Rabat Diamond League 2022 | Schedule & Results

Rabat Diamond League 2022

Rabat in Morocco, Northern Africa, hosts the fourth Diamond League meeting of the season 2022. Check out the results, startlists and schedule.
After North America Diamond League moves to Northern Africa as Rabat in Morocco is the host of the fourth event of the season 2022. The event takes place on the 5th of June.

Rabat Diamond League 2022 – disciplines

The athletes will compete in 13 Diamond League disciplines (7 men's, 6 women's) in Rabat.

Disciplines in Rabat

200 m100 m
800 m1500 m
1500 m5000 m
3000 m scHigh jump
400 m hurdlesPole vault
Long jumpTriple jump
Discus throw 

Rabat Diamond League 2022 – Schedule & Timetable

Note: All times are local times in Rabat (UTC+1).

Event takes place on 5th June.


18:00High Jump Women
18:16Long Jump Men
18:45Pole Vault Women
19:04400m Women
19:151500m Men
19:27100m Women
19:32Discus Throw Men
19:37800m Men
19:43Triple Jump Women
19:451500m Women
19:58200m Men
20:073000m Women
20:27400mH Men
20:35800M Women
20:463000m SC Men

Rabat Diamond League 2022 – Results

Rabat Diamond League 2022 – Entries

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