Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament 2023

Oberstdorf opens the Four Hills Tournament once again 28th and 29th of December 2023. Take a look at the Oberstdorf ski jumping world cup event schedule and results.

4 Hills Tournament 2023-2024 starts in Oberstdorf.
Photo: Salla Karhumaa (Ruka Nordic)
4 Hills Tournament 2023-2024 starts in Oberstdorf.

Oberstdorf in Germany is a well known ski jumping venue and an experienced host in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Oberstdorf traditionally starts off the German-Austrian Four Hills Tournament on the 28th-29th of December and this is the case also in the season 2023/2024.

Oberstdorf has been included in the world cup schedule since the beginning of the world cup in 1979 and has been a regular host in the World Cup ever since. Oberstdorf has hosted the opening event of the Four Hills Tournament even longer, since 1952. Oberstdorf has hosted the World Ski Championships three times: in 1987, 2005 and 2021.

After Oberstdorf the tournament continues in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) with qualification on New Year's Eve and the competition on New Year's Day.

The large hill in Oberstdorf that is used in the men's World Cup and the Four Hills competition is called Schattenberg. It has a hill size is 137 metres. The hill record of 143,5 metres is held by Norway's Sigurd Pettersen (jumped in 2003).

Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament 2023 - Schedule & timetables

In the season 2023-2024 Oberstdorf will host once again the first event of the men's Four Hills Tournament in the end of December. The Oberstdorf event is also a part of the ski jumping World Cup.

The qualification for the Oberstdorf competition is in schedule on Wednesday the 28th and the individual large hill competition takes place on Thursday the 29th of December.

NOTE: The times are in CEST (UTC+2).

Timetables for Oberstdorf 2023

Date & timeEvent
Wed 28.12.2023 16:30Qualification HS137, men
Thu 29.12.2023 17:15Individual competition HS137, men

Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament 2023 - Results

We will update the Oberstdorf ski jumping world cup 2023 results here. See also FIS live results.

Oberstdorf Four Hills 1/4 29.12.2023

Men HS137

1.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪309,3
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵306,3
3.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹298,9
4.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮289,7
5.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴286,1
6.Philipp Raimund 🇩🇪286,0
7.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪285,4
8.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹285,1
9.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮282,0
10.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹281,4

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Oberstdorf Four Hills 28.12.2023

Men's qualification HS137

1.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪151,4
2.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪151,0
3.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮150,2
4.Philipp Raimund 🇩🇪148,6
5.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴146,7
6.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹146,6
7.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹146,4
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵142,3
9.Pius Paschke 🇩🇪142,0
10.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴141,2

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Results from previous years - Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament

Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament 2022 - Results

Oberstdorf Four Hills Tournament 1/4 29.12.2022

Men HS137

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴312,4
2.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱299,0
3.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱294,9
4.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪293,6
5.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹292,0
6.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪285,2
7.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮280,7
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹278,8
9.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱276,1
10.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮267,4

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Oberstdorf Four Hills Tournament 28.12.2022

Men's qualification HS137

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴155,5 Q
2.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱146,6 Q
3.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮141,7 Q
4.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴140,5 Q
5.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱140,1 Q
6.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱140,0 Q
7.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪139,8 Q
8.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪137,9 Q
9.Daniel Andre Tande 🇳🇴137,8 Q
10.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹137,5 Q

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Oberstdorf Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament 2021 - Results

Four Hills Tournament 1/4 Oberstdorf 29.12.2021

Oberstdorf HS137

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵302,0
2.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴299,2
3.Robert Johansson 🇳🇴298,6
4.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴296,3
5.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪295,9
6.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮289,5
7.Markus Eisenbichler 🇩🇪281,1
8.Daniel Huber 🇦🇹269,0
9.Stephan Leyhe 🇩🇪266,8
10.Gregor Deschwanden 🇨🇭262,6

Four Hills Tournament Oberstdorf 28.12.2021

Qualification HS137

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵149,3 Q
2.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪144,9 Q
3.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴144,5 Q
3.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴144,5 Q
5.Killian Peier 🇨🇭143,8 Q
6.Markus Eisenbichler 🇩🇪140,1 Q
7.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹139,3 Q
8.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹137,7 Q
9.Severin Freund 🇩🇪137,6 Q
10.Daniel Andre Tande 🇳🇴136,9 Q

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