Reistadløpet 2024

The 40 km long Reistadløpet held in Setermoen-Bardufoss in northern Norway on the sixth of April 2024 is the third last race of the Ski Classics season 2023-2024. Take a look at the schedule, startlists, prize money and results.

Reistadløpet in Setermoen-Bardufoss, Norway is the most Northern event of the season 2022/23 of the Ski Classics long distance cross-country skiing series. The race number 13 is the second last race of the season.

The 50 km classic style mass start race differs from the other Ski Classics events with it´s steep and challenging climbs. This results in most pro skiers using kick wax and diagonal striding when skiing the course from Setermoen to Bardufoss.

Reistadløpet´s history goes back to 1958 when it skied for the first time. The race commemorates a local ski legend and olympic champion Ole Imerslun Reistad. Reistadløpet has been a part of the Ski Classics series since 2016/2017.

Reistadløpet belongs to the 200-point category of Ski Classics. The winner of the competition will thus be awarded 200 points. In total, points are awarded to the best 60 finishers.

Full sprint points are awarded for Reistadløpet's only sprint finish. Increased "iconic" points are awarded for the climb competition from the only climb finish of the race.

Here´s a video covering the Reistadløpet 2018:

Reistadløpet 2024 – Schedule & timetables

Sat 6.4. 10:00 CETWomen 40 km (c) mass start
Sat 6.4. 10:30 CETMen 40 km (c) mass start

Reistadløpet 2024 - Startlists

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Reistadløpet 2024 - Results

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Reistadløpet 2024 - Prize money

Prize money men & women

5 000 €
2 000 €
1 200 €
700 €
600 €
500 €

Previous results from Reistadløpet

Reistadløpet 2023 - Results

Reistadløpet Ski Classics 1.4.2023

Men 40 km (c) Mass start

1.Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget 🇳🇴1.56.55,0
2.Eirik Sverdrup Augdal 🇳🇴+24,9
3.Andrew Musgrave 🇬🇧+41,9
4.Thomas Ødegaarden 🇳🇴+42,1
5.Herman Paus 🇳🇴+1.07,9
6.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+1.15,4
7.Tord Asle Gjerdalen 🇳🇴+1.32,3
8.Ole Jørgen Bruvoll 🇳🇴+2.05,2
9.Andreas Nygård 🇳🇴+2.08,5
10.Thomas Joly 🇫🇷+2.09,5

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Women 40 km (c) Mass start

1.Astrid Øyre Slind 🇳🇴2.18.25,1
2.Rosie Brennan 🇺🇸+5,8
3.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+1.25,3
4.Magni Smedås 🇳🇴+2.02,3
5.Karolina Hedenström 🇸🇪+3.34,3
6.Silje Øyre Slind 🇳🇴+3.35,5
7.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+3.43,1
8.Frida Erkers 🇸🇪+4.26,7
9.Kati Roivas 🇫🇮+5.15,0
10.Anikken Gjerde Alnæs 🇳🇴+5.42,5
11.Heli Heiskanen 🇫🇮+7.32,5

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Reistadløpet 2022 - Results

Reistadløpet Ski Classics 2.4.2022

Women 50 km

1.Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget 🇳🇴2.17.42,0
2.Tord Asle Gjerdalen 🇳🇴+1.15,2
3.Mikael Gunnulfsen 🇳🇴+3.10,1
4.Eric Rosjö 🇸🇪+3.15,2
5.Johannes Eklöf 🇸🇪+3.38,4
6.Andrew Musgrave 🇬🇧+3.42,0
7.Runar Skaug Mathisen 🇳🇴+4.17,5
8.Andreas Nygård 🇳🇴+4.32,6
9.Johan Hoel 🇳🇴+4.35,0
10.Max Novak 🇸🇪+5.25,8

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Women 50 km

1.Ebba Andersson 🇸🇪2.38.01,4
2.Marit Bjørgen 🇳🇴+54,2
3.Astrid Øyre Slind 🇳🇴+3.52,8
4.Emma Ribom 🇸🇪+7.15,0
5.Magni Smedås 🇳🇴+7.15,6
6.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+7.17,8
7.Kari Øyre Slind 🇳🇴+7.49,9
8.Britta Johansson Nordgren 🇸🇪+9.07,0
9.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+10.05,9
10.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+10.06,2
12.Heli Heiskanen 🇫🇮+13.13,5
15.Kati Roivas 🇫🇮+14.15,1

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