Athletics World Indoor Championships 2021 – Schedule & Info

Athletics World Indoor Championships 2021

NOTE! Indoor track & field World Championships 2021 in Nanjing is postponed for the second time. Event will be held in 2023.

Athletics World Indoor Championships 2021 - Schedule

Nanjing’s 2021 indoor track & field World Championships schedule has not yet been confirmed. Below is the original 2020 event schedule, which gives an indication of the 2021 schedule.

Time: EEST

Friday, Morning Session

03:35M60 mHeptathlon
03:55W60 m hurdlesPentathlon
04:15W60 mHeats
04:25MLong jumpPentathlon
05:00M400 mHeats
05:15WHigh jumpPentathlon
05:45W400 mHeats
05:55MShot putHeptathlon
06:28MTriple jumpFinal
06:30W1500 mHeats
07:00M800 mHeats
07:15WShot putPentathlon
07:30M3000 mHeats

Friday, Evening Session

12:05WLong jumpPentathlon
12:10W60 mSemi-final
12:35W400 mHeats
13:00M400 mHeats
13:00MHigh jumpHeptathlon
13:20WShot putFinal
13:25MLong jumpFinal
13:50W800 mPentathlon
14:15W3000 mFinal
14:55W60 mFinal

Saturday, Morning Session

03:35M60 m hurdlesHeptathlon
03:55M60 mHeats
04:35MPole vaultHeptathlon
04:40WTriple jumpFinal
04:50M1500 mHeats
05:25W800 mHeats
06:15W60 m hurdlesHeats

Saturday, Evening Session

12:05WPole vaultFinal
12:10W60 m hurdlesSemi-finals
12:35M60 mSemi-finals
13:05M800 mFinal
13:10MHigh jumpFinal
13:30M1000 mHeptathlon
13:50W400 mFinal
14:10M400 mFinal
14:30W1500 mFinal
15:05W60 m hurdlesFinal
15:20M60 mFinal

Sunday, Morning Session

04:05M60 m hurdlesHeats
04:50WLong jumpFinal
04:55MShot putFinal
05:10W4x400 relayHeats
05:35M4x400 relayHeats
06:35M3000 mFinal

Sunday, Evening Session

11:05M60 m hurdlesSemi-final
11:20MPole vaultFinal
11:30WHigh jumpFinal
12:00W800 mFinal
12:35M1500 mFinal
13:30M60 m hurdlesFinal
13:40W4x400 relayFinal
13:55M4x400 relayFinal

Athletics World Indoor Championships – Entry Standards

There is no entry standard for 4 x 400 metre relays. Combined events' participants will be limited to one athlete per country.

Indoor (W)Outdoor (W)EventIndoor (M)Outdoor (M)
7,3011,15 (100m)60m6,6310,10 (100m)
4.09,00 / 4.28,50 (Mile)4.02,001500m3.40,003.55,00 (Mile) 3.33,00
8:49.008:30.00 / 14:50.00 (5000)3000m7:50,007.40,00 / 13.10,00 (5000m)
8,1612,85(100mH) 60mH 7,7013,40 (110mH)
195195High jump234234
470470Pole vault580580
675675Long jump820820
14,3014,30Triple jump16,9016,90
18,3018,30Shot put20,9520,95

Athletics World Indoor Championships – Results

We will update the live results link here when the games are on and the organizers have published the link.