World Ski Championships 2021 Oberstdorf Schedule & Results

World Ski Championships 2021 Oberstdorf

FIS World Ski Championships 2021 will be hosted in Oberstdorf, Germany. Championships will be launched on February 24th and end on March 7th.
At our Cross Country Skiing World Championships webpage, you can find all the information you need about the competitions. For example, check out the schedule, results and lot of statistics.

World Ski Championships takes place every other year. Planica will host World Ski Championships in 2023.

World Ski Championships 2021 – Schedule

Note! All times are local times in Oberstdorf (CET +1).

Tuesday 23.2.

Wednesday 24.2.
Cross-country skiing and ski jumping qualifications.

Thursday 25.2.
15:15 Cross-country: Women´s sprint (c)
15:15 Cross-country: Men´s sprint (c)
17:00 Ski jumping: Women´s HS106

Friday 26.2.
10:15 Nordic combined: Men´s HS106
16:00 Nordic combined: Men´s 10 km
17:15 Ski jumping: Women´s team HS106
20:30 Ski jumping: Men´s qualification HS106

Saturday 27.2.
10:00 Nordic combined: Womens´s HS106
11:45 Cross-country: Women+s 2 × 7,5 km skiathlon
13:30 Cross-country: Men´s 2 × 15 km skiathlon
15:30 Nordic combined: Womens´s 5 km
16:30 Ski jumping: Men´s HS106

Sunday 28.2.
13:00 Cross-country: Women´s team sprint (f)
13:00 Cross-country: Men´s team sprint (f)
Nordic combined: Men´s team HS106 + 4 × 5 km
Ski jumping: Mixed team HS106

Tuesday 2.3.
13:15 Cross-country: Women´s 10 km (f)
18:00 Ski jumping: Women´s HS137 (q)

Wednesday 3.3.
13:15 Cross-country: Men´s 15 km (f)
17:15 Ski jumping: Women´s HS137

Thursday 4.3.
11:00 Nordic combined: Men´s HS137 + 10 km
13:15 Cross-country: Women´s relay 4 × 5 km
15:15 Nordic combined: Men´s 10 km
17:30 Ski jumping: Men´s´s HS137 (q)

Friday 5.3.
13:15 Cross-country: Men´s relay 4 × 10 km
17:00 Ski jumping: Men´s HS137

Saturday 6.3.
10:00 Nordic combined: Men´s team sprint HS137 + 2 × 7,5 km
12:30 Cross-country: Women´s 30 km (p)
15:00 Nordic combined: Men´s team sprint 2 × 7,5 km
17:00 Ski jumping: Men´s team HS137

Sunday 7.3.
13:00 Cross-country: Men´s 50 km (c)

World Ski Championships 2021 – Results

We will update the results here...

World Ski Championships – History

Most medals

The most successful skier in the history of Cross-Country Skiing World Championships is Marit Bjorgen with 26 (18 gold) medals. Now, retired athlete Bjorgen won her last medals in Lahti 2017.

Skiing legends Bjorn Dahlie and Jelena Valbe tie second place with 17 medals. Petter Northug and Lariza Lazutina achieved 16 medals.

Therese Johaug has won 15 medals so far. In Oberstdorf she has a good chance to rise on the medal table.


1.Björn DahlieNorway917
2.Petter NorthugNorway1316
3.Gunde Svan Sweden711
4.Vladimir Smirnov USSR/Kazakhstan411
5.Thomas Alsgaard Norway69
6.Mika Myllyla Finland49
7.Torgny Mogren Sweden49
8.Frode Estil Norway49


1Marit Bjorgen Norway1826
3.Jelena Valbe USSR/Russia1417
3.Larisa Lazutina (Ptitsyna) USSR/Russia1116
4.Therese Johaug Norway1015
5.Stefania Belmondo Italy413
6.Nina Gavrylyuk USSR/Russia611
7.Galina Kulakova USSR59
8.Alevtina KolchinaUSSR78
9.Virpi Kuitunen Finland68

Hosting cities

Until 1985 World Ski Championships were held same time with the Olympics. Starting from Seefeld 1985, Championships were held every other year.

World Ski Hosting Cities 1985-2021

2013Val di FiemmeItaly
2009LiberecCzech Republic
2003Val di FiemmeItaly
1995Thunder BayCanada
1991Val di FiemmeItaly