previous results from Hinzenbach Ski Jumping World Cup

Hinzenbach Ski Jumping World Cup 2023 - Results

Hinzenbach World Cup 10.-11.2.2023

Women HS90 11.2.

1.Chiara Kreuzer 🇦🇹235,6
2.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹235,5
3.Nozomi Maruyama 🇯🇵234,8
4.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮234,7
5.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮231,0
6.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪229,8
7.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴224,1
8.Thea Minyan Björseth 🇳🇴223,9
9.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪223,6
10.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦220,3

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Women HS90 10.2.

1.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹254,4
2.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮250,5
3.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮248,2
4.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪246,5
5.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦244,6
6.Chiara Kreuzer 🇦🇹244,1
7.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪243,6
8.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵239,7
9.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴234,2
10.Abigail Strate 🇨🇦232,4

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