Lahti Ski Jumping World Cup 2024

Lahti in Finland hosts a men's and women's FIS Ski Jumping World Cup weekend in the turn of February and March 2024. Take a look at the Lahti Ski Games ski jumping event schedule and results.

Ski jumping hills in Lahti, Finland.
Ski jumping hills in Lahti, Finland. (sdbj [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Lahti in Finland is a traditional ski jumping and winter sports venue and an experienced host in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup. Lahti premiered in the ski jumping world cup circuit in the first season in 1980. Since then Lahti has been a regular host in the ski jumping World Cup.

The ski jumping events in Lahti are organized together with cross country skiing and nordic combined events as Lahti Ski Games.

Lahti has also hosted the World Ski Championships multiple times. The ski jumping world championship medals have been decided in Lahti in 1926, 1938, 1958, 1978, 1989, 2001 and 2017.

The large hill in Lahti that is used in the World Cup competitions has a hill size is 130 metres. The hill record of 138 metres is held by Norway's Johann André Forfang (jumped in 2017).

In 2024 the Lahti Ski Games are organized between 29th of February and 3rd of March.

Lahti Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Schedule & timetables

The women's world cup final competition in Lahti is in schedule on Friday. Women qualify for the competition on Thursday.

The men's World Cup weekend in Lahti starts off with large hill team competition on Friday. On Saturday it's time for a large hill team competition. The weekend ends on Sunday with men's large hill competition.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Lahti 29.2.-3.3.2024 (M+N)

  • DateEventLocation
  • 29.2.2024 - 3.3.2024World Cup Lahti Lahti, Finland
    Thu 29.02.2024 18:00HS130, qualification, women
    Fri 01.03.2024 09:00HS130, women
    Fri 01.03.2024 15:45HS130, qualification, men
    Fri 01.03.2024 17:00HS130, men
    Sat 02.03.2024 16:15HS130, team competition, men
    Sun 03.03.2024 16:00HS130, men

Lahti Ski Jumping World Cup 2024 - Results

We will update the Lahti ski jumping world cup 2024 results / live result links here.

Ski jumping World Cup Lahti 2.3.2024

Teamkilpalu HS130

1.Norway 🇳🇴935,2
2.Austria 🇦🇹909,5
3.Germany 🇩🇪883,2
4.Poland 🇵🇱845,6
5.Japan 🇯🇵824,7
6.Finland 🇫🇮816,4
7.Slovenia 🇸🇮789,0
8.USA 🇺🇸738,1
9.Switzerland 🇨🇭364,0
10.Kazakhstan 🇰🇿254,0

Ski jumping Salpausselän kisat 1.3.2024

Men's HS130

1.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮262,5
2.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪2571
3.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵254,9
4.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴251,5
5.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹251,0
6.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴249,8
7.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹247,9
8.Aleksander Zniszczol 🇵🇱242,4
9.Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal 🇳🇴241,4
10.Stephan Embacher 🇦🇹240,7

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Women's HS130

1.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮254,1
2.Jacqueline Seifriedsberger 🇦🇹246,5
3.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹239,8
4.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵238,5
5.Jenny Rautionaho 🇫🇮232,0
6.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵229,7
7.Thea Minyan Bjørseth 🇳🇴225,2
8.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴224,7
9.Josephine Pagnier 🇫🇷223,2
10.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮220,3

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Previous results from Lahti Ski Jumping World Cup

Lahti Ski Jumping World Cup 2023 - Results

Lahti Ski Games 25.-26.3.2023 ski jumping

Men HS130

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵145,9
2.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹141,8
3.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪137,0
4.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹134,2
5.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮133,7
6.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹131,7
7.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮128,9
8.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮122,3
9.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴120,6
10.Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal 🇳🇴120,4

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Lahti Ski Games 25.3.2023 ski jumping

Men's team competition HS130

1.Austria 🇦🇹1057,3
2.Slovenia 🇸🇮1031,1
3.Poland 🇵🇱1022,3
4.Norway 🇳🇴1002,2
5.Germany 🇩🇪1001,9
6.Switzerland 🇨🇭881,2
7.Japani 🇯🇵877,5
8.Finland 🇫🇮788,2
9.USA 🇺🇸390,7
10.Kazakhstan 🇰🇿267,0

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Lahti Ski Games 24.3.2023 ski jumping

Women HS130

1.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵238,8
2.Anna Odine Ström 🇳🇴237,6
3.Katharina Althaus 🇩🇪236,9
4.Eva Pinkelnig 🇦🇹235,4
5.Eirin Maria Kvandal 🇳🇴234,1
6.Maren Lundby 🇳🇴233,7
7.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴229,1
8.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹228,9
9.Thea Minyan Björseth 🇳🇴226,6
10.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮225,4

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