Lillehammer Ski Jump World Cup 2022-2023

Lillehammer in Norway hosts a FIS Ski Jumping World Cup weekend for women in early December 2022 and another weekend in mid March for both men and women.
Lillehammer in Norway is a traditional ski jumping venue and an experienced host in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Lillehammer premiered as a world cup host already back in 1984 and has later established it's position as a regular host in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Lillehammer is also famous for hosting the Winter Olympic Games in 1994.

In the season 2022/2023 hosts two separate ski jumping World Cup weekends. This first weekend on the 2nd-4th of December 2022 includes two women's individual events. The second weekend on the 13th-16th of March includes two large hill competitions for both men and women. The March event is a part of the Norwegian Raw Air tour that continues a couple of days later in Vikersund.

The ski jumping hills of Lillehammer

The Lillehammer World Cup weekend traditionally combines ski jumping, cross country skiing and nordic combined World Cup events and this is the case also in the season 2022/2023 first competition weekend in December.

The ski jumping venue in Lillehammer is called Lysgårdsbakken. The large hill in Lillehammer has a hill size is 140 metres and the normal hill's size is 98 metres.

The hill record of 146 meters in the large hill is held by the four-time olympic champion Swiss Simon Ammann. Germany's Karl Geiger holds the record for the Lillehammer normal hill with 107,5 meters.

Lillehammer Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 - Schedule & timetables

In the season 2022-2023 Lillehammer will host a women's World Cup weekend in early December. It's the second competition weekend of the women's world cup season.

The weekend starts off with qualification on Friday on the normal hill, continues on Saturday with a normal hill competition and ends on Sunday with the large hill qualification and competition.

In March Lillehammer hosts another ski jumping world cup weekend as a part of the Raw Air Tournamnet. In the March event both men and women will compete in two large hill competition.

NOTE: The times are in CEST (UTC+2).

Lillehammer weekend 1

Date & timeEvent
Fri 2.12.2022 17:30Qualification HS98, women
Sat 3.12.2022 16:30Normal hill competition HS98, women
Sun 4.12.2022 15:30Qualification HS140, women
Sun 4.12.2022 16:30Large hill competition HS140, women

Lillehammer weekend 2

Date & timeEvent
Mon 13.3.2023 xx:xxQualification HS140, women
Mon 13.3.2023 16:30Qualification HS140, men
Mon 13.3.2023 20:30Large hill competition HS140, women
Tue 14.3.2023 16:10Large hill competition HS140, men
Wed 15.3.2023 xx:xxQualification HS140, women
Wed 15.3.2023 16:30Large hill competition HS140, women
Wed 15.3.2023 19:15Qualification HS140, men
Thu 16.3.2023 16:30Large hill competition HS140, men

Lillehammer Ski Jumping World Cup 2022-2023 - Results

You can find the Lillehammer ski jumping world cup 2022-2023 results here. See also FIS live results.

Lillehammer World Cup 15.3.2023

Women HS140

1.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪251,1
2.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦242,9
3.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹242,1
4.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪237,9
5.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴234,5
6.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮234,3
7.Chiara Kreuzer 🇦🇹230,5
8.Maren Lundby 🇳🇴229,9
9.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮223,5
10.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴220,2

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Lillehammer World Cup 13.3.2023

Women's HS140

1.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴223,1
2.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪222,5
3.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮216,6
4.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵213,4
5.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪213,3
6.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮211,2
7.Eirin Maria Kvandal 🇳🇴210,0
8.Abigail Strate 🇨🇦203,4
9.Chiara Kreuzer 🇦🇹197,9
10.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵197,7

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Lillehammer women's World Cup 3.-4.12.2022

HS 140 competition

1.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴259,6
2.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴252,1
3.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹250,9
4.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪247,8
5.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮239,2
6.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮230,1
7.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹225,6
8.Julia Clair 🇫🇷224,1
9.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮221,6
10.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵219,5

HS 98 competition

1.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪260,1
2.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹250,2
3.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹242,3
4.Abigail Strate 🇨🇦239,5
5.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮238,0
6.Selina Freitag 🇩🇪237,1
7.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮236,6
8.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮235,1
9.Anna Rupprecht 🇩🇪230,8
10.Eirin Maria Kvandal 🇳🇴223,7

FIS live results

Lillehammer Ski Jumping World Cup 2021-2022 - Results

Lillehammer World Cup 5.12.2021, Ski jumping

Women HS140

1.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹268,9
2.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪259,8
3.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴253,2
4.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮252,7
5.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹246,5
6.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮244,8
7.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮243,4
8.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵242,4
9.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz 🇦🇹239,5
10.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴220,7

Lillehammer World Cup 4.12.2021, ski jumping

Women HS98

1.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪278,1
2.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹273,2
3.Ursa Bogataj 🇸🇮272,3
4.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴268,7
5.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮252,6
6.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵250,3
7.Daniela Iraschko-Stolz 🇦🇹249,8
8.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹243,8
9.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮243,1
10.Lisa Eder 🇦🇹231,6