Lake Placid ski jumping World Cup 2023

Lake Placid in USA will host a men's FIS Ski Jumping World Cup weekend in February 2023. See Lake Placid ski jumping schedule and results.
Iron Mountain in USA was the original host for the World Cup weekend but due to organisational issues the Iron Mountain weekend had to be cancelled. The event was moved to the 1980 Winter Olympic host Lake Placid.

Lake Placid in USA is not the most common venue in FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. This is the first time in over 30 years that the World Cup circus lands on Lake Placid.

Lake Placid was a frequent World Cup host back in the 1980's. After the Olympics Lake Placid hosted the FIS World Cup 8 years in a row in between 1983 and 1990.

The latest ski jumping World Cup host in the US has been Park City in Utah back in 2004. In North America Canada's Vancouver has been the latest World Cup host in 2009.

In the season 2022-2023 Lake Placid hosts the men's World Cup between 10th and 12th of February 2023. The competitions are jumped from the HS134 large hill called MacKenzie Intervale Ski Jump HS134. The hill record of 135,5 meters is held by Finnish jumper Veli-Matti Lindström (from 2002).

Lake Placid Ski Jump World Cup 2023 - Schedule & timetables

The weekend in Lake Placid includes two men's qualifications, two individual competitions and a brand new super team event.

The super team event includes teams of two jumpers and three competition rounds. After the first round 12 best teams qualify for the second round. After the second round 8 best eight continue to the final round. The winner is determined by the total points from three rounds.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Calendar Lake Placid 10.-12.2.2023 (M)

  • DateEventLocation
  • 10.2.2023 - 12.2.2023World Cup Lake Placid (men) Lake Placid, USA
    Fri 10.02.2023 22:59HS128, qualification, men
    Sat 11.02.2023 16:00HS128 competition, men
    Sat 11.02.2023 22:59Super Team Competition HS128, men
    Sun 12.02.2023 14:45HS128, qualification, men
    Sun 12.02.2023 16:15HS128 competition, men

Lake Placid Ski Jump World Cup 2023 - Results

We will update the Lake Placid ski jumping world cup 2023 results. See also FIS live results for Lake Placid World Cup.

Lake Placid World Cup 11.-12.2.2023

Men HS128 12.2.

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴287,6
2.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪276,1
3.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹275,3
4.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪271,9
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵271,4
6.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮263,3
7.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱262,1
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹258,3
9.Ziga Jelar 🇸🇮256,6
10.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹254,5
16.Niko Kytösaho 🇫🇮231,7
23.Antti Aalto 🇫🇮220,8

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Men HS128 11.2.

1.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪264,5
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵256,0
3.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹255,4
4.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮254,6
5.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱252,9
6.Domen Prevc 🇸🇮252,0
7.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴251,0
8.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪250,4
9.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹248,9
10.Markus Eisenbichler 🇩🇪243,3
25.Antti Aalto 🇫🇮205,7
33.Niko Kytösaho 🇫🇮104,0

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Men HS128 pair team competition

1.Poland 🇵🇱800,8
2.Austria 🇦🇹787,6
3.Japani 🇯🇵776,7
4.Germany 🇩🇪774,2
5.Slovenia 🇸🇮760,5
6.Norway 🇳🇴748,2
7.Finland 🇫🇮677,1
8.Switzerland 🇨🇭667,5

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Lake Placid 2023 live results