Diamond League 2024

Take a look at the Wanda Diamond League season 2024 schedule, meetings, timetables and the latest results!

Athletics Wanda Diamond League 2024 includes 15 meetings on four continents.
Athletics Wanda Diamond League 2024 includes 15 meetings on four continents. (IAAF [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

IAAF Wanda Diamond League is a track & field competition series that was launched in 2010. The main distinction from its predecessor, Golden League, is that Diamond League events take place in various continents.

Many of the disciplines in the Diamond League can be considered tougher than elite game finals. This is due to the country quotas of elite games, leaving out many hardcore African contestants from long-distance running events in elite games, for instance. In fact, highly competitive results are made in the Diamond League, especially in long-distance running. This is partly due to the fact that rabbits are used in the competitions, which is not done in elite games.

Diamond League 2024 meetings

In the 2024 season the Diamond League includes 15 meetings on four continents (Europe, Asia, North America, Africa). The season is topped of with a final weekend in Brussels, Belgium, in mid September.

The season begins on April 20th in Xiamen, China. A week later a second meeting in China will take place in Suzhou. In may the tour conitunes with four meetings. In June there will be only one meeting in Stockholm, Sweden as it's time for European Championships in Rome. In July the tour continues with four meetings before another one month break due to Olympic Games in Paris.

After the Olympics there are four more qualifying meetings before the season finale in mid September in Brussels, Belgium.

See more info of each meeting by clicking the links below.

Diamond League 2024 – Schedule

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Diamond League 2024

  • DateEventLocation
  • 20.4.2024Tour de Ski Xiamen Xiamen (CHN)
  • 27.4.2024Tour de Ski Shanghai/Suzhou Shanghai/Suzhou (CHN)
  • 10.5.2024Tour de Ski Doha Doha (QAT)
  • 19.5.2024Tour de Ski Rabat/Marrakech Rabat/Marrakech (MAR)
  • 25.5.2024Tour de Ski Eugene Eugene (USA)
  • 30.5.2024Tour de Ski Oslo Oslo (NOR)
  • 2.6.2024Tour de Ski Stockholm Stockholm (SWE)
  • 7.7.2024Tour de Ski Paris Paris (FRA)
  • 12.7.2024Tour de Ski Monaco Monaco (MON)
  • 20.7.2024Tour de Ski London London (GBR)
  • 22.8.2024Tour de Ski Lausanne Lausanne (SUI)
  • 25.8.2024Tour de Ski Silesia Silesia (POL)
  • 30.8.2024Tour de Ski Rome Rome (ITA)
  • 5.9.2024Tour de Ski Zürich Zürich (SUI)
  • 13.9.2024 - 14.9.2024Tour de Ski Brussels Brussels (BEL)

Diamond League 2024 - Prize Money

In the finals the event is obligated to offer price money 60 000 dollars in each discipline. The winner takes half of the pot and the other half is distributed among the other finalists.

In the one-day qualification meetings the prize pool per discipline is 30 000 dollars from which the winner gets $10,000.


PlacePrize money (USD)


PlacePrize money (USD)

Diamond League 2024 results

We will update the Diamond League meeting live result links here.

Diamond League 2024 qualification standings

We will update the Diamond League 2024 qualification standigs here after each race.

After the last qualifying meeting in Zürich the athletes with most qualification points will qualify for the Brussels final weekend. 8 best will qualify for the track events and 6 best for the field events.

Updated June 2nd 2024

Diamond League standings after StockholmDiamond League standings after Stockholm

Diamond League - Points

Athletes earn points at the qualification meetings to qualify for the final of their discipline.

In every discipline the top eight (8) positions will be rewarded. Winner takes 8 points, runner-up 7 points, third 6 points and so on. Normally the athletes with most points will compete in the Diamond League final weekend.

Diamond League points


Diamond League - History & Records

Serbian long jumper Ivana Španović is one of the Diamond League star athletes. This photo is taken in the Lausanne Diamond League event in 2017. She won the long jump competition in Lausanne jumping 679.
Serbian long jumper Ivana Španović is one of the Diamond League star athletes. This photo is taken in the Lausanne Diamond League event in 2017. She won the long jump competition in Lausanne jumping 679. (Ivana Spanovic. Kuva: Adrian Royle [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Best Results in Diamond League


100m9.69Yohan BlakeJAM23.8.2012
200m19.26Yohan BlakeJAM16.9.2011
300m31.63Wayde van NiekerkRSA7.6.2015
400m43.62Wayde van NiekerkRSA6.7.2017
600m1:13.10David RudishaKEN5.6.2016
800m1:41.54David RudishaKEN6.7.2012
1000m2:13.49Ayanleh SouleimanDJI25.8.2016
1500m3:26.69Asbel KipropKEN17.7.2015
Mile3:47.32Ayanleh SouleimanDJI31.5.2014
3000m7:27.26Yenew AlamirewETH6.5.2011
2 Miles8:07.85Mo FarahGBR24.8.2014
5000m12:35.36Joshua CheptegeiUGA13.8.2020
10 000m26:43.16Kenenisa BekeleETH16.9.2011
110m hurdles12.80Aries MerrittUSA7.9.2012
400m hurdles46.92Karsten WarholmNOR29.8.2019
3000m steeplechase7:53.64Brimin Kiprop KiprutoKEN22.7.2011
High jump2.43Mutaz Essa BarshimQAT5.9.2014
Pole vault6.05Renaud LavillenieFRA30.5.2015
Long jump8.61Luvo ManyongaRSA13.5.2017
Triple jump18.11Christian TaylorUSA27.5.2017
Shot put22.60Tomas WalshNZL30.8.2018
Discus69.83Daniel StåhlSWE3.5.2019
Hammes throw80.28Paweł FajdekPOL27.5.2016
Javelin93.90Thomas RöhlerGER5.5.2017
3000m walk10:43.84Tom BosworthGBR21.7.2018


100m10.70Carmelita JeterUSA4.6.2011
200m21.77Tori BowieUSA27.5.2017
400m48.97Shaunae Miller–UiboBAH20.7.2018
800m1:54.25Caster SemenyaRSA30.6.2018
1000m2:31.01Caster SemenyaRSA13.7.2018
1500m3:50.07Genzebe DibabaETH17.7.2015
Mile4:14.71Sifan HassanNED22.7.2018
3000m8:20.68Hellen ObiriKEN9.5.2014
2 Miles9:11.49Mercy CheronoKEN24.8.2014
5000m14:12.59Almaz AyanaETH2.6.2016
10 000m30:24.39Tirunesh DibabaETH1.6.2012
100m hurdles12.20Kendra HarrisonUSA22.7.2016
400m hurdles52.79Kaliese SpencerJAM5.8.2011
3000m steeplechase8:44.32Beatrice ChepkoechKEN20.7.2018
High jump2.06Mariya LasitskeneANA6.7.2017
Pole vault5.00Sandi MorrisUSA9.9.2016
Long jump7.25Brittney ReeseUSA10.5.2013
Triple jump15.31Caterine IbarguenCOL18.7.2014
Shot put21.03Valerie AdamsNZL31.5.2012
Discus71.38Sandra PerkovicCRO4.5.2018
Hammes throw75.98Tatyana BelobrodovaRUS3.7.2010
Javelin69.57Christina ObergföllGER8.9.2011

Previous seasons

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Diamond League 2019 - Finals

Zürich 29.8.2019 and Brussels 6.9.2019 hosted Diamond League finals 2019. Below are the winners of the two-day finals.


DisciplineWinner of the Final
100 mNoah Lyles 🇺🇸
200 mNoah Lyles 🇺🇸
400 mMichael Norman 🇺🇸
800 mDonavan Brazier 🇺🇸
1500 mTimothy Cheruiyot 🇰🇪
5000 mJoshua Cheptegei 🇺🇬
110 m hurdlesOrlando Ortega 🇪🇸
400 m hurdlesKarsten Warholm 🇳🇴
3000 m steeplechaseGetnet Wale 🇪🇹
JavelinMagnus Kirt 🇪🇪
DiscusDaniel Ståhl 🇸🇪
Shot putTomas Walsh 🇳🇿
Pole vaultSam Kendricks 🇺🇸
High jumpAndriy Protsenko 🇺🇦
Long jumpJuan Miguel Echevarría 🇨🇺
Triple jumpChristian Taylor 🇺🇸


DisciplineWinner of the Final
100 mDina Asher-Smith 🇬🇧
200 mShaunae Miller-Uibo 🇧🇸
400 mSalwa Eid Naser 🇧🇭
800 mAjee Wilson 🇺🇸
1500 mSifan Hassan 🇳🇱
5000 mSifan Hassan 🇳🇱
100 m hurdlesDanielle Williams 🇯🇲
400 m hurdlesSydney McLaughlin 🇺🇸
3000 m steeplechaseBeatrice Chepkoech 🇰🇪
JavelinHuihui Lyu 🇨🇳
DiscusYaimé Pérez 🇨🇺
Shot putLijiao Gong 🇨🇳
Pole vaultKaterina Stefanidi 🇬🇷
High jumpMariya Lasitskene (ANA)
Long jumpMalaika Mihambo 🇩🇪
Triple jumpShanieka Ricketts 🇯🇲