European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem

U20 European Athletics Championships 2023, will be competed in Jerusalem, Israel. On our website you will find the results, schedule and other information about the competitions.
European U20 Athletics Championships are competed in Jerusalem.
European U20 Athletics Championships are competed in Jerusalem.

U20 European Championships in Athletics will be competed in 2023 in Jerusalem, Israel between 7th and 10th of August. On our website you will find the entry standards, schedule, results and other information about the competitions.

European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 - Entry standards

3214.20100/110m hurdles13.95
3253.60400m hurdles1:00.80
249:13.003000m sc10:45.00
2546:00.0010,000m Race walk51:15.00
242.10High jump1.80
245.00Pole vault4.00
247.40Long jump6.15
2415.05Triple jump12.70
2417.75Shot put14.00
2454.00Discus throw47.50
2467.00Hammer throw57.00
2466.00Javelin throw48.00

European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem – Entries

Here you can find the European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem entry lists (PDF).

European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem - Schedule & Timetable

Local time in Jerusalem (UTC+3)

Monday 7.8. morning

7.553000 m steeplechaseWRound 1
8.25High jumpWQualification
8.303000 mWRound 1
8.35Pole vaultMQualification
9.033000 mMRound 1
9.05Hammer throwWQualification A
9.40Heptathlon 100 m hurdlesW 
10.10400 mMRound 1
10.22Hammer throwWQualification B
10.40Heptathlon High jumpW 
10.45400 mWRound 1

Monday 7.8. evening

16.35Opening ceremony  
16.55Javelin throwMQualification A
17.00100 mMRound 1
17.30100 mWRound 1
18.00Heptathlon Shot putW 
18.07Javelin throwMQualification B
18.10110 m hurdlesMRound 1
18.45100 m hurdlesWRound 1
18.50Triple jumpWQualification
19.201500 mWRound 1
19.28Discus throwMQualification A
19.38Shot putWQualification
19.401500 mMRound 1
20.05100 mMSemi-finals
20.20100 mWSemi-finals
20.35Discus throwMQualification B
20.45Heptathlon 200 mW 

Tuesday 8.8. morning

08.003000 m steeplechaseMRound 1
08.00Hammer throwMQualification A
08.30Pole vaultWQualification
08.35400 m hurdlesWRound 1
08.40Heptathlon Long jumpW 
09.05400 m hurdlesMRound 1
09.10Hammer throwMQualification B
09.40400 mWSemi-finals
09.55400 mMSemi-finals
10.25200 mWRound 1
10.25Heptathlon Javelin throwWGroup A
10.55200 mMRound 1
11.05Shot putMQualification
11.35Heptathlon Javelin throwWGroup B

Tuesday 8.8. evening

17.00High jumpMQualification
17.05Hammer throwWFinal
17.10Long jumpMFinal
17.30110 m hurdlesMSemi-finals
17.55100 m hurdlesWSemi-finals
18.15800 mWRound 1
18.35800 mMRound 1
18.57Triple jumpWFinal
19.02Discus throwMFinal
19.05Heptathlon 800 mW 
19.22Shot putWFinal
19.30110 m hurdlesMFinal
19.45100 m hurdlesWFinal
20.00100 mWFinal
20.10100 mMFinal

Wednesday 9.8. morning

07.0010,000 m Race walkMFinal
08.00Discus throwW 
08.05Long jumpWQualification
08.40Decathlon 100 mM 
09.01Shot putMFinal
09.053000 mWFinal
09.10Discus throwWQualification B
09.251500 mMFinal
09.30Decathlon Long jumpM 
09.404x400 m RelayWRound 1
10.054x400 m RelayMRound 1
10.27Javelin throwWQualification A
10.35400 m hurdlesMSemi-finals
10.46Triple jumpMQualification
10.55400 m hurdlesWSemi-finals
11.00Decathlon Shot putM 
11.10200 mWSemi-finals
11.25200 mMSemi-finals
11.36Javelin throwWQualification B

Wednesday 9.8. evening

17.00Decathlon High jumpM 
17.30Pole vaultMFinal
18.05Hammer throwMFinal
18.52400 mMFinal
19.07400 mWFinal
19.15High jumpWFinal
19.201500 mWFinal
19.353000 mMFinal
19.50Javelin throwMFinal
19.55200 mWFinal
20.05200 mMFinal
20.163000 m steeplechaseWFinal
20.37Decathlon 400 mM 

Thursday 10.8. morning

07.0010,000m Race WalkMFinal
08.10Decathlon 110m hurdlesM 
08.50Decathlon Discus throwMGroup A
09.00High jumpMFinal
09.15Long jumpWFinal
09.304 x 100 m RelayWRound 1
09.554 x 100 m RelayMRound 1
10.00Decathlon Discus throwMGroup B
10.45Decathlon Pole vaultMGroup A
11.25Decathlon Pole vaultMGroup B

Thursday 10.8. evening

16.00Decathlon Javelin throwMGroup A
17.05Decathlon Javelin throwMGroup B
17.20Pole vaultWFinal
17.30400 m hurdlesWFinal
17.45400 m hurdlesMFinal
17.57800 mWFinal
18.10Javelin throwWFinal
18.15800 mMFinal
18.303000 m steeplechaseMFinal
18.554 x 100 m RelayWFinal
19.054 x 100 m RelayMFinal
19.205000 mWFinal
19.30Triple jumpMFinal
19.52Discus throwWFinal
19.56Decathlon 1500 mM 
20.205000 mMFinal
21.064 x 400 m RelayWFinal
21.164 x 400 m RelayMFinal

European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem - Results

Below you can find the Jerusalem U20 European Athletics Championships 2023 daily live result links.

European Athletics U20 Championships 2023 Jerusalem - Livestream

The competitions will be broadcast live on the European Athletics website. you can watch livestream here.