World Athletics U20 Championships 2021 Nairobi - Livestream & Results

World Athletics U20 Championships 2021 Nairobi

The World Junior (U20) Championships 2021 in Athletics are held in Nairobi, Kenya in mid August.
The World Athletics Junior (U20) Championships 2021 are held in Nairobi, Kenya during six days in 18th-22th of August. The championships were originally supposed to be organized a year earlier but the games were postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

World Athletics U20 Championships 2021 Nairobi Schedule & timetable

Note that all the times in the timetable are local times in Nairobi (UTC+3).

Wed 18.8. morning

09:00X4x400 Metres RelayHeats
09:08MHammer Throw (6kg)Qualification - Group A
09:25W100 Metres HurdlesHeptathlon
09:35W100 MetresHeats
09:47MShot Put (6kg)Qualification
10:15WHigh JumpHeptathlon
10:20M100 MetresHeats
10:25MHammer Throw (6kg)Qualification - Group B
11:15W400 MetresHeats
11:40M400 MetresHeats

Wed 18.8. afternoon

16:00WPole VaultFinal
16:05WShot PutHeptathlon
16:10W100 MetresSemi-Final
16:14MJavelin ThrowQualification - Group A
16:40M100 MetresSemi-Final
17:05MJavelin ThrowQualification - Group B
17:15X4x400 Metres RelayFinal
17:35W200 MetresHeptathlon
17:45M3000 MetresFinal

Thu 19.8. morning

09:00W400 Metres HurdlesHeats
09:05MHigh JumpQualification
09:12WLong JumpHeptathlon
09:25M400 Metres HurdlesHeats
10:05M800 MetresHeats
10:39WJavelin ThrowHeptathlon
10:50W800 MetresHeats

Thu 19.8. afternoon

14:40WJavelin ThrowFinal
15:00MPole VaultFinal
15:20MShot Put (6kg)Final
15:40M1500 MetresHeats
16:00WTriple JumpQualification
16:05W800 MetresHeptathlon
16:25WDiscus ThrowFinal
16:30M5000 MetresFinal
17:00W3000 MetresFinal
17:30W100 MetresFinal
17:50M100 MetresFinal

Fri 20.8. morning

09:00M100 MetresDecathlon U20
09:10WHammer ThrowQualification - Group A
09:15W100 Metres HurdlesHeats
09:40MLong JumpDecathlon U20
09:55M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Heats
10:00WHammer ThrowQualification - Group B
10:13WHigh JumpQualification
10:30W1500 MetresHeats
10:50MShot Put (6kg)Decathlon U20
10:55WLong JumpQualification
11:00W200 MetresHeats
11:40M200 MetresHeats

Fri 20.8. afternoon

14:20MJavelin ThrowFinal
14:25WTriple JumpFinal
14:29M3000 Metres SteeplechaseHeats
15:05W100 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
15:17MHigh JumpDecathlon U20
15:30M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Semi-Final
16:00M400 MetresSemi-Final
16:15MHammer Throw (6kg)Final
16:20W800 MetresSemi-Final
16:35MLong JumpFinal
16:40W200 MetresSemi-Final
17:05M200 MetresSemi-Final
17:35M400 MetresDecathlon U20
18:05W3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal

Sat 21.8. morning

09:00M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Decathlon U20
09:15M10,000 Metres Race WalkFinal
09:50MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Decathlon U20
10:20W10,000 Metres Race WalkFinal
10:45MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Qualification - Group A
11:22W4x400 Metres RelayHeats
11:36MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Qualification - Group B
11:50MPole VaultDecathlon U20
11:55M4x400 Metres RelayHeats
12:20W4x100 Metres RelayHeats
12:40M4x100 Metres RelayHeats

Sat 21.8. afternoon

15:00M400 Metres HurdlesSemi-Final
15:05MJavelin ThrowDecathlon U20
15:30M800 MetresSemi-Final
15:55MHigh JumpFinal
16:00W100 Metres HurdlesFinal
16:10WHammer ThrowFinal
16:15M110m Hurdles (99.0cm)Final
16:30M1500 MetresFinal
16:40WShot PutFinal
16:45W800 MetresFinal
17:00W400 MetresFinal
17:20M400 MetresFinal
17:45M1500 MetresDecathlon U20
18:00W200 MetresFinal
18:10M200 MetresFinal

Sun 22.8. afternoon

14:30MTriple JumpFinal
15:00W400 Metres HurdlesFinal
15:15M400 Metres HurdlesFinal
15:25WHigh JumpFinal
15:30M800 MetresFinal
15:50W1500 MetresFinal
16:00MDiscus Throw (1.750kg)Final
16:05M3000 Metres SteeplechaseFinal
16:25WLong JumpFinal
16:30W4x100 Metres RelayFinal
16:45M4x100 Metres RelayFinal
17:10W5000 MetresFinal
17:55W4x400 Metres RelayFinal
18:10M4x400 Metres RelayFinal

World Athletics U20 Championships 2021 - Entry & qualifying Standards

100 m10,4811,7
200 m21,1423,93
400 m46,8653,91
800 m1.49,6002.06.90
1500 m3.46,604.23,20
3000 m8.14,009.23,70
5000 m14.11.2016.31,10
110 m / 100 m hurdles13,90 (99 cm)13,84
400 m hurdles52,0559,52
3000 m sc09.02.5010.25,70
10 km walk43.08,7049.25,20
High jump216183
Pole vault516410
Long jump766622
Triple jump15,7713,05
Shot put18,76 (6 kg)15,1
Discus throw58,05 (1.75 kg)50,78
Hammer throw70,04 (6 kg)59,37
Javelin throw71,0851,7
Decathlon / Heptahtlon71955433
4x100 m40,15 (10,64 / 21,46)45,22 (11,91 / 24,35)
4x400 m3.09,30 (47,93)3.36,80 (54,80)

World Athletics Junior (U20) Championships 2021 in Nairobi - Live results

You can follow the U20 World Championships results in real-time via the World Athletics live results service.

World Athletics Junior (U20) Championships 2021 in Nairobi - Livestream

You can watch the U20 World Championships from Nairobi via the World Athletics YouTube and Facebook channels.

Livestream - morning session Saturday: