Hochfilzen Biathlon World Cup 2020 – Schedule & Results

Hochfilzen, Biathlon World Cup 2020

Hochfilzen will host the third and fourth race weekends of the Biathlon World Cup season 2020-2021.
Due to coronavirus, World Cup event in Annecy, France, will be cancelled and Hochfilzen will host Biathlon World Cup for a two weeks in a row. After Hochfilzen, World Cup will continue in Oberhof in the beginning of January.

Hochfilzen has a long history for hosting Biathlon events – Hochfilzen has hosted World Cup every year since 1986. Biathlon World Championships has taken place in Hochfilzen in 1978, 2005 and 2017.

Hochfilzen World Cup – Schedule 2020

During the first race weekend in Hochfilzen athletes will compete in sprints, pursuits and relays. Opening race is women´s sprint at 11:30 (GMT +2) on Friday 11th. Second race weekend starts on Thursday 17th.

Local time

Time table 11.-13.12.2020

Date & timeEvent
Fri 11.12.2020 11:30Sprint 7,5 km, women
Fri 11.12.2020 14:20Sprint 10 km, men
Sat 12.12.2020 11:45Relay 4 x 6 km, women
Sat 12.12.2020 14:45Pursuit 12,5 km, men
Sun 13.12.2020 11:45Pursuit 10 km, women
Sun 13.12.2020 14:00Relay 4 x 7,5 km, men

Time table 17.-20.12.2020

Date & timeEvent
Thu 17.12.2020 14:15Sprint 10 km, men
Fri 18.12.2020 14:15Sprint 7,5 km, women
Sat 19.12.2020 13:00Pursuit 12,5 km, men
Sat 19.12.2020 15:00Pursuit 10 km, women
Sun 20.12.2020 12:00Mass start 15 km, men
Sun 20.12.2020 14:15Mass start 12,5 km, women

Hochfilzen World Cup 2020 – Results

We will update the results until the competitions start.