Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 | Schedule & Results

Ski jumping World Cup 2022-2023

Etusuora provides a complete guide for the Ski Jumping FIS World Cup 2022-2023. See the schedule, timetables, all the results and current World Cup standings as well as overall World Cup statistics!
The Ski Jumping World Cup is a ski jumping series organized by the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski or Internation Ski Federation). The Ski Jumping World Cup season 2022/2023 begins for both men and women from Wisla in Poland. It's an early start this season as the first events are in schedule on 4th-6th of November is Wisla.

Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 - Overall standings

We will update the ski jumping world cup standings here during the season.

Standings and results of the previous seasons you will find from our history section.

Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 - Schedule & timetable

Here you can find the complete ski jumping world cup calendar of the season 2022/2023. The world cup starts in early November from Wisla, Poland.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Calendar Ski jumping World Cup 2022-2023

  • DateEventLocation
  • 4.11.2022 - 6.11.2022World Cup Wisla Wisla, Poland
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, men
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, women
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, men
    Sun 06.11.2022HS134, women
  • 25.11.2022 - 27.11.2022World Cup Ruka (men) Ruka, Finland
    Fri 25.11.2022 16:45HS142, qualification, men
    Sat 26.11.2022 09:00HS142, men
    Sun 27.11.2022 07:30HS142, qualification, men
    Sun 27.11.2022 09:00HS142, men
  • 2.12.2022 - 4.12.2022World Cup Lillehammer (women) Lillehammer, Norway
    Fri 02.12.2022HS98, qualification, women
    Sat 03.12.2022HS98, women
    Sun 04.12.2022HS140, qualification, women
    Sun 04.12.2022HS140, women
  • 8.12.2022 - 11.12.2022World Cup Titisee-Neustadt Titisee-Neustadt, Germany
    Thu 08.12.2022HS142, qualification, women
    Fri 09.12.2022HS142, women
    Fri 09.12.2022HS142, qualification
    Sat 10.12.2022HS142, qualification, women
    Sat 10.12.2022HS142, women
    Sat 10.12.2022HS142, men
    Sun 11.12.2022HS142, qualification, men
    Sun 11.12.2022HS142, men
  • 16.12.2022 - 18.12.2022World Cup Engelberg (men) Engelberg, Switzerland
    Fri 16.12.2022HS140, qualification, men
    Sat 17.12.2022HS140, men
    Sun 18.12.2022HS140, qualification, men
    Sun 18.12.2022HS140, men
  • 27.12.2022 - 29.12.2022World Cup Villach (women) Villach, Austria
    Tue 27.12.2022HS98, qualification, women
    Wed 28.12.2022HS98, women
    Thu 29.12.2022HS98, qualification, women
    Thu 29.12.2022HS98, women
  • 28.12.2022 - 6.1.2023Four Hills Tournament (men) Germany, Austria
    Wed 28.12.2022Oberstdorf HS137, qualification, men
    Thu 29.12.2022Oberstdorf HS137, men
    Sat 31.12.2022Garmisch-Partenkirchen HS142, qualification, men
    Sun 01.01.2023Garmisch-Partenkirchen HS142, men
    Tue 03.01.2023Innsbruck HS130, qualification, men
    Wed 04.01.2023Innsbruck HS130, men
    Thu 05.01.2023Bischofshofen HS142, qualification, men
    Fri 06.01.2023Bischofshofen HS142, men
  • 30.12.2022 - 1.1.2023World Cup Ljubno (women) Ljubno, Slovenia
    Fri 30.12.2022HS94, qualification, women
    Sat 31.12.2022HS94, women
    Sun 01.01.2023HS94, qualification, women
    Sun 01.01.2023HS94, women
  • 6.1.2023 - 8.1.2023World Cup Sapporo (women) Sapporo, Japan
    Sun 08.01.2023HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 08.01.2023HS134, women
    Sun 08.01.2023HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 08.01.2023HS134, women
  • 12.1.2023 - 15.1.2023World Cup Zao (women) Zao, Japan
    Sat 14.01.2023HS102, joukkumäki, women
    Sun 15.01.2023HS102, qualification, women
    Sun 15.01.2023HS102, women
    Sun 15.01.2023HS102, qualification, women
    Sun 15.01.2023HS102, women
  • 13.1.2023 - 15.1.2023World Cup Zakopane (men) Zakopane, Poland
    Fri 13.01.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Sat 14.01.2023HS140, men
    Sun 15.01.2023HS140, team competition, men
  • 19.1.2023 - 22.1.2023World Cup Sapporo (men) Sapporo, Japan
    Sat 21.01.2023HS134, qualification, men
    Sat 21.01.2023HS134, men
    Sun 22.01.2023HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 22.01.2023HS134, men
    Sun 22.01.2023HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 22.01.2023HS134, men
  • 27.1.2023 - 29.1.2023World Cup Kulm Mitterndorf (men) Kulm Mitterndorf, Austria
    Fri 27.01.2023HS235, qualification, men
    Sat 28.01.2023HS235, men
    Sun 29.01.2023HS235, qualification, men
    Sun 29.01.2023HS235, men
  • 2.2.2023 - 5.2.2023World Cup Willingen Willingen, Germany
    Thu 02.02.2023HS147, qualification, women
    Fri 03.02.2023HS147, sekateam competition
    Sat 04.02.2023HS147, men
    Sat 04.02.2023HS147, qualification, men
    Sat 04.02.2023HS147, women
    Sun 05.02.2023HS147, qualification, women
    Sun 05.02.2023HS147, women
    Sun 05.02.2023HS147, qualification, men
    Sun 05.02.2023HS147, men
  • 10.2.2023 - 12.2.2023World Cup Iron Mountain (men) (Raw Air) Iron Mountain, USA
    Fri 10.02.2023HS133, qualification, men
    Sat 11.02.2023HS133, men
    Sun 12.02.2023HS133, qualification, men
    Sun 12.02.2023HS133, men
  • 10.2.2023 - 12.2.2023World Cup Hinzenbach (women) Hinzenbach, Austria
    Fri 10.02.2023HS90, qualification, women
    Sat 11.02.2023HS90, women
    Sun 12.02.2023HS90, qualification, women
    Sun 12.02.2023HS90, women
  • 17.2.2023 - 19.2.2023World Cup Rasnov Rasnov, Romania
    Fri 17.02.2023HS147, qualification, women
    Fri 17.02.2023HS147, qualification, men
    Sat 18.02.2023HS147, women
    Sat 18.02.2023HS147, men
    Sun 19.02.2023HS147, qualification, women
    Sun 19.02.2023HS147, qualification, men
    Sun 19.02.2023HS147, women
    Sun 19.02.2023HS147, men
  • 10.3.2023 - 12.3.2023World Cup Oslo Oslo, Norway
    Fri 10.03.2023HS134, qualification, men
    Fri 10.03.2023HS134, qualification, women
    Sat 11.03.2023HS134, men
    Sat 11.03.2023HS134, women
    Sun 12.03.2023HS134, men
    Sun 12.03.2023HS134, women
    Sun 12.03.2023HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 12.03.2023HS134, qualification, men
  • 13.3.2023 - 16.3.2023World Cup Lillehammer Lillehammer, Norway
    Mon 13.03.2023HS140, qualification, women
    Mon 13.03.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Tue 14.03.2023HS140, women
    Tue 14.03.2023HS140, men
    Wed 15.03.2023HS140, qualification, women
    Wed 15.03.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Thu 16.03.2023HS140, women
    Thu 16.03.2023HS140, men
  • 17.3.2023 - 19.3.2023World Cup Vikersund (men) Vikersund, Norway
    Fri 17.03.2023HS240, qualification, men
    Sat 18.03.2023HS240, men
    Sun 19.03.2023HS240, qualification, men
    Sun 19.03.2023HS240, men
  • 23.3.2023 - 26.3.2023World Cup Lahti Lahti, Finland
    Thu 23.03.2023HS130, qualification, women
    Fri 24.03.2023HS130, women
    Sat 25.03.2023HS130, team competition, men
    Sun 26.03.2023HS130, qualification, men
    Sun 26.03.2023HS130, men
  • 30.3.2023 - 2.4.2023World Cup Planica (men) Planica, Slovenia
    Thu 30.03.2023HS240, qualification, men
    Sat 01.04.2023HS240, team competition, men
    Sun 02.04.2023HS240, men
    Sun 02.04.2023HS240, men
    Sun 02.04.2023HS240, men

Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 - Results

We will update the ski jumping world cup results here.

Ski Jumping World Cup - Points

The points system in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup is fairly simple. In the individual events world cup points are awarded for the 30 best jumpers per event. The best 15 jumpers get points in the following order: 100, 80, 60, 50, 45, 40, 36, 32, 29, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18 and 16. After this the jumpers 16 through 30 will each get one point less as we go down the ranks. The jumper who finished 30th will get one point.

Ski jumpin in Ruka Nordic World Cup.
Photo: Ruka Nordic -kuvapankki
Ski jumpin in Ruka Nordic World Cup.

Ski Jumping World Cup - History & statistics

The ski jumping world cup has been competed since the 1979-1980 season. The first women´s world cup tour was organized in 2011-2012.

Ski Jumping World Cup 2022/2022 - Overall final standings

Men 28/28

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)1621
2.Karl Geiger (GER)1515
3.Marius Lindvik (SLO)1231
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)1227
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)1069
6.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)950
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)936
8.Timi Zajc (SLO)711
9.Jan Hörl (AUT)662
10.Cene Prevc (SLO)657

Women 19/19

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)1316
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)1191
3.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)1151
4.Katharina Althaus (GER)906
5.Sara Takanashi (JPN)843
6.Silje Opseth (NOR)731
7.Ema Klinec (SLO)680
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)449
9.Lisa Eder (AUT)420
10.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)393

Ski Jumping World Cup 2020/2021 - Overall final standings

Men 25/25

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)1572
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)1190
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)955
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)919
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)884
6.Karl Geiger (GER)826
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)825
8.Dawid Kubacki (POL)786
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)775
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)612

Women 13/13

1.Nika Kriznar (SLO)871
2.Sara Takanashi (JPN)862
3.Marita Kramer (AUT)860
4.Silje Opseth (NOR)692
5.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)516
6.Ema Klinec (SLO)492
7.Irina Avvakumova (RUS)349
8.Maren Lundby (NOR)338
9.Katharina Althaus (GER)316
10.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)308

Ski Jumping World Cup 2019/2020 - Overall final standings


1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)1659
2.Karl Geiger (GER)1519
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)1178
4.Dawid Kubacki (POL)1169
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)1031
6.Stephan Leyhe (GER)917
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR)906
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)789
9.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)721
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)622

Women (19 events)

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)1220
2.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)1155
3.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)1029
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)785
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)617
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)506
7.Marita Kramer (AUT)497
8.Ema Klinec (SLO)496
9.Nika Kriznar (SLO)475
10.Silje Opseth (NOR)472

Ski Jumping World Cup 2018/2019 - Overall final standings

Men 2018/2019 (29 events)

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)2085
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)1349
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)1288
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)1131
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)988
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)974
7.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)937
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)892
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)833
10.Karl Geiger (GER)765

Women 2018/2019 (25 events)

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)1909
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)1493
3.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)1451
4.Sara Takanashi (JPN)1190
5.Nika Kriznar(SLO)826
6.Eva Pinkelnig(AUT)825
7.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)717
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)701
9.Carina Vogt (GER)686
10.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)644

Ski Jumping World Cup 2017/2018 - Overall final standings

Men 2017-2018

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)1443
2.Richard Freitag (GER)1070
3.Daniel-Andre Tande (NOR)985
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)881
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)840
6.Andreas Wellinger (GER)828
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)821
8.Andreas Stjernen (NOR)665
9.Dawid Kubacki (POL)633
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)597

Women 2017-2018

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)1340
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)928
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)916
4.Yuki Ito (JPN)661
5.Irina Avvakumova(RUS)575
6.Carina Vogt(GER)570
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)450
8.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)428
9.Ursa Bogataj (SLO386
10.Nika Kriznar (SLO)383

Ski Jumping World Cup overall winners of all time - men:

The Finn Matti Nykänen is the most successful World Cup jumper of all time. Nykänen won the overall cup four times and finished second one time. Poland´s Adam Malysz has also won four overall titles.

Updated 29.6.2022

Most overall wins

1.Matti Nykänen410
2.Adam Małysz401
3.Andreas Goldberger301
4.Gregor Schlierenzauer230
5.Janne Ahonen224
6.Kamil Stoch213
7.Stefan Kraft211
7.Armin Kogler211
9.Martin Schmitt210
10.Thomas Morgenstern201
10.Ryoyu Kobayashi201
12.Primož Peterka200
13.Simon Ammann121
14.Jens Weißflog120
14.Peter Prevc120
16.Andreas Felder114
17.Severin Freund111
18.Hubert Neuper110
18.Ari-Pekka Nikkola110
18.Anders Bardal110
21.Vegard Opaas100
21.Jan Boklöv100
21.Toni Nieminen100
21.Espen Bredesen100
21.Jakub Janda100
21.Halvor Egner Granerud100

World cup top 3 by season

SeasonWinner2nd place3rd place
1979–1980Hubert NeuperArmin KoglerStanisław Bobak
1980–1981Armin KoglerRoger RuudHorst Bulau
1981–1982Armin KoglerHubert NeuperHorst Bulau
1982–1983Matti NykänenHorst BulauArmin Kogler
1983–1984Jens WeißflogMatti NykänenPavel Ploc
1984–1985Matti NykänenAndreas FelderErnst Vettori
1985–1986Matti NykänenErnst VettoriAndreas Felder
1986–1987Vegard OpaasErnst VettoriAndreas Felder
1987–1988Matti NykänenPavel PlocPrimož Ulaga
1988–1989Jan BoklövJens WeißflogDieter Thoma
1989–1990Ari-Pekka NikkolaErnst VettoriAndreas Felder
1990–1991Andreas FelderStefan ZündDieter Thoma
1991–1992Toni NieminenWerner RathmayrAndreas Felder
1992–1993Andreas GoldbergerJaroslav SakalaNoriaki Kasai
1993–1994Espen BredesenJens WeißflogAndreas Goldberger
1994–1995Andreas GoldbergerRoberto CeconJanne Ahonen
1995–1996Andreas GoldbergerAri-Pekka NikkolaJanne Ahonen
1996–1997Primož PeterkaDieter ThomaKazuyoshi Funaki
1997–1998Primož PeterkaKazuyoshi FunakiAndreas Widhölzl
1998–1999Martin SchmittJanne AhonenNoriaki Kasai
1999–2000Martin SchmittAndreas WidhölzlJanne Ahonen
2000–2001Adam MałyszMartin SchmittRisto Jussilainen
2001–2002Adam MałyszSven HannawaldMatti Hautamäki
2002–2003Adam MałyszSven HannawaldAndreas Widhölzl
2003–2004Janne AhonenRoar LjøkelsøyBjørn Einar Romøren
2004–2005Janne AhonenRoar LjøkelsøyMatti Hautamäki
2005–2006Jakub JandaJanne AhonenAndreas Küttel
2006–2007Adam MałyszAnders JacobsenSimon Ammann
2007–2008Thomas MorgensternGregor SchlierenzauerJanne Ahonen
2008–2009Gregor SchlierenzauerSimon AmmannWolfgang Loitzl
2009–2010Simon AmmannGregor SchlierenzauerThomas Morgenstern
2010–2011Thomas MorgensternSimon AmmannAdam Małysz
2011–2012Anders BardalGregor SchlierenzauerAndreas Kofler
2012–2013Gregor SchlierenzauerAnders BardalKamil Stoch
2013–2014Kamil StochPeter PrevcSeverin Freund
2014–2015Severin FreundPeter PrevcStefan Kraft
2015–2016Peter PrevcSeverin FreundKenneth Gangnes
2016–2017Stefan KraftKamil StochDaniel-André Tande
2017–2018Kamil StochRichard FreitagDaniel-André Tande
2018–2019Ryoyu KobayashiStefan KraftKamil Stoch
2019-2020Stefan KraftKarl GeigerRyoyu Kobayashi
2020-2021Halvor Egner GranerudMarkus EisenbihclerKamil Stoch
2021-2022Ryoyu KobayashiKarl GeigerMarius Lindvik

Ski Jumping World Cup overall winners of all time - women:

Most overall wins

#AthleteWins2nd places3rd places
1.Sara Takanashi423
2.Maren Lundby301
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz120
4.Sarah Hendrickson110
4.Nika Kriznar110
6.Marita Kramer101
7.Katharina Althaus020
8.Carina Vogt011
8.Yuki Ito011
10.Chiara Hölzl010

World cup top 3 by season

SeasonWinner2nd place3rd place
2011–2012Sarah HendricksonDaniela IraschkoSara Takanashi
2012–2013Sara TakanashiSarah HendricksonColine Mattel
2013–2014Sara TakanashiCarina VogtYūki Itō
2014–2015Daniela Iraschko-StolzSara TakanashiCarina Vogt
2015–2016Sara TakanashiDaniela Iraschko-StolzMaja Vtič
2016–2017Sara TakanashiYūki ItōMaren Lundby
2017–2018Maren LundbyKatharina AlthausSara Takanashi
2018–2019Maren LundbyKatharina AlthausSara Takanashi
2019-2020Maren LundbyChiara HölzlEva Pinkelnig
2020-2021Nika KriznarSara TakanashiMarita Kramer
2021-2022Marita KramerNika KriznarUrsa Bogataj

Most individual wins


1.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)53
2.Matti Nykänen (FIN)46
3.Adam Malysz (POL)39
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)39
5.Janne Ahonen (FIN)36
6.Jens Weißflog (GER)33
7.Martin Schmitt (GER)28
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)27
9.Andreas Felder (AUT)25
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)25


1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)63
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)30
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)16
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)15
5.Sarah Hendrickson (USA)13
6.Katharina Althaus (GER)8
7.Chiara Kreuzer (Hölzl) (AUT)6
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)5
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)5
10.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)4

Most world cup podiums


1.Janne Ahonen (FIN)108
2.Adam Małysz (POL)92
3.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)88
4.Simon Ammann (SUI)80
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)79
6.Matti Nykänen (FIN)76
6.Thomas Morgenstern (AUT)76
8.Jens Weißflog (GER)73
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)72
10.Andreas Goldberger (AUT)63
10.Noriaki Kasai (JPN)63


1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)113
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)62
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)53
4.Katharina Althaus (GER)37
5.Sarah Hendrickson (USA)25
6.Carina Vogt (GER)22
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)22
6.Yuki Ito (JPN)22
9.Marita Kramer (AUT)21
10.Chiara Kreuzer (Hölzl) (AUT)16
10.Ema Klinec (SLO)16

World cup results from previous seasons

Ski Jumping World Cup 2021/2022 - Results

Planica World Cup 27.3.2022

Men HS240

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)455,1
2.Yukiya Sato (JPN)446,8
3.Peter Prevc (SLO)438,6
4.Timi Zajc (SLO)437,2
5.Anze Lanisek (SLO)435,7
6.Ziga Jelar (SLO)435,2
7.Cene Prevc (SLO)425,4
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)423,7
9.Dawid Kubacki (POL)422,5
10.Michael Hayböck (AUT)412,7

Planica World Cup 26.3.2022

Men's team competition HS240


Planica World Cup 25.3.2022

Men HS240

1.Ziga Jelar (SLO)468,2
2.Peter Prevc (SLO)464,8
3.Anze Lanisek (SLO)458,5
4.Timi Zajc (SLO)454,8
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)452,8
6.Stefan Kraft (AUT)450,3
7.Domen Prevc (SLO)443,5
8.Yukiya Sato (JPN)442,9
9.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)442,2
10.Manuel Fettner (AUT)441,8
35.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)180,7
40.Eetu Nousiainen (FIN)150,5

Compelete results

Planica World Cup qualification 24.3.2022

Men HS240 qual

1.Anze Lanisek (SLO)227,1 Q
2.Timi Zajc (SLO)226,5 Q
3.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)224,3 Q
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)222,5 Q
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)219,5 Q
6.Peter Prevc (SLO)218,8 Q
7.Lovro Kos (SLO)217,4 Q
8.Yukiya Sato (JPN)216,3 Q
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)215,9 Q
10.Ziga Jelar (SLO)215,1 Q

Complete results

Oberstdorf World Cup 20.3.2022

Men HS235

1.Timi Zajc (SLO)407,9
2.Piotr Zyla (POL)401,1
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)399,8
4.Ziga Jelar (SLO)397,5
5.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)388,2
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)384,2
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)380,7
8.Eetu Nousiainen (FIN)379,6
9.Karl Geiger (GER)375,9
9.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)375,9

Oberstdorf World Cup 19.3.2022

Men HS235

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)413,0
2.Ziga Jelar (SLO)411,3
3.Timi Zajc (SLO)400,0
4.Anze Lanisek (SLO)398,5
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)396,0
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)393,8
7.Bendik Jakobsen Heggli (NOR)386,2
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)383,8
9.Karl Geiger (GER)383,0
10.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)378,8
15.Eetu Nousiainen (FIN)367,5
22.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)355,8

Oberhof World Cup 12.-13.3.2022

Sun: Women HS100

1.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)277,4
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)273,1
3.Ema Klinec (SLO)262,4
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)261,0
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)258,2
6.Spela Rogelj (SLO)252,5
7.Sara Takanashi (JPN)249,3
8.Lisa Eder (AUT)241,0
9.Frida Westman (SWE)230,8
10.Silje Opseth (NOR)227,1

Sat: Women HS100

1.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)266,8
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)261,1
3.Katharina Althaus (GER)254,8
4.Sara Takanashi (JPN)243,4
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)238,2
6.Marita Kramer (AUT)233,2
7.Yuki Ito (JPN)219,6
8.Lisa Eder (AUT)218,6
9.Frida Westman (SWE)218,5
10.Pauline Hessler (GER)216,2

Holmenkollen World Cup 6.3.2022

Men HS134

1.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)271,2
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)267,1
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)266,9
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)264,3
5.Karl Geiger (GER)262,8
6.Cene Prevc (SLO)262,0
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)260,9
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)258,0
9.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)254,5
9.Daniel Huber (AUT)254,5

Women HS134

1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)263,9
2.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)259,3
3.Yuki Ito (JPN)254,6
4.Nika Kriznar (SLO)253,2
5.Marita Kramer (AUT)249,9
6.Chiara Kreuzer (AUT)240,2
7.Silje Opseth (NOR)237,3
8.Katharina Althaus (GER)236,6
9.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)233,9
10.Lisa Eder (AUT)210,5

Holmenkollen World Cup 5.3.2022

Men HS134

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)270,4
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)268,8
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)267,7
4.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)264,1
5.Cene Prevc (SLO)262,7
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)262,0
7.Karl Geiger (GER)261,5
8.Stefan Kraft (AUT)258,5
9.Fredrik Villumstad (NOR)257,7
10.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)256,8

Women HS134

1.Silje Opseth (NOR)249,7
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)247,1
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)237,7
4.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)235,4
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)229,7
6.Yuki Ito (JPN)219,8
7.Marita Kramer (AUT)219,7
8.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)213,9
9.Julia Clair (FRA)212,6
10.Chiara Kreuzer (AUT)202,6

Holmenkollen World Cup 4.3.2022

Mixed Team HS134


Beijing olympics ski jumping 6.2.2022

Men's normal hill HS106

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)275,0
2.Manuel Fettner (AUT)270,8
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)265,9
4.Peter Prevc (SLO)265,4
5.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)261,5
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)260,9
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR)260,7
8.Danil Sandreev (RUS)259,4
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)259,3
10.Stefan Kraft (AUT)258,1

Beijing olympics ski jumping 5.2.2022

Women's normal hill HS106

1.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)239,0
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)236,8
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)232,0
4.Sara Takanashi (JPN)224,1
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)215,4
6.Silje Opseth (NOR)200,5
7.Irina Avvakumova (RUS)196,3
8.Lisa Eder (AUT)193,4
9.Rogelj Spela (SLO)184,2
10.Irma Makhinia (RUS)180,9

Beijing olympics ski jumping 5.2.2022

Men's normal hill qualification HS106

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)116,7 Q
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)116,6 Q
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)112,1 Q
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)111,4 Q
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)108,5 Q
6.Manuel Fettner (AUT)107,5 Q
7.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)106,4 Q
8.Antti Aalto (FIN)105,0 Q
9.Karl Geiger (GER)103,9 Q
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)103,6 Q

Willingen World Cup 30.1.2022

Men HS147

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)243,8
2.Karl Geiger (GER)238,7
3.Cene Prevc (SLO)235,6
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)234,7
5.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)234,3
6.Stefan Kraft (AUT)229,3
7.Thomas Lackner (AUT)219,0
8.Daiki Ito (JPN)216,2
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)207,1
10.Lovro Kos (SLO)206,7

Women HS147

1.Nika Kriznar (SLO)131,6
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)126,0
3.Aleksandra Kustova (RUS)115,8
4.Josephine Pagnier (FRA)98,2
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)96,0
6.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)91,2
7.Frida Westman (SWE)89,5
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)85,8
9.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)76,2
10.Kaori Iwabuchi (JPN)74,6

Willingen World Cup 29.1.2022

Men HS147

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)115,6
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)111,6
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)107,0
4.Severin Freund (GER)104,2
5.Yukiya Sato (JPN)103,0
6.Stephan Leyhe (GER)97,0
7.Lovro Kos (SLO)95,1
7.Ziga Jelar (SLO)95,1
9.Daniel Huber (AUT)94,8
10.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)90,4
35.Arttu Pohjola (FIN)46,3
40.Eetu Meriläinen (FIN)40,4

Naiset HS147

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)80,2
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)77,1
3.Ema Klinec (SLO)72,0
4.Yuki Ito (JPN)71,5
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)69,8
6.Josephine Pagnier (FRA)61,0
7.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)53,1
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)50,5
9.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)45,4
10.Frida Westman (SWE)41,2
19.Jenny Rautionaho (FIN)19,7
22.Julia Kykkänen (FIN)8,6

Only one round was jumped in each competition.

Willingen World Cup 28.1.2022

Men's qualification HS147

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)136,2 Q
2.Daniel Huber (AUT)136,1 Q
3.Anze Lanisek (SLO)131,7 Q
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)130,3 Q
5.Lovro Kos (SLO)125,7 Q
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)125,6 Q
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)125,0 Q
8.Severin Freund (GER)121,6 Q
9.Pawel Wasek (POL)120,7 Q
10.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)119,2 Q

See also: Full results list

Mixed Team HS147


Titisee-Neustadt World Cup 23.1.2022

Men HS142

1.Karl Geiger (GER)282,7
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)280,5
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)275,3
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)269,9
5.Jan Hörl (AUT)263,9
6.Timi Zajc (SLO)260,1
7.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)257,4
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)256,1
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)254,2
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)253,8

Titisee-Neustadt World Cup 22.1.2022

Men HS142

1.Karl Geiger (GER)288,3
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)283,1
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)273,9
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)272,8
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)269,9
6.Cene Prevc (SLO)268,7
7.Lovro Kos (SLO)267,5
8.Stephan Leyhe (GER)267,0
9.Constantin Schmid (GER)264,0
10.Jan Hörl (AUT)260,0

Zakopane World Cup 16.1.2022

Men HS140

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)294,6
2.Karl Geiger (GER)284,6
3.Anze Lanisek (SLO)283,7
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)282,6
5.Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)281,3
6.Daniel Huber (AUT)276,8
7.Killian Peier (SUI)274,5
8.Jan Hörl (AUT)273,5
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)272,1
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)270,0

Zakopane World Cup 15.1.2022

Team HS140

8.Czech Republic805,9

Bischofshofen World Cup 8.1.2022

Men HS142

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)291,7
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)287,7
3.Jan Hörl (AUT)285,7
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)282,3
5.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)280,8
6.Daniel Huber (AUT)279,5
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)278,8
8.Karl Geiger (GER)275,1
9.Yukiya Sato (JPN)271,1
10.Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)271,0

Four Hills Tournament - Bischofshofen 6.1.2022

Final results HS142

1.Daniel Huber (AUT)286,8
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)282,4
3.Karl Geiger (GER)281,9
4.Yukiya Sato (JPN)281,1
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)277,8
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)277,7
7.Jan Hörl (AUT)275,3
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)275,2
9.Lovro Kos (SLO)273,6
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)271,5

Qualification HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)151,5 Q
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)149,1 Q
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)142,6 Q
4.Jan Hörl (AUT)140,9 Q
5.Killian Peier (SUI)139,1 Q
6.Anze Lanisek (SLO)138,3 Q
7.Robert Johansson (NOR)137,1 Q
8.Daniel Huber (AUT)136,3 Q
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)135,4 Q
10.Dawid Kubacki (POL)135,0 Q

Four Hills Tournament Bischofshofen 5.1.2022

Final results HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)291,3
2.Marius Lindvik (NOR)286,6
3.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)282,4
4.Karl Geiger (GER)280,8
5.Manuel Fettner (AUT)273,1
5.Jan Hörl (AUT)273,1
7.Robert Johansson (NOR)270,4
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)270,3
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)267,1
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)262,9

Qualification HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)139,0 Q
2.Marius Lindvik (NOR)136,7 Q
3.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)128,7 Q
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)128,0 Q
5.Karl Geiger (GER)127,3 Q
6.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)125,2 Q
7.Andreas Wellinger (GER)120,3 Q
8.Danil Sandreev (RUS)119,9 Q
9.Lovro Kos (SLO)119,1 Q
10.Jan Hörl (AUT)119,0 Q

See also: Full results list

Four Hills - Innsbruck 3.1.2022

Qualification HS128

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)132,7 Q
2.Jan Hörl (AUT)131,3 Q
3.Killian Peier (SUI)127,8 Q
4.Daniel Huber (AUT)123,0 Q
5.Lovro Kos (SLO)122,2 Q
6.Severin Freund (GER)120,9 Q
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)118,0 Q
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)117,9 Q
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)116,8 Q
10.Karl Geiger (GER)116,6 Q

Four Hills Tournament - Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1.1.2022

Men HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)291,2
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)291,0
3.Lovro Kos (SLO)286,0
4.Marius Lindvik (NOR)283,7
5.Jan Hörl (AUT)274,9
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)267,9
7.Karl Geiger (GER)265,0
8.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)264,2
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)264,1
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)263,7

Ljubno World Cup 31.12.2021

Women HS94

1.Nika Kriznar (SLO)263,7
2.Marita Kramer (AUT)259,9
3.Ema Klinec (SLO)257,2
4.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)249,6
5.Sara Takanashi (JPN)246,2
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)246,2
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)243,6
8.Lisa Eder (AUT)239,1
9.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)237,7
10.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)235,4

Four Hills Tournament - Garmisch-Partenkirchen 31.12.2021

Qualification HS142

1.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)144,9 Q
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)144,0 Q
3.Karl Geiger (GER)138,4 Q
4.Jan Hörl (AUT)137,8 Q
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)136,1 Q
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)134,1 Q
7.Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)133,9 Q
8.Manuel Fettner (AUT)133,7 Q
9.Stephan Leyhe (GER)133,3 Q
10.Killian Peier (SUI)133,2 Q

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Four Hills Tournament 1/4 Oberstdorf 29.12.2021

Oberstdorf HS137

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)302,0
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)299,2
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)298,6
4.Marius Lindvik (NOR)296,3
5.Karl Geiger (GER)295,9
6.Lovro Kos (SLO)289,5
7.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)281,1
8.Daniel Huber (AUT)269,0
9.Stephan Leyhe (GER)266,8
10.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)262,6

Four Hills Tournament Oberstdorf 28.12.2021

Qualification HS137

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)149,3 Q
2.Karl Geiger (GER)144,9 Q
3.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)144,5 Q
3.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)144,5 Q
5.Killian Peier (SUI)143,8 Q
6.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)140,1 Q
7.Stefan Kraft (AUT)139,3 Q
8.Jan Hörl (AUT)137,7 Q
9.Severin Freund (GER)137,6 Q
10.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)136,9 Q

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Engelberg World Cup 18.-19.12.2021

Men HS140 19.12.

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)306,0
2.Karl Geiger (GER)293,8
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)293,5
4.Killian Peier (SUI)293,1
5.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)281,1
6.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)279,5
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)279,3
8.Daniel Huber (AUT)277,3
9.Pius Paschke (GER)276,6
10.Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)274,1

Men HS140 18.12.

1.Karl Geiger (GER)287,4
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)286,6
3.Timi Zajc (SLO)282,6
4.Killian Peier (SUI)277,0
5.Jan Hörl (AUT)270,8
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)270,2
7.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)267,9
8.Anze Lanisek (SLO)265,9
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)261,0
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)258,9

Ramsau World Cup 17.12.2021

Women HS98

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)261,0
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)256,9
3.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)253,3
4.Sara Takanashi (JPN)251,3
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)240,5
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)238,2
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)238,2
8.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)227,3
9.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)225,2
10.Yuka Seto (JPN)224,3

Klingenthal World Cup 12.12.2021

Men HS140

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)262,8
2.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)260,2
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)256,6
4.Robert Johansson (NOR)255,8
5.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)254,9
6.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)247,5
7.Cene Prevc (SLO)243,8
8.Constantin Schmid (GER)241,2
9.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)240,7
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)233,2
47.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)70,0

Klingenthal World Cup 11.12.2021

Men HS140

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)267,0
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)262,0
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)261,9
4.Karl Geiger (GER)257,9
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)257,9
6.Andreas Wellinger (GER)257,5
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)257,3
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)257,2
9.Marius Lindvik (NOR)257,0
10.Jan Hörl (AUT)256,7

Klingenthal World Cup 10.12.2021

Women HS140

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)247,9
2.Silje Opseth (NOR)245,3
3.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)237,5
4.Nika Kriznar (SLO)226,5
5.Sara Takanashi (JPN)225,4
6.Kaori Iwabuchi (JPN)207,7
7.Katharina Althaus (GER)206,3
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)205,4
9.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)194,6
10.Spela Rogelj (SLO)193,9
31.Julia Kykkänen (FIN)134,8

Wisla World Cup 5.12.2021

Men HS134

1.Jan Hörl (AUT)261,9
2.Marius Lindvik (NOR)255,2
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)253,6
4.Karl Geiger (GER)251,3
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)246,3
6.Cene Prevc (SLO)241,6
7.Pius Paschke (GER)241,2
8.Lovro Kos (SLO)240,3
9.Killian Peier (SUI)240,0
10.Robert Johansson (NOR)238,8
44.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)85,0

Lillehammer World Cup 5.12.2021, Ski jumping

Women HS140

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)268,9
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)259,8
3.Silje Opseth (NOR)253,2
4.Ema Klinec (SLO)252,7
5.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)246,5
6.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)244,8
7.Nika Kriznar (SLO)243,4
8.Sara Takanashi (JPN)242,4
9.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)239,5
10.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)220,7

Wisla World Cup 4.12.2021

Men's team competition HS134


Lillehammer World Cup 4.12.2021, ski jumping

Women HS98

1.Katharina Althaus (GER)278,1
2.Marita Kramer (AUT)273,2
3.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)272,3
4.Silje Opseth (NOR)268,7
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)252,6
6.Sara Takanashi (JPN)250,3
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)249,8
8.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)243,8
9.Ema Klinec (SLO)243,1
10.Lisa Eder (AUT)231,6

Women's ski jump World Cup Nizhny Tagil 26.-27.11.2021

HS97 27.11.2021

1.Ema Klinec (SLO)235,1
2.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)227,0
3.Katharina Althaus (GER)225,9
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)222,1
5.Sara Takanashi (JPN)204,1
6.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)203,6
7.Nika Kriznar (SLO)202,7
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)193,3
9.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)192,7
10.Chiara Kreuzer (AUT)190,7
33.Julia Kykkänen (FIN)76,6

HS97 26.11.2021

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)253,5
2.Ema Klinec (SLO)211,8
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)207,4
4.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)206,9
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)204,9
6.Sara Takanashi (JPN)203,6
7.Lisa Eder (AUT)200,2
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)195,0
9.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)180,7
10.Pauline Hessler (GER)180,6
10.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)180,6
14.Julia Kykkänen (FIN)174,4

Ruka Nordic - Ski jumping 28.11.2021

Men HS142

1.Anze Lanisek (SLO)311,9
2.Karl Geiger (GER)310,3
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)305,2
4.Marius Lindvik (NOR)297,5
5.Cene Prevc (SLO)296,8
6.Peter Prevc (SLO)288,2
7.Stefan Kraft (AUT)284,0
8.Manuel Fettner (AUT)281,8
9.Stephan Leyhe (GER)281,6
10.Andreas Wellinger (GER)281,5

Ruka Nordic ski jump 27.11.2021

Men HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)324,5
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)318,9
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)304,4
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)289,8
5.Karl Geiger (GER)289,6
6.Killian Peier (SUI)282,9
7.Pius Paschke (GER)279,0
8.Kamil Stoch (POL)278,6
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)272,9
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)265,0
36.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)117,8

Rukan Nordic ski jumping 26.11.2021

Men´s qualification HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)168,6 Q
2.Daniel Huber (AUT)160,0 Q
3.Pius Paschke (GER)154,7 Q
4.Naoki Nakamura (JPN)153,3 Q
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)152,9 Q
6.Karl Geiger (GER)152,5 Q
7.Jan Hörl (AUT)151,5 Q
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)149,5 Q
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)147,6 Q
10.Timi Zajc (SLO)146,6 Q

53. Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR) 97,9

Nizhny Tagil World Cup 21.11.2021

Men HS134

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)235,3
2.Karl Geiger (GER)226,5
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)223,8
4.Timi Zajc (SLO)222,5
5.Cene Prevc (SLO)221,2
6.Killian Peier (SUI)220,6
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)219,2
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)214,1
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)214,0
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)210,8

Nizhny Tagil World Cup20.11.2021

Men HS134

1.Karl Geiger (GER)252,4
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)243,7
3.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)239,7
4.Naoki Nakamura (JPN)230,2
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)221,3
6.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)219,6
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)219,1
8.Cene Prevc (SLO)215,5
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)215,3
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)213,4
18.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)196,6

Nizhny Tagil World Cup, qualification 19.11.2021

Men HS134

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)128,5 Q
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)118,1 Q
3.Daniel Huber (AUT)116,4 Q
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)115,3 Q
5.Karl Geiger (GER)113,3 Q
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)113,0 Q
6.Markus Schiffner (AUT)113,0 Q
8.Stephan Leyhe (GER)112,8 Q
9.Manuel Fettner (AUT)112,1 Q
9.Killian Peier (SUI)112,1 Q

Full results

Ski Jumping World Cup 2020/2021 - Results

Chaikovsky World Cup 28.3.2021

Women HS140

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)136,1
2.Silje Opseth (NOR)120,1
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)115,4
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)115,2
5.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)113,3
6.Ema Klinec (SLO)111,8
7.Sara Takanashi (JPN)109,4
8.Irina Avvakumova (RUS)106,5
9.Josephine Pagnier (FRA)103,9
10.Katharina Althaus (GER)94,3

Women team HS102

7.Czech Republic223,5

Planica World Cup 28.3.2021

Men HS240

1.Karl Geiger (GER)459,3
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)452,4
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)447,9
4.Domen Prevc (SLO)442,5
5.Daniel Huber (AUT)438,2
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)435,1
7.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)430,1
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)428,2
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)426,7
10.Michael Hayböck (AUT)425,8

Men team HS240


Planica World Cup 26.3.2021

Men ski flying HS240

1.Karl Geiger (GER)237.3
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)-9,6
3.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)-12,1
4.Domen Prevc (SLO)-14,5
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)-18,5
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-20,5
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)-23,8
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)-27,6

Chaikovsky World Cup 26.3.2021

Women HS102

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)258,1
2.Sara Takanashi (JPN)-23,3
3.Nika Krizsan (HUN)-34,7
4.Maruyama Nopsome (JPN)-35,2
5.Silje Opseth (NOR)-37,7
6.Rogelj Spela (SLO)-47,5
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)-47,9
8.Ekaterina Avvakumova (RUS)-50,1

Planica, ski flying hill 25.3.2021


1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)425.5
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)-7,4
3.Karl Geiger (GER)-21,2
4.Michael Hayböck (AUT)-22,3
5.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)-24,3
6.Daniel Huber (AUT)-32,1
7.Robert Johansson (NOR)-32,6
8.Domen Prevc (SLO)-33,6
9.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-35,2
10.Piotr Zyla (POL)-39,3

Planica World Cup 24.3.2021

Men´s qualification HS240

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)249,7
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)248,5
3.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)245,8
4.Karl Geiger (GER)239,7
5.Andrzej Stekala (POL)239,1
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)238,6
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)238,3
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)237,9
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)237,5
9.Naoki Nakamura (JPN)237,5

Nizhny Tagil World Cup 22.3.2021

Women HS97

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)243,1
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)232,3
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)230,0
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)225,0
5.Nozomi Maruyama (JPN)223,5
6.Silje Opseth (NOR)222,5
7.Katharina Althaus (GER)220,2
8.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)208,6
9.Yuki Ito (JPN)205,9
10.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)202,9
22.Julia Kykkänen (FIN)186,3
35.Jenny Rautionaho (FIN)81,6

Nizhny Tagil World Cup 20.3.2021

Women HS97

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)232,1
2.Sara Takanashi (JPN)224,1
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)218,1
4.Silje Opseth (NOR)215,9
5.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)214,9
6.Nozomi Maruyama (JPN)209,8
7.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)209,4
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)207,4
9.Katharina Althaus (GER)204,1
10.Irina Avvakumova (RUS)203,6

Ski Jumping World Championships 5.3.2021


1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)276.5
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)-4.4
3.Karl Geiger (GER)-9.1
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)-12.1
5.Anze Lanisek (SLO)-18.0
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)-19.3
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-19.8
8.Daniel Huber (AUT)-21.2
9.Cene Prevc (SLO)-23.3
10.Jan Hoerl (AUT)-31.1

World Ski Champs 26.2.2021 - Ski jumping

Men´s qualification HS106

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)144,2 Q
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)137,4 Q
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)134,4 Q
4.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)133,6 Q
5.Yukiya Sato (JPN)131,8 Q
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)131,6 Q
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)131,5 Q
8.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)129,2 Q
9.Marius Lindvik (NOR)128,0 Q
10.Danil Sandreev (RUS)127,3 Q

Women´s team HS106

8.Czech Republic621,5

Ski jumping World Championships Oberstdorf 25.2.2021

Women HS106

1.Ema Klinec (SLO)279,6
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)276,5
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)276,3
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)275.2
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)257,5
6.Silje Opseth (NOR)255,1
7.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)252,7
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)248,0
9.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)244,6
10.Katharina Althaus (GER)241,8

World Ski Championships 24.2.2021 - Ski jumping

Women´s qualification HS106

1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)142,6 Q
2.Marita Kramer (AUT)140,1 Q
3.Ema Klinec (SLO)135,4 Q
4.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)135,0 Q
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)130,7 Q
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)129,4 Q
7.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)129,0 Q
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)128,8 Q
9.Sophie Sorschag (AUT)127,2 Q
10.Yuki Ito (JPN)126,5 Q

Rasnov World Cup 20.2.2021

Mixed team


Rasnov World Cup 19.2.2021

Men HS97

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)257,9
2.Kamil Stoch (POL)256,3
3.Karl Geiger (GER)255,7
4.Dawid Kubacki (POL)255,6
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)253,4
6.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)253,3
7.Pius Paschke (GER)252,7
8.Manuel Fettner (AUT)249,5
9.Daniel Tschofenig (AUT)246,3
10.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)245,6

Women HS97

1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)239,2
2.Silje Opseth (NOR)232,9
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)228,6
4.Ema Klinec (SLO)224,3
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)221,3
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)220,8
7.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)219,1
8.Julia Clair (FRA)206,4
9.Sophie Sorschag (AUT)204,9
10.Ekaterina Avvakumova (KOR)203,5

Rasnov World Cup 18.2.2021

Women HS97

1.Nika Kriznar (SLO)235,7
2.Sara Takanashi (JPN)232,9
3.Silje Opseth (NOR)230,1
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)224,5
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)222,3
6.Maren Lundby (NOR)218,7
7.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)215,5
8.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)214,1
9.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)205,7
10.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)205,5

Zakopane World Cup 14.2.2021

Men HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)298,1
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)295,2
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)293,8
4.Marius Lindvik (NOR)292,6
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)290,2
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)288,4
7.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)286,4
8.Keiichi Sato (JPN)286,0
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)284,8
10.Daniel Huber (AUT)284,5

Zakopane World Cup 13.2.2021

Men HS140

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)268,9
2.Andrzej Stekala (POL)268,6
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)267,8
4.Anze Lanisek (SLO)266,9
5.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)266,4
6.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)263,5
7.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)263,0
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)257,5
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)256,8
10.Stefan Kraft (AUT)252,9

Klingenthal 7.2.2021

Men HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)288,5
2.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)287,8
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)285,7
4.Robert Johansson (NOR)280,1
5.Yukiya Sato (JPN)278,7
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)277,8
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)275,8
8.Keiichi Sato (JPN)270,8
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)264,6
10.Martin Hamann (GER)263,8

Hinzenbach 7.2.2021

Women HS90

1.Sara Takanashi (JPN)234,1
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)231,0
3.Silje Opseth (NOR)223,5
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)223,3
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)219,7
5.Ekaterina Avvakumova (KOR)219,7
7.Katharina Althaus (GER)208,2
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)206,4
9.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)206,3
10.Lisa Eder (AUT)206,1

Klingenthal World cup 6.2.2021

Men HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)284,2
2.Kamil Stoch (POL)271,6
3.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)270,8
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)262,9
5.Anze Lanisek (SLO)261,0
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)259,7
7.Pius Paschke (GER)251,6
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)251,4
9.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)251,0
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)245,6

Hinzenbach World Cup 5.2.2021

Women HS90

1.Nika Kriznar (SLO)237,4
2.Ema Klinec (SLO)236,6
3.Eirin Maria Kvandal (NOR)226,6
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)223,6
5.Ekaterina Avvakumova (KOR)217,2
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)215,2
7.Josephine Pagnier (FRA)210,9
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)210,8
8.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)210,8
8.Lisa Eder (AUT)210,8

Klingenthal world cup 5.2.2021

Men´s qual HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)153,3
2.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)145,4
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)145,2
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)139,3
5.Anze Lanisek (SLO)137,7
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)136,2
7.Andrzej Stekala (POL)134,2
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)134,1
9.Pius Paschke (GER)131,6
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)131,5

Women´s world cup Titisee-Neustadt 30.-31.1.2021

31.1. women HS142

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)265,7
2.Sara Takahashi (JPN)263,5
3.Silje Opseth (NOR)253,2
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)251,2
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)251,0
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)249,3
7.Sophie Sorschag (AUT)245,6
8.Maren Lundby (NOR)244,4
9.Yuki Ito (JPN)240,1
10.Jerneja Brecl (SLO)238,5

30.1. women HS142

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)257,7
2.Silje Opseth (NOR)254,0
3.Ema Klinec (SLO)245,5
4.Maren Lundby (NOR)242,0
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)236,9
6.Eirin Maria Kvandal (NOR)235,1
7.Sara Takahashi (JPN)232,6
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)212,0
9.Katharina Althaus (GER)209,6
10.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)207,9

Willingen World Cup 31.1.2021

Men HS147

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)154,3
2.Piotr Zyla (POL)135,0
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)132,9
4.Klemens Muranka (POL)127,6
5.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)125,9
6.Stefan Kraft (AUT)124,5
7.Daniel Huber (AUT)121,9
8.Pius Paschke (GER)121,2
9.Simon Ammann (SUI)119,4
10.Dawid Kubacki (POL)117,4

Willingen World Cup 30.1.2021

Men HS147

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)285,5
2.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)276,6
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)272,2
4.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)268,4
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)260,7
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)256,8
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)254,8
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)252,8
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)251,1
10.Anze Lanisek (SLO)248,2

Ljubno women's world cup 23.-24.1.

Women HS94

1.Eirin Maria Kvandal (NOR)244,2
2.Ema Klinec (SLO)242,8
3.Marita Kramer (AUT)238,1
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)237,0
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)233,1
6.Katharina Althaus (GER)222,6
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)220,7
8.Thea Minyan Björseth (NOR)220,5
9.Sophie Sorschag (AUT)218,0
10.Nika Kriznar (SLO)216,4

Team HS94


Lahti Ski Games 24.1.2021

Ski jump HS130

1.Robert Johansson (NOR)265,9
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)264,2
3.Karl Geiger (GER)264,0
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)263,5
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)257,8
6.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)257,6
7.Anze Lanisek (SLO)255,4
8.Michael Hayböck (AUT)254,3
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)252,7
10.Pius Paschke (GER)251,5

Lahti Ski Games 23.1.2020 ski jumping

Team competition HS130


Zakopane World Cup 17.1.2021

Men HS140

1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)296,5
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)294,2
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)292,9
4.Daniel Huber (AUT)288,9
5.Andrzej Stekala (POL)284,7
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)282,4
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)279,8
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)279,1
8.Domen Prevc (SLO)279,1
10.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)278,3

Zakopane, World Cup 16.1.2021

Team HS140


Zakopane World Cup 15.1.2021

Qualification men HS140

1.Yukiya Sato (JPN)139,8 Q
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)137,0 Q
3.Andrzej Stekala (POL)135,8 Q
4.Daniel Huber (AUT)134,4 Q
5.Antti Aalto (FIN)133,0 Q
6.Cene Prevc (SLO)132,3 Q
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)130,5 Q
8.Niko Kytösaho (FIN)130,1 Q
8.Tilen Bartol (SLO)130,1 Q
10.Keiichi Sato (JPN)129,7 Q

Titisee-Neustadt World Cup 10.1.2021

Men HS142

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)299,4
2.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)297,0
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)291,3
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)288,7
5.Marius Lindvik (NOR)288,4
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)287,0
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)280,3
8.Yukiya Sato (JPN)279,2
9.Jakub Wolny (POL)278,5
10.Daniel Huber (AUT)276,0

Titisee-Neustadt World Cup 9.1.2021

Men HS142

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)281,6
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)277,6
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)270,8
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)268,7
5.Andrzej Stekala (POL)265,2
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)263,3
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)262,3
8.Marius Lindvik (NOR)259,2
9.Stefan Kraft (AUT)255,7
10.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)252,4

World Cup, Titisee-Neustad 8.1.2021

Qualification HS142

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)156,2
2.Dawid Kubacki (POL)-5,8
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)-7,1
4.Daniel Huber (AUT)-11,0
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)-11,9
6.Andrzej Stekala (POL)-15,4
7.Kamil Stoch (POL)-16,3
8.Pius Paschke (GER)-18,6
9.Jakub Wolny (POL)-19,6
10.Stefan Kraft (AUT)-20,7

Bischofshofen 6.1.2021


1.Kamil Stoch (POL)300
2.Marius Lindvik (NOR)-23,3
3.Karl Geiger (GER)-23,4
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)-24,8
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)-25,9
6.Michael Hayböck (AUT)-26,1
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)-26,8
8.Andrzej Stekala (POL)-28,5
9.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-30,2
10.Daniel Huber (AUT)-31,8

Bischofshofen 5.1.2021

Men´s qualification

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)142.9
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)-0.6
3.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)-0.7
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)-2.2
5.Daniel Huber (AUT)-2.8
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)-7.4
7.Michael Hayböck (AUT)-7.5
8.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)-10.5
9.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-14.9
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)-18.6

Innsbruck 3.1.2021

Innsbruck 4hills

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)261,6
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)-12,0
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)-13,3
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)-15,4
5.Yukiya Sato (JPN)-16,0
6.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)-16,6
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)-17,3
8.Stefan Kraft (AUT)-18,1
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)-19,1
10.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)-21,0

Innsbruck 2.1.2021

Innsbruck qualification

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)132,2
2.Daniel Huber (AUT)128,9
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)128,7
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)125,7
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)125,4
6.Stefan Kraft (AUT)125,2
7.Karl Geiger (GER)123,6
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)123,2
9.Peter Prevc (SLO)121,8
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)119,5

Garmisch Partenkirchen 1.1.2021


1.Dawid Kubacki (POL)282,1
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)274,9
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)260,4
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)260,0
5.Karl Geiger (GER)259,9
6.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)257,7
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)257,2
7.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)257,2
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)256,2
10.Adnrzej Stekala (POL)253,7

Four Hills Tournament, Oberstdorf 29.12.2020

Men HS137

1.Karl Geiger (GER)291,1
2.Kamil Stoch (POL)288,3
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)285,2
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)280,1
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)274,3
6.Stefan Kraft (AUT)273,6
7.Adnrzej Stekala (POL)273,3
8.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)273,0
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)270,1
10.Ziga Jelar (SLO)269,8

Four Hills Oberstdorf, qualification 28.12.2020

Men HS137

1.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)134,9
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)123,8
3.Cene Prevc (SLO)123,5
4.Daniel Huber (AUT)123,3
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)122,5
6.Antti Aalto (FIN)121,2
7.Robert Johansson (NOR)118,3
8.Anze Lanisek (SLO)118,2
9.Giovanni Bresadola (ITA)117,0
10.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)115,7

Ramsau Women´s World Cup 18.12.2020


1.Marita Kramer (AUT)253,6
2.Nika Kriznar (SLO)245,1
3.Sara Takanashi (JPN)240,1
4.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)233,8
5.Yuki Ito (JPN)232,0
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)230,4
7.Maren Lundby (NOR)229,4
8.Anna Rupprecht (GER)228,0
9.Silje Opseth (NOR)227,6
10.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)226,7

Engelberg World Cup 20.12.2020

Men HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)305,4
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)303,7
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)296,2
4.Anze Lanisek (SLO)295,6
5.Pius Paschke (GER)294,1
6.Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (CAN)293,8
7.Kamil Stoch (POL)293,4
8.Dawid Kubacki (POL)285,6
9.Yukiya Sato (JPN)284,8
10.Cene Prevc (SLO)282,6

Engelberg World Cup 19.12.2020

Men HS140

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)311,4
2.Kamil Stoch (POL)309,2
3.Anze Lanisek (SLO)302,7
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)301,7
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)286,8
6.Pius Paschke (GER)285,8
7.Adnrzej Stekala (POL)284,4
8.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)284,3
9.Dawid Kubacki (POL)282,6
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)282,5

FIS Ski Flying World Championships Planica 13.12.2020

Team HS240


Planica 12.12.2020

Planica HS240 4/4

1.Karl Geiger (GER)877,2
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)876,7
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)859,3
4.Michael Hayböck (AUT)845,1
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)841,0
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)835,1
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)828,6
8.Kamil Stoch (POL)808,5
9.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)802,2
10.Adnrzej Stekala (POL)790,9

FIS Ski Flying World Championships, Day 1 out of 2, 11.12.2020

Men HS240

1.Karl Geiger (GER)431,2
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)426,6
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)425,7
4.Michael Hayböck (AUT)422,9
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)411,4
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)408,9
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)408,5
8.Kamil Stoch (POL)399,0
9.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)397,0
10.Adnrzej Stekala (POL)396,5

Nizhny Tagil World Cup 6.12.2020

Men HS134

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)241,5
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)240,7
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)240,6
4.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)231,6
5.Keiichi Sato (JPN)219,8
6.Pawel Wasek (POL)218,9
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)217,9
7.Constantin Schmid (GER)217,9
9.Gregor Deschwanden (SUI)216,5
10.Timi Zajc (SLO)215,2

Nizhny Tagil World Cup, Russia 5.12.2020

Men HS134

1.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)270,0
2.Daniel Huber (AUT)255,7
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)254,1
4.Thomas Lackner (AUT)249,3
5.Pius Paschke (GER)241,6
6.Aleksander Zniszczol (POL)230,6
7.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)230,5
8.Yukiya Sato (JPN)230,2
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)227,3
10.Markus Schiffner (AUT)223,9

Ski Jumping World Cup Ruka 28.11.2020

Men HS142

1.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)313,4
2.Piotr Zyla (POL)294,1
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)293,9
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)291,2
5.Yukiya Sato (JPN)276,1
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)275,7
7.Bor Pavlovcic (SLO)274,9
8.Pius Paschke (GER)268,5
9.Karl Geiger (GER)265,2
9.Klemens Muranka (POL)265,2

Wisla World Cup, Poland, 22.11.2020

HS142, men

1.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)267,6
2.Karl Geiger (GER)258,6
3.Daniel Huber (AUT)255,7
4.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)251,7
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)246,5
6.Anze Lanisek (SLO)246,3
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)244,0
8.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)242,4
9.Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (CAN)240,7
10.Michael Hayböck (AUT)228,7

Wisla World Cup, Poland, 21.11.2020

Men´s Team HS134

9.Czech Republic368,0

Wisla world cup qualification 20.11.2020

HS 134

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)135,3
2.Yukiya Sato (JPN)128,6
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)128,4
4.Michael Hayböck (AUT)121,1
5.Karl Geiger (GER)120,8
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)120,8
7.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)117,7
8.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)117,5
9.Daniel Huber (AUT)117,1
10.Piotr Zyla (POL)115,9

Ski Jumping World Cup 2019/2020 - Results

Naisten maailmancup Lillehammer 9.-10.3.2020

HS140 10.3.2020

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)262,3
2.Silje Opseth (NOR)261,6
3.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)255,1
4.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)245,7
5.Ema Klinec (SLO)237,3
6.Katharina Althaus (GER)225,2
7.Yuki Ito (JPN)213,9
8.Sara Takahashi (JPN)205,7
9.Nika Kriznar (SLO)197,3
10.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)172,0

32. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 5,2

HS140 9.3.2020

1.Sara Takahashi (JPN)296,9
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)295,4
3.Silje Opseth (NOR)293,5
4.Katharina Althaus (GER)290,8
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)290,4
6.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)286,1
7.Ema Klinec (SLO)272,6
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)262,1
9.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)261,2
10.Lara Malsiner (ITA)248,8

27. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 196,1

Lillehammer maailmancup 9.3.2020

Osakilpailu korvasti 8.3. olosuhteiden takia perutun Holmenkollenin osakilpailun.

Miehet HS140

1.Peter Prevc (SLO)279,0
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)278,6
3.Stephan Leyhe (GER)277,5
4.Marius Lindvik (NOR)275,7
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)275,5
5.Robin Pedersen (NOR)275,5
7.Kamil Stoch (POL)272,7
8.Stefan Kraft (AUT)270,6
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)270,4
10.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)263,5

26. Antti Aalto (FIN) 247,6

Mäkihyppy maailmancup Holmenkollen 7.3.2020

Joukkuemäki HS134


Ski jumping Lahti Ski Games 1.3.2020

Men HS130

1.Karl Geiger (GER)266,4
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)260,5
3.Michael Hayböck (AUT)259,1
4.Constantin Schmid (GER)254,5
5.Stephan Leyhe (GER)254,3
6.Piotr Zyla (POL)251,6
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)250,2
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)250,0
9.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)248,9
10.Anze Lanisek (SLO)247,9

Ski Jumping Lahti Ski Games 29.2.2020

Team HS130


Ski jumping Lahti Ski Games 28.2.2020

Men HS130

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)284,1
2.Karl Geiger (GER)279,1
3.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)273,3
4.Anze Lanisek (SLO)272,5
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)271,6
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)270,3
7.Timi Zajc (SLO)268,6
8.Stefan Huber (AUT)266,0
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)265,4
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)261,4

Ljubno naisten maailmancup 22.-23.2.2020

Normaalimäki HS94

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)254,8
2.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)252,7
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)250,0
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)249,7
5.Sara Takahashi (JPN)243,8
6.Ema Klinec (SLO)242,3
7.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)240,5
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)238,9
9.Yuka Seto (JPN)235,8
10.Nozomi Maruyama (JPN)234,8

33. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 99,0

Joukkuemäki HS94


Rasnov maailmancup 22.2.2020


1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)270.3
2.Karl Geiger (GER)266.7
3.Constantin Schmid (GER)260.2
4.Dawid Kubacki (POL)258.6
5.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)255.5
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)253.8
7.Stephan Leyhe (GER)252.8
8.Ziga Jelar (SLO)252.4

26. Antti Aalto 226.3

Rasnov maailmancup 21.2.2020

Miehet HS 97

1.Karl Geiger (GER)270,3
2.Stephan Leyhe (GER)264,7
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)264,5
4.Peter Prevc (SLO)258,2
5.Marius Lindvik (NOR)256,5
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)252,2
7.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)251,5
8.Dawid Kubacki (POL)251,1
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)248,7
10.Pius Paschke (GER)246,9

19. Antti Aalto (FIN) 227,3

Mäkihyppy MC, Tauplitz-Bad Mitterndorf 16.2.2020


1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)232,6
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)231,9
3.Timi Zajc (SLO)230,1
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)229,4
5.Domen Prevc (SLO)229,1
6.Karl Geiger (GER)227,3
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)225,9
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)224,3
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)220,1
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)219,5

11. Antti Aalto (FIN) 219,1
37. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 168,1

Mäkihypyn MC, Tauplitz/Bad Mitterndorf 15.2.2020


1.Piotr Zyla (POL)418.5
2.Timi Zajc (SLO)418.2
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)414.6
4.Karl Geiger (GER)414.5
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)410.4
6.Antti Aalto (FIN)405.1
7.Kamil Stoch (POL)400.9
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)398.0
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)397.7
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)395.7

Willingen maailmancup 8.2.2020


1.Stephan Leyhe (GER)266,4
2.Marius Lindvik (NOR)262,4
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)254,6
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)253,5
5.Karl Geiger (GER)252,0
6.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)246,0
7.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)241,7
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)241,6
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)240,8
10.Anze Semenic (SLO)240,3

27. Antti Aalto 220,2

Oberstdorf maailmancup 1.2.2020

Naiset HS137

1.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)284,9
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)276,2
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)270,4
4.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)261,2
5.Nika Kriznar (SLO)252,2
6.Marita Kramer (AUT)248,1
7.Nozomi Maruyama (JPN)247,6
8.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)246,8
9.Yuki Ito (JPN)226,0
10.Ema Klinec (SLO)223,1

Sapporo maailmancup 2.2.2020

Miehet HS137

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)268,5
2.Stephan Leyhe (GER)247,4
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)239,0
4.Peter Prevc (SLO)235,7
5.Karl Geiger (GER)234,8
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)234,2
7.Timi Zajc (SLO)231,8
8.Michael Hayböck (AUT)226,3
9.Kamil Stoch (POL)225,2
10.Anze Lanisek (SLO)223,5

26. Antti Aalto (FIN) 190,2

Sapporo maailmancup 1.2.2020

Miehet HS137

1.Yukiya Sato (JPN)244,3
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)234,1
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)229,5
4.Domen Prevc (SLO)228,2
5.Stephan Leyhe (GER)223,9
6.Roman Koudelka (CZE)223,2
7.Peter Prevc (SLO)223,1
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)220,0
9.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)217,9
10.Pius Paschke (GER)216,0

43. Antti Aalto (FIN) 61,8

Rasnov maailmancup 26.1.2020

Naiset HS 97

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)259,0
2.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)241,1
3.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)240,8
4.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)228,3
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)227,2
6.Nozomi Maruyama (JPN)225,2
7.Lara Malsiner (ITA)225,0
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)224,8
9.Sara Takahashi (JPN)221,8
10.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)220,9

36. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 83,4
40. Susanna Forsström (FIN) 82,3

Rasnov maailmancup 25.1.2020

Naiset HS 97

1.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)247,6
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)245,7
3.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)240,8
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)233,6
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)230,3
5.Silje Opseth (NOR)230,3
7.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)229,6
8.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)224,5
9.Nika Kriznar (SLO)222,5
10.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (GER)221,1

32. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 86,5
38. Susanna Forsström (FIN) 81,6

Zakopane maailmancup 26.1.2020

Miehet HS 140

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)295,7
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)290,6
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)287,8
4.Stephan Leyhe (GER)286,5
5.Karl Geiger (GER)282,4
6.Marius Lindvik (NOR)278,1
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)277,6
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)274,8
9.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)272,7
10.Peter Prevc (SLO)271,3

27. Antti Aalto (FIN) 236,7
35. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 108,2

Zakopane maailmancup 25.1.2020

Joukkuekilpailu HS 140


Zao maailmancup 19.1.2020

Naiset HS 102

1.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)226,5
2.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)224,7
3.Maren Lundby (NOR)213,1
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)206,9
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)202,1
6.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)198,8
7.Marita Kramer (AUT)198,0
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)197,7
9.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)187,4
10.Lara Malsiner (ITA)186,8

30. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 115,8

Zao maailmancup 18.1.2020

Naiset joukkuemäki HS 102


Zao maailmancup 17.1.2020

Naiset HS 102

1.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)232,3
2.Sara Takahashi (JPN)215,0
3.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)212,6
4.Marita Kramer (AUT)205,7
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)201,6
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)201,4
7.Ema Klinec (SLO)199,8
8.Katharina Althaus (GER)194,2
9.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)191,2
10.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)188,9

33. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 64,3
38. Susanna Forsström (FIN) 53,4

Titisee-Neustadt maailmancup 19.1.2020

Titisee-Neustadt maailmancup 18.1.2020

Miehet HS 142

1.Dawid Kubacki (POL)283,3
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)283,0
3.Timi Zajc (SLO)271,6
4.Stephan Leyhe (GER)269,2
5.Karl Geiger (GER)266,2
5.Anze Lanisek (SLO)264,3
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)262,1
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)260,7
9.Constantin Schmid (GER)259,9
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)259,5

21. Antti Aalto (FIN) 242,3
36. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 105,9

Miehet HS 142

1.Dawid Kubacki (POL)290,1
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)283,7
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)282,8
4.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)280,4
5.Stephan Leyhe (GER)277,6
5.Constantin Schmid (GER)277,6
7.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)275,4
8.Kamil Stoch (POL)275,1
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)273,6
10.Timi Zajc (SLO)271,7

31. Antti Aalto (FIN) 116,7
41. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 105,4

Val di Fiemme maailmancup 12.1.2020

Miehet HS 104

1.Karl Geiger (GER)285,2
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)280,5
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)278,2
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)277,3
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)277,3
6.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)270,7
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR)266,0
7.Peter Prevc (SLO)266,0
9.Anze Lanisek (SLO)263,8
10.Yukiya Sato (JPN)263,6

49. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 102,1

Sapporo maailmancup 12.1.2020

Naiset HS 137

1.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)250,8
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)239,6
3.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)227,4
4.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)221,1
5.Sara Takahashi (JPN)214,9
6.Yuki Ito (JPN)214,7
7.Silje Opseth (NOR)211,5
8.Marita Kramer (AUT)210,0
9.Sofia Tikhonova (RUS)201,7
10.Irina Avvakumova (RUS)198,9

36. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 51,2
38. Susanna Forsström (FIN) 39,3

Val di Fiemme maailmancup 11.1.2020

Miehet HS 104

1.Karl Geiger (GER)294,6
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)286,9
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)279,9
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)279,8
5.Constantin Schmid (GER)279,1
6.Stephan Leyhe (GER)277,6
7.Piotr Zyla (POL)276,6
8.Pius Paschke (GER)274,5
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)269,7
10.Anze Lanisek (SLO)269,2

Sapporo maailmancup 11.1.2020

Naiset HS 137

1.Marita Kramer (AUT)279,6
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)275,0
3.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)271,1
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)262,3
5.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)256,4
6.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)256,0
7.Katharina Althaus (GER)247,4
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)236,3
9.Yuki Ito (JPN)235,9
10.Luisa Görlich (GER)232,7

36. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 72,9
37. Susanna Forsström (FIN) 63,4

Val di Fiemme maailmancup 11.1.2020

Karsinta miehet HS109

1.Dawid Kubacki (POL)139,7
2.Karl Geiger (GER)139,6
3.Stephan Leyhe (GER)136,7
4.Cene Prevc (SLO)132,7
5.Stefan Kraft (AUT)132,3
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)131,8
7.Jan Hörl (AUT)131,1
8.Daniel Huber (AUT)131,0
9.Roman Koudelka (CZE)130,8
10.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)130,7

52. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 103,1
55. Andreas Alamommo (FIN) 96,5

Suomalaiset eivät selviytyneet karsinnassa jatkoon.

Bischofshofen 5.1.2020


1.Dawid Kubacki (POL)300.9
2.Karl Geiger (GER)291.0
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)289.4
4.Stefan Krat (AUT)287.4
5.Peter Prevc (SLO)283.6
6.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)279.3
7.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)279.0
8.Daiki Ito (JPN)276.4
9.Domen Prevc (SLO)275.5
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)274.6

Innsbruck 4.1.2020


1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)253,3
2.Dawid Kubacki (POL)252,0
3.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)249,3
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)245,0
5.Stephan Leyhe (GER)241,6
6.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)240,0
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)238,4
8.Karl Geiger (GER)236,5
9.Peter Prevc (SLO)236,3
10.Domen Prevc (SLO)234,6

Innsbruck, qulification 3.1.2020


1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)138,9 Q
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)136,8 Q
3.Karl Geiger (GER)134,9 Q
3.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)134,9 Q
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)134,0 Q
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)134,0 Q
7.Timi Zajc (SLO)129,5 Q
7.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)129,5 Q
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)129,3 Q
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)128,2 Q

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1.1.2020


1.Marius Lindvik (NOR)289,8
2.Karl Geiger (GER)285,0
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)284,0
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)282,1
5.Daiki Ito (JPN)273,4
6.Daniel Huber (AUT)272,1
7.Constantin Schmid (GER)271,5
8.Roman Koudelka (CZE)267,3
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)266,2
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)266,1

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 31.12.2019 qualification


1.Karl Geiger (GER)142,7
2.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)142,6
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)140,9
3.Peter Prevc (SLO)140,9
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)140,0
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)137,7
7.Stefan Kraft (AUT)137,4
7.Daiki Ito (JPN)137,4
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)137,0
10.Dawid Kubacki (POL)136,6

Oberstdorf 29.12.2019


1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)305,1
2.Karl Geiger (GER)295,9
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)294,7
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)291,2
5.Piotr Zyla (POL)281,5
6.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)280,3
7.Yukiya Sato (JPN)280,1
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)279,8
9.Domen Prevc (SLO)279,5
10.Marius Lindvik (NOR)278,5

Oberstdorf qualification 28.12.2019


1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)152,2
2.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)-2,6
3.Stephan Leyhe (GER)-4,3
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)-4,6
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)-5,7
6.Karl Geiger (GER)-7,2
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR)-7,9
8.Domen Prevc (SLO)-8,2
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)-8,7
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)-10,8

Engelberg maailmancup 21.12.2019

Miehet HS140

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)272,0
2.Peter Prevc (SLO)263,1
3.Jan Hörl (AUT)262,0
4.Karl Geiger (GER)260,6
5.Daniel Huber (AUT)259,0
6.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)257,7
7.Marius Lindvik (NOR)255,2
8.Robert Johansson (NOR)253,4
9.Kamil Stoch (POL)252,7
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)250,1

46. Antti Aalto (FIN) 96,6
53. Arttu Pohjola (FIN) 90,5
60. Niko Kytösaho (FIN) 77,6

Engelberg 21.12.2019


1.Kamil Stoch (POL)288.7
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)287.0
3.Karl Geiger (GER)277.6
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)274.1
5.Marius Lindvik (NOR)272.5
6.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)272.4
7.Daniel Huber (AUT)268.6
8.Piotr Zyla (POL)265.4
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)265.1
10.Pius Paschke (GER)264.3

45. Niko Kytösaho 102.7
47. Antti Aalto 101.3
63. Arttu Pohjola 70.6

Klingenthal maailmancup, 15.12.2019

Miehet HS 140

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)277,0
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)274,0
3.Marius Lindvik (NOR)269,5
4.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)269,2
5.Karl Geiger (GER)266,1
6.Yukiya Sato (JPN)265,2
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)260,4
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)258,4
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)258,3
10.Kamil Stoch (POL)258,1

23. Antti Aalto (FIN) 234,3
50. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 82,2

Klingenthal maailmancup, 14.12.2019

Naiset HS 140

1.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)124,6
2.Ema Klinec (SLO)118,9
3.Katharina Althaus (GER)118,6
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)114,7
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)106,6
6.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)104,2
7.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)103,4
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)95,5
9.Anna Shpyneva (RUS)93,4
10.Silje Opseth (NOR)91,8

24. Julia Kykkänen 71,5

Miehet joukkuekisa HS 140


Klingentahl maailmancup, karsinta HS 140, miehet

Miehet HS 140

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)123,7
2.Karl Geiger (GER)123,1
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)122,2
4.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)121,1
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)120,3
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)119,1
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)117,3
8.Marius Lindvik (NOR)116,7
9.Antti Aalto (FIN)116,3
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)115,5

Muut suomalaiset:
47. Jarkko Määttä 92,1 Q
57. Eetu Nousiainen 73,5
58. Niko Kytösaho 71,1

Lillehammer maailmancup 8.12.2019

Naiset HS 140

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)267,1
2.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)251,8
3.Sara Takahashi (JPN)251,5
4.Ema Klinec (SLO)248,9
5.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)240,5
6.Katharina Althaus (GER)228,7
7.Nika Kriznar (SLO)224,4
8.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)216,4
9.Marita Kramer (AUT)215,2
10.Yuka Seto (JPN)215,0

35. Susanna Forsström 74,9
37. Julia Kykkänen 69,0
38. Jenny Rautionaho 61,5

Nizhny Tagil maailmancup 8.12.

Miehet HS 134

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)277,6
2.Killian Peier (SUI)254,6
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)252,3
4.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)251,8
5.Thomas Aasen Markeng (NOR)246,8
6.Karl Geiger (GER)246,0
7.Constantin Schmid (GER)239,2
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)238,6
9.Robert Johansson (NOR)234,0
10.Timi Zajc (SLO)229,1

33. Antti Aalto 95,9
47. Eetu Nousiainen 85,9

Lillehammer maailmancup 7.12.2019

Naiset HS 140

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)280,8
2.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)256,4
3.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)255,3
4.Yuki Ito (JPN)250,6
4.Ema Klinec (SLO)250,6
6.Katharina Althaus (GER)247,4
7.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (GER)239,6
8.Silje Opseth (NOR)238,7
9.Sara Takahashi (JPN)237,7
10.Marita Kramer (AUT)231,5

28. Susanna Forsström 160,8

Nizhny Tagil maailmancup 7.12.2019

Miehet HS 134

1.Yukiya Sato (JPN)251,6
2.Karl Geiger (GER)250,1
3.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)249,4
4.Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)249,0
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)245,0
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)244,6
7.Stefan Kraft (AUT)244,4
8.Peter Prevc (SLO)240,6
9.Kamil Stoch (POL)237,0
10.Stephan Leyhe (GER)234,9

34. Antti Aalto 95,0
50. Eetu Nousiainen 66,5

Nizhny Tagil maailmancup, karsinta 6.12.

Miehet HS 134, karsinta

1.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)127,3
2.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)121,1
3.Daniel Huber (AUT)119,4
4.Karl Geiger (GER)118,6
5.Pius Paschke (GER)117,6
6.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)116,6
7.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)116,2
8.Killian Peier (SUI)115,1
9.Tilen Bartol (SLO)113,1
10.Constantin Schmid (GER)112,4

23. Antti Aalto 96,2
44. Eetu Nousiainen 81,1
53. Andreas Alamommo 70,5

Aalto ja Nousiainen selviytyivät lauantain kilpailuun.

Ruka MC mäkihyppy HS 142 30.11.2019


1.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)282,5
2.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)273,3
3.Anze Lanisek (SLO)272,4
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)271,4
5.Daniel Huber (AUT)270,3
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)267,3
7.Karl Geiger (GER)263,5
8.Timi Zajc (SLO)262,2
9.Jan Hoerl (AUT)259,3
10.Thomas Aasen Markeng (NOR)253,0

21. Niko Kytösaho 224,9
40. Antti Aalto 88,3
42. Jarkko Määttä 80,8
47. Andreas Alamommo 65,8

Ruka MC mäkihyppy HS 142, karsinta


1.Timi Zajc (SLO)138,5
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)136,2
3.Karl Geiger (GER)135,8
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)132,2
5.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)130,5
6.Daiki Ito (JPN)128,6
7.Jakub Wolny (POL)128,1
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)125,7
9.Jan Hoerl (AUT)125,2
10.Peter Prevc (SLO)123,7

21. Antti Aalto 112,5
28. Niko Kytösaho 106,4
32. Jarkko Määttä 99,5
48. Andreas Alamommo 76,6
55. Arttu Pohjola 62,7
57. Eetu Nousiainen 59,0
62. Juho Ojala 16,4

Aalto, Kytösaho, Määttä ja Alamommo selviytyivät mukaan lauantain kilpailuun.

Wisla maailmancup 22.-24.11.2019

Wisla maailmancup HS134 23.11.2019

1.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)241,4
2.Anze Lanisek (SLO)225,6
3.Kamil Stoch (POL)224,2
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)224,0
5.Daiki Ito (JPN)223,2
6.Timi Zajc (SLO)222,3
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)221,4
7.Karl Geiger (GER)221,4
9.Robin Pedersen (NOR)219,8
10.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)217,4

47. Andreas Alamommo 45,9
48. Eetu Nousianen 45,3

Joukkuemäki HS134 23.11.2019


HS134 karsinta 22.11.2019

1.Karl Geiger (GER)138,6
2.Killian Peier (SUI)132,8
3.Daniel Huber (AUT)128,0
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)127,6
5.Robert Johansson (NOR)127,4
6.Stephan Leyhe (GER)126,9
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)126,0
7.Peter Prevc (SLO)126,0
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)124,9
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)124,3

36. Eetu Nousiainen (FIN) 102,5 (kisaan)
37. Andreas Alamommo (FIN) 101,9 (kisaan)
52. Niko Kytösaho (FIN) 92,8 (karsiutui)
55. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 91,1 (karsiutui)

Ski Jumping World Cup 2018/2019 - Results

Chaikovsky mc naiset HS140 24.3.2019

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)270,9
2.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)258,0
3.Nika Kriznar (SLO)247,1
4.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (GER)238,6
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)236,0
6.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)234,0
7.Yuki Ito (JPN)224,5
8.Sara Takahashi (JPN)221,0
9.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)220,1
10.Silje Opseth (NOR)218,8

28. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 156,4

Planica mc lentomäki HS240, 22.3.2019

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)464,9
2.Domen Prevc (SLO)444,0
3.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)442,5
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)438,6
5.Timi Zajc (SLO)425,4
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)424,8
7.Karl Geiger (GER)422,8
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)416,2
9.Anze Semenic (SLO)413,8
10.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)411,7

25. Antti Aalto (FIN) 353,9

Chaikovsky mc naiset HS102 23.3.2019

1.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)219,0
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)213,0
3.Sara Takahashi (JPN)212,9
4.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (GER)206,0
5.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)204,0
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)202,8
7.Maren Lundby (NOR)201,5
8.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)201,0
9.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)197,2
10.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)188,5

29. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 148,6

Planica mc joukkuemäki HS240, 23.3.2019


Planica mc lentomäki HS240, 22.3.2019

1.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)445,0
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)438,1
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)437,3
4.Timi Zajc (SLO)422,5
5.Domen Prevc (SLO)415,2
6.Simon Ammann (SUI)411,6
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)405,5
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)405,4
9.Karl Geiger (GER)404,7
10.Peter Prevc (SLO)401,5

34. Antti Aalto (FIN) 165,7

Planica mc lentomäki HS240, karsinta 21.3.2019

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)247,8
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)245,0
3.Timi Zajc (SLO)236,0
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)233,8
5.Domen Prevc (SLO)226,6
6.Kamil Stoch (POL)223,2
7.Dawid Kubacki (POL)220,7
8.Simon Ammann (SUI)218,8
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)215,7
10.Piotr Zyla (POL)215,2

25. Antti Aalto 185,7Q
60. Eetu Nousiainen 142,6 (karsiutui)
61. Jarkko Määttä 141,6 (karsiutui)
67. Andreas Alamommo 122,9 (karsiutui)

Nizhny Tagil mc naiset HS97, 17.3.2019

1.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)230,3
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)221,1
3.Katharina Althaus (GER)214,1
4.Nika Kriznar (SLO)202,5
5.Sara Takahashi (JPN)202,3
6.Ursa Bogataj (SLO)199,6
7.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)198,9
8.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)198,1
9.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)193,4
10.Yuki Ito (JPN)191,9

29. Julia Kykkänen 159,9

Nizhny Tagil mc naiset HS97, 16.3.2019

1.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)252,6
2.Maren Lundby (NOR)245,5
3.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)233,9
4.Katharina Althaus (GER)233,8
5.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)228,1
6.Lara Malsiner (ITA)226,2
7.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)224,4
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)222,5
9.Sara Takahashi (JPN)221,6
10.Anna Shpyneva (RUS)221,2

25. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 188,5

Vikersund mc lentomäki HS240 17.3.2019

1.Domen Prevc (SLO)454,7
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)454,6
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)443,2
4.Jakub Wolny (POL)438,8
5.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)434,3
6.Robert Johansson (NOR)431,6
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)420,3
8.Simon Ammann (SUI)416,3
9.Piotr Zyla (POL)408,9
10.Dawid Kubacki (POL)405,3

18. Antti Aalto (FIN) 380,8

Vikersund joukkuemäki HS240 16.3.2019

9.Suomi 615,8

Trondheim mc Mäkihyppy HS138 miehet 14.3.2019

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)298,4
2.Andreas Stjernen (NOR)288,0
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)280,5
4.Timi Zajc (SLO)277,1
5.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)275,6
6.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)273,8
7.Richard Freitag (GER)273,4
8.Karl Geiger (GER)272,8
9.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)272,7
10.Robert Johansson (NOR)270,6

29. Antti Aalto (FIN) 238,8
43. Jarkko Määttä (FIN) 112,7

Trondheim mc Mäkihyppy HS138 naiset 14.3.2019

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)274,1
2.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)261,0
3.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)257,9
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)244,7
5.Katharina Althaus (GER)244,4
6.Sara Takahashi (JPN)238,7
7.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)234,2
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)220,7
9.Yuki Ito (JPN)220,6
10.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)219,6

20. Julia Kykkänen (FIN) 193,8

Lillehammer mc Mäkihyppy HS140 naiset 13.3.2019

1.Maren Lundby (NOR)271,7
2.Katharina Althaus (GER)267,7
3.Eva Pinkelnig (AUT)255,9
4.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)248,7
5.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)246,0
6.Nika Kriznar (SLO)236,8
7.Silje Opseth (NOR)234,4
8.Yuki Ito (JPN)225,1
9.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)207,2
10.Elena Runggaldier (ITA)205,9

24. Julia Kykkänen 176,5

Lillehammer mc Mäkihyppy HS140 miehet 13.3.2019

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)285,7
2.Robert Johansson (NOR)273,3
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)261,7
4.Kamil Stoch (POL)260,2
5.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)254,1
6.Junshiro Kobayashi (JPN)249,1
7.Domen Prevc (SLO)247,9
8.Dawid Kubacki (POL)243,5
9.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)243,1
10.Killian Peier (SUI)242,4

25. Antti Aalto 216,7
40. Jarkko Määttä 97,8

Holmenkollen mc Mäkihyppy HS134 10.3.2019

1.Robert Johansson (NOR)262,0
2.Stefan Kraft (AUT)258,3
3.Peter Prevc (SLO)252,8
4.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)250,2
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)250,1
6.Domen Prevc (SLO)245,7
7.Roman Koudelka (CZE)244,8
8.Yukiya Sato (JPN)244,4
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)241,4
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)237,8

18. Antti Aalto 229,2

Holmenkollen mc Joukkuemäki 9.3.2019

10. Suomi306,0

Holmenkollen mc Mäkihyppy HS134 naiset 10.3.2019

1.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)209,0
2.Juliane Seyfarth (GER)194,3
3.Katharina Althaus (GER)193,3
4.Sara Takahashi (JPN)192,1
5.Maren Lundby (NOR)186,5
6.Chiara Hölzl (AUT)184,3
7.Ramona Straub (GER)180,8
8.Nika Kriznar (SLO)176,0
9.Anna Odine Ström (NOR)175,8
10.Yuki Ito (JPN)169,4

22. Julia Kykkänen 124,7

Hiihdon MM 2019 - Mäkihyppy HS130, karsinta 22.2.2019

1.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)143,2
2.Karl Geiger (GER)141,1
3.Killian Peier (SUI)137,5
4.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)136,5
5.Michael Hayböck (AUT)130,2
6.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)128,9
7.Andreas Stjernen (NOR)128,3
8.Daiki Ito (JPN)125,2
9.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)124,3
10.Stefan Kraft (AUT)124,1

27. Antti Aalto 111,7
36. Jarkko Määttä 103,6
50. Eetu Nousiainen 91,6
51. Andreas Alamommo 90,6

Aalto, Määttä ja Nousiainen selvisivät karsinnasta jatkoon. Alamommo tippui ensimmäisenä jatkosta.

Willingen: Suurmäki 17.2.2019

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)274,4
2.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)252,8
3.Piotr Zyla (POL)250,0
4.Richard Freitag (GER)249,6
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)249,3
6.Karl Geiger (GER)243,0
7.Kamil Stoch (POL)242,5
8.Timi Zajc (SLO)242,2
9.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)240,0
10.Stefan Kraft (AUT)237,4

25. Antti Aalto 215,2
44. Eetu Nousianen 67,2
49. Andreas Alamommo 50,7

Willingen: Suurmäki 16.2.2019

1.Karl Geiger (GER)311.1
2.Kamil Stoch (POL)307.1
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)304.7
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)297.9
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)297.0
6.Richard Freitag (GER)291.4
7.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)289.2
8.Killian Peier (SUI)285.5
9.Timi Zajc (SLO)280.8
10.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)280.2

Willingen joukkuemäki HS145 15.2.2019


Salpausselän kisat, Mäkihyppy HS130 10.2.2019

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)280.9
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)263.7
3.Robert Johansson (NOR)260.1
4.Stefan Kraft (AUT)257.1
5.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)255.7
6.Karl Geiger (GER)255.2
7.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)254.6
8.Killian Peier (SUI)248.8
9.Antti Aalto (FIN)246.5
10.Piotr Zyla (POL)243.5

Muut suomalaiset:
29. Andreas Alamommo 208.7
31. Eetu Nousiainen 107.8

Salpausselän kisat, HS130 joukkuemäki 9.2.2019


Lahti HS130 karsinta 8.2.2019

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)130.3
2.Halvor Egner Granerud (NOR)127.3
3.Stefan Kraft (AUT)126.4
4.Antti Aalto (FIN)126.1
5.Dawid Kubacki (POL)124.0
6.Roman Koudelka (CZE)121.4
7.Karl Geiger (GER)120.4
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)120.1
9.Kamil Stoch (POL)119.7
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)119.7

Muut suomalaiset:
26. Eetu Nousiainen 105.2
42. Andreas Alamommo 90.9
53. Jarkko Määttä 71.1 (karsiutui)

Oberstdorf HS235 3.2.2019

1.Kamil Stoch (POL)413.2
2.Evgeniy Klimov (RUS)407.9
3.Dawid Kubacki (POL)405.4
4.Piotr Zyla (POL)400.4
5.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)398.3
6.Jakub Wolny (POL)391.1
7.Stefan Kraft (AUT)379.8
8.Johann Andre Forfang (NOR)378.0
9.Ryoyu Kobayashi (JPN)377.5
10.Markus Eisenbichler (GER)374.8

20. Antti Aalto 349.8
27. Eetu Nousiainen 326.6

Oberstdorf, Saksa (lentomäki) 2.2.2019

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN427.0
2.Markus EisenbichlerGER426.5
3.Stefan KraftAUT421.7
4.Piotr ZylaPOL417.2
5.Robert JohanssonNOR414.4
6.Kamil StochPOL411.3
7.Philipp AschenwaldAUT408.7
8.Johann Andre ForfangNOR408.3
9.Timi ZajcSLO404.3
10.Yukiya SatoJPN403.3

40. Antti Aalto

Oberstdorf, Saksa (lentomäki) 1.2.2019

1.Timi ZajcSLO430.1
2.Dawid KubackiPOL424.8
3.Markus EisenbichlerGER423.3
4.Piotr ZylaPOL421.8
5.Kamil StochPOL420.5
6.Stefan KraftAUT409.9
7.Johann Andre ForfangNOR408.2
8.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR398.1
9.Daniel HuberAUT398.0
10.Daniel Andre TandeNOR393.8

39. Eetu Nousiainen 149.5
40. Antti Aalto 164.4

Sapporo, Japani 27.1.2019

1.Stefan KraftAUT248.2
2.Timi ZajcSLO238.4
3.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN236.6
4.Piotr ZylaPOL236.1
4.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR236.1
6.Kamil StochPOL232.3
7.Noriaki KasaiJPN229.9
8.Stephan LeyheGER228.6
9.Robert JohanssonNOR227.5
10.Johann Andre ForfangNOR226.1

Suomalaisia ei ollut mukana kilpailussa

Sapporo, Japani 26.1.2019

1.Stefan KraftAUT270.1
2.Kamil StochPOL260.3
3.Robert JohanssonNOR256.7
4.Roman KoudelkaCZE252.7
5.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN250.5
6.Timi ZajcSLO247.9
7.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR236.9
8.Daniel HuberAUT233.9
9.Stephan LeyheGER232.8
10.Markus EisebichlerGER232.6

Suomalaisia ei ollut mukana kilpailussa

Zakopane, Puola 20.1.2019

1.Stefan KraftAUT278.3
2.Robert JohanssonNOR275.7
3.Yukiya SatoJPN273.3
4.Johann Andre ForfangNOR271.1
5.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR270.5
6.Daniel HuberAUT270.2
7.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN268.5
7.Stephan LeyheGER268.5
7.Timi ZajcSLO268.5
10.Roman KoudelkaCZE265.6

18. Antti Aalto 255.4

Val di Fiemme 12.1.2019

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN315.0
2.Dawid KubackiPOL288.5
3.Kamil StochPOL282.9
4.Stefan KraftAUT281.6
5.Stephan LeyheGER275.1
6.Roman KoudelkaCZE271.9
7.Piotr ZylaPOL270.0
8.Manuel FettnerAUT269.7
7.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR258.0
9.Killian PeierSUI269.3
10-Anze SemenicSLO268.4

23. Antti Aalto 255.5
43. Andreas Alamommo 105.3
50. Eetu Nousiainen 93.4

Bischofshofen: loppukilpailu 6.1.2019

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN282.0
2.Dawid KubackiPOL268.3
3.Stefan KraftAUT267.5
4.Stephan LeyheGER266.0
5.Markus EisenbichlerGER265.5
6.Roman KoudelkaCZE259.7
7.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR258.0
8.Killian PeierSUI254.6
9.Robert JohanssonNOR253.3
10.Karl GeigerGER249.5

20. Antti Aalto 228.8

Innsbruck: loppukilpailu 4.1.2019

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN267.0
2.Stefan KraftAUT254.2
3.Andreas StjernenNOR242.7
4.Stephan LeyheGER239.1
5.Kamil StochPOL234.1
6.Yukiya SatoJPN231.4
7.Killian PeierSUI230.6
8.Richard FreitagGER230.0
9.Roman KoudelkaCZE228.4
10.Timi ZajcSLO226.6

41. Antti Aalto
46. Andreas Alamommo

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1.1.2019

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN266.6
2.Markus EisenbichlerGER264.7
3.David KubackiPOL256.2
4.Roman KoudelkaCZE253.8
5.Junshiro KobayashiJPN249.4
6.Kamil StochPOL249.2
7.Stephan LeyheGER249.0
8.Timi ZajcSLO248.7
9.Halvor Egner GranerudNOR245.4
10.Andreas StjernenNOR245.3

36. Antti Aalto, 91.9
Jarkko Määttä ja Eetu Nousiainen jäivät karsintaan.

Oberstdorf 29.12.2018

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN282.3
2.Markus EisenbichlerGER281.9
3.Stefan KraftAUT280.5
4.Andreas StjernenNOR278.2
5.David KubackiPOL268.9
6.Piotr ZylaPOL268.3
7.Robert JohanssonNOR268.0
8.Kamil StochPOL267.6
9.Timi ZajcSLO266.0
10.Daniel HuberAUT265.2

22. Antti Aalto, 240.0
Jarkko Määttä ja Eetu Nousiainen jäivät karsintaan.

Oberstdorf 29.12.2018

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJPN282.3
2.Markus EisenbichlerGER281.9
3.Stefan KraftAUT280.5
4.Andreas StjernenNOR278.2
5.David KubackiPOL268.9
6.Piotr ZylaPOL268.3
7.Robert JohanssonNOR268.0
8.Kamil StochPOL267.6
9.Timi ZajcSLO266.0
10.Daniel HuberAUT265.2

22. Antti Aalto, 240.0
Jarkko Määttä ja Eetu Nousiainen jäivät karsintaan.

Engelberg 16.12.2018 HS140

1.Kobayashi R.Japani294.4
2.Zyla P.Puola285.1
3.Stoch K.Puola279.5
4.Geiger K.Saksa278.6
5.Kubacki D.Puola278.5
6.Eisenbichler M.Saksa276.9
7.Johansson RNorja276.8
8.Klimov E.Venäjä275.7
9.Koudelka R.Itävalta272.8
10.Aalto A.Suomi270.5

Engelberg 15.12.2018 HS140

1.Geiger K.Saksa302.0
2.Zyla P.Puola297.3
3.Huber D..Itävalta295.5
4.Forfang J. A.Norja295.3
5.Klimov E.Venäjä294.6
6.Leyhe S.Saksa293.9
7.Kobayashi R.Japani289.9
8.Kraft S.Itävalta289.6
9.Stoch K.Puola288.3
10.Haybock M.Itävalta286.4
15.Aalto A.Suomi278.4

Nizhny Tagil 2.12.2018 HS134

1.Ryoyu KobayashiJapani273.1
2Johann Andre ForfangNorja259.2
3.Piotr ZylaPuola258.9
4.Kamil StochPuola257.8
5.Karl GeigerSaksa248.7
6.Antti AaltoSuomi246.6
7.Anders FannemelNorja246.5
8.Evgeniy KlimovVenäjä243.2
9.Robert JohanssonNorja238-0
10.Markus EisenbichlerSaksa236.9

48. * Jarkko Määttä * Suomi * 83.1

Nizhny Tagil 1.12.2018 HS134

1Johann Andre ForfangNorja264.4
2.Piotr ZylaPuola264.2
3.Ryoyu KobayashiJapani262.0
4.Stephan LeyheSaksa252.9
5.Stefan KraftItävalta250.4
6.Robert JohanssonNorja244.6
7.Kamil StochPuola244.2
8.Timi ZajcSlovenia235.7
9.Halvor Eganer GranerudNorja234.4
10.Karl GeigerSaksa233.9

12. * Antti Aalto * Suomi * 232.6
49. * Jarkko Määttä * Suomi * 85.3

Ruka 24.11.2018 HS142

1.Kobayashi R.Japani138.5 m142.0
2.Stoch K.Puola140.5 m139.9
3.Zyla P.Puola136.0 m135.0
4.Prevc D.Slovenia146.0 m133.6
5.Geiger K.Saksa135.0 m133.5
6.Zografski V.Bulgaria140.0 m133.4
7.Zajc T.Slovenia136.0 m131.8
8.Johansson R.Norja132.0 m129.9
9.Wellinger A.Saksa132.5 m129.8
10.Lanisek A.Slovenia135.5 m126.8
32.Aalto A.Suomi122.0 m106.7
45.Määttä J.Suomi116,5 m91.0
47.Nousiainen E.Suomi114,0 m83.6 m