Lahti Ski Games 2022 (World Cup) – Schedule & Results

Lahti Ski Games 2022

Lahti Ski Games (Lahti World Cup) starts after the Olympics on the 26th February. Event consists of cross-country skiing, nordic combined and ski jumping.
Lahti Ski Games or Salpausselän kisat in Finnish is a traditional event in the FIS Cross Country World Cup. During the same weekend Lahti also hosts the ski jumping and nordic combined world cup events.

The local hero Iivo Niskanen celebrated victory in 15 km (c) in Lahti World Championships in 2017. Here he is victorious in another home race in Ruka Nordic World Cup in 2019.
Photo: Touho Häkkinen
The local hero Iivo Niskanen celebrated victory in 15 km (c) in Lahti World Championships in 2017. Here he is victorious in another home race in Ruka Nordic World Cup in 2019.

Lahti Ski Games 2022 – Schedule & Timetables

Lahti Ski Games 2022 includes two days of official action. In cross country women and men will compete freestyle sprints on Saturday. On Sunday it's time for 10/15 km intermediate races in classic style.

The weekend kicks of on Friday with the nordic combined provisional round and ski jumping qualification for the HS130 competition. On Saturday we will witness a nordic combined team sprint event and a ski jumping team competition. On sunday it's time for the individual competitions.

Saturday 26.2.2022

xx:xxCross countrySprint (f), women
xx:xxCross countrySprint (f), men
xx:xxSki jumpingTeam HS130, men
xx:xxNordic combinedTeam sprint , men

Sunday 27.2.2022

xx:xxCross country10 km (c) intermediate, women
xx:xxCross country15 km (c) intermediate, men
xx:xxNordic combinedIndividual HS130 + 10 km, men
xx:xxSki jumpingIndividual HS130, men

Lahti Ski Games 2022 – Results

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Lahti Ski Games 2022 – Teams

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Lahti Ski Games – History

Lahti Ski Games (Lahti World Cup) is a very traditional event. The Games began at the initiative of Tahko Pihkala in 1922, when Pihkala wanted a competition similar to Holmenkollen in Finland. A competition in Lahti, Cross Country World Cup, was hosted the first time in 1923. Since then, the competition has been cancelled only three times.

Lahti Ski Games have also been replaced seven times by the World Ski Championships, of which the last time was in 2017. Prior to that, the World Ski Championships were held in Lahti in 1926, 1938, 1958, 1978, 1989 and 2001.

The long history of Lahti Ski Games accommodates many well-known athletes. In the slightly more distant history, the most successful athletes in the history of the Lahti Ski Games include Leo Laakso, who won ski jumping five times in a row, and Heikki Hasu, who also won five times, but not in a row. Veikko Hakulinen won 50 km three times in a row in 1952–1954. In the 2000s, Marit Björgen has won the competition seven times.

Lahti Ski Games 2020 - Results

Lahti Ski Games 1.3.2020

Women's relay 4 x 5 km

2.Finland 1+30,3
4.Russia 1+1.55,3
6.Finland 2+2.28,4

Men's relay 4 x 7,5 km

3.Russia 1+1,7
5.Russia 2+15,2
6.Finland 1+22,4

Nordic combined Lahti Ski Games 1.3.2020

HS130 + 10 km

1.Akito Watabe (JPN)25.41,1
2.Jørgen Gråbak (NOR)+2,9
3.Vinzenz Geiger (GER)+7,9
4.Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR)+12,7
5.Fabian Riessle (GER)+15,2
6.Eric Frenzel (GER)+15,3
7.Martin Fritz (AUT)+32,0
8.Ilkka Herola (FIN)+34,7


1.Akito Watabe (JPN)0.00
2.Jens Lurås Oftebro (NOR)+0.09
3.Martin Fritz (AUT)+0.44
4.Fabian Riessle (GER)+0.51
5.Ryota Yamamoto (JPN)+0.52
6.Terence Weber (GER)+0.58
7.Jørgen Gråbak (NOR)+0.59
8.Vinzenz Geiger (GER)+1.02
9.Eric Frenzel (GER)+1.13
10.Laurent Muhlethaler (FRA)+1.16

Lahti Ski Games 29.2.2020

Men 15 km (c)

1.Iivo Niskanen (FIN)32.15,5
2.Alexander Bolshunov (RUS)+10,1
3.Hans Christer Holund (NOR)+28,8
4.Ilia Semikov (RUS)+38,8
5.Sjur Røthe (NOR)+47,9
6.Simen Hegstad Krüger (NOR)+49,4
7.Pål Golberg (NOR)+54,1
8.Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (NOR)+54,7
9.Alexander Bessmertnykh (RUS)+55,1
10.Ivan Yakimushkin (RUS)+59,3

Nordci combined Lahti Ski Games 29.2.2020

Team sprint HS130 + 2 x 7,5 km

3.Germany 2+30,8
4.Norway 2+37,4
6.Austria 2+45,9
10.Czech Republic+2.27,5
12.Finland 2+3.37,1

Lahti Ski Games 29.2.2020

Women 10 km (c)

1.Therese Johaug (NOR)23.53,3
2.Ebba Andersson (SWE)+3,4
3.Krista Pärmäkoski (FIN)+11,8
4.Frida Karlsson (SWE)+21,9
5.Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (NOR)+25,0
6.Natalia Nepryaeva (RUS)+31,2
7.Heidi Weng (NOR)+34,9
8.Katharina Hennig (GER)+43,1
9.Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen (NOR)+55,8
10.Johanna Matintalo (FIN)+56,3

Ski jumping Lahti Ski Games 28.2.2020

Men HS130

1.Stefan Kraft (AUT)284,1
2.Karl Geiger (GER)279,1
3.Daniel Andre Tande (NOR)273,3
4.Anze Lanisek (SLO)272,5
5.Kamil Stoch (POL)271,6
6.Dawid Kubacki (POL)270,3
7.Timi Zajc (SLO)268,6
8.Stefan Huber (AUT)266,0
9.Michael Hayböck (AUT)265,4
10.Philipp Aschenwald (AUT)261,4