Javelin Throw World Record

On our javelin throw WR page you will find the current men's and women's javelin throw world records as well as the progress of the WR:s.

Men's javelin throw world record

98,48 WR - Jan Železný (CZE)

The current men's javelin throw world record stands at 98,48. The WR is held by the legendary Czech thrower Jan Železný. He reached the world record mark in Jena, Germany in June 1996. That makes the men's javelin throw world record nearly 30 years old.

The previous world records of 95,66 and 95,54 were also thrown by Železný in 1993. Before Železný's reign the world record belonged to Britt Steve Backley who took the record in July 1990 with 89,58. He was also the first athlete to reach 90 meters with the current javelin model as he threw his second world record 91,46 in January 1992.

Germany's Johannes Vetter has been closest to reach more or less unbelievable WR of Železný. Vetter threw a remarkable 97,76 in Chorzow, Poland in 2020 and 96,29 in 2021 in the same location.

The progression of men's javelin throw world record 1986-

Men's javelin throw WR

98.48Jan ŽELEZNÝ 🇨🇿Jena 🇩🇪25 MAY 1996
95.66Jan ŽELEZNÝ 🇨🇿Sheffield 🇬🇧29 AUG 1993
95.54Jan ŽELEZNÝ 🇨🇿Pietersburg 🇿🇦06 APR 1993
91.46Steve BACKLEY 🇬🇧Auckland 🇳🇿25 JAN 1992
89.58Steve BACKLEY 🇬🇧Stockholm 🇸🇪02 JUL 1990
89.10Patrik BODÉN 🇸🇪Austin, TX 🇺🇸24 MAR 1990
87.66Jan ŽELEZNÝ 🇨🇿Nitra (TCH)31 MAY 1987
85.74Klaus TAFELMEIER (FRG)Como 🇮🇹21 SEP 1986

Men's javelin model changed after 1985 as more and more flat landings started to occur in long throws. This resulted in difficulties to declare throws valid or invalid as landing marks were not always clear.

The world record with old javelin model was held be East Germany's Uwe Hohn who reached the unthinkable 100 meters throwing a massive 104,80 in July 1984 in East Berlin, Germany. This remains the only recorded over 100 meter throw in javelin throw history covering all javlein models.

In 1990-1991 a special javelin model was introduced. The Finn Seppo Räty threw the world record of 96,96 with this model before it was quickly abandoned.

Women's javelin throw world record

72,28 - Barbora Špotáková (CZE)

The current women's javelin throw world record stands at 72,28. The WR is held by the Czech thrower Barbora Špotáková. She reached the world record mark in Stuttgart, Germany in September 2008. That makes the women's javelin throw world record over 15 years old.

The previous WR 71,70 was thrown by Cuban Osleidys Menendez in World Athletics Championships final in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. Menendez was also the first female to pass the 70 meters mark with the current javelin model as she threw the previous world record of 71,54 in Rethymo, Greece in July 2001.

Other 70+ meters throwers with the current javelin model are Maria Andrejczyk (POL) 71,40, Maria Abakumova (RUS) 70,53 and Christina Obergföll (GER) 70,20.

The progression of women's javelin throw world record 1986-

Women's javelin throw WR 1999-

72.28Barbora ŠPOTÁKOVÁ 🇨🇿Gottlieb-Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart 🇩🇪13 SEP 2008
71.70Olisdeilys MENÉNDEZ 🇨🇺Olympiastadion, Helsinki 🇫🇮14 AUG 2005
71.54Olisdeilys MENÉNDEZ 🇨🇺Rethymno 🇬🇷01 JUL 2001
67.09Mirela TZELILI 🇬🇷La Cartuja, Sevilla 🇪🇸28 AUG 1999

Women's javelin model was changed in 1999. East Germany's Petra Felke remains in the history books with the longest throw in women's javelin history as she reached 80,00 in September 1988 with the previous javelin model in Potsdam, East Germany.