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Cross country skiing

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Skiing, nordic skiing or cross country skiing is a popular winter sport especially in the Nordic countries. Cross country skiing races are held mainly widely across Northern Europe and North America.

Nordic winter sports also include ski jumping and nordic combined (skiing and ski jumping). FIS World Ski Championships for these three sports are held together every two years. Another popular ski sport, biathlon, has it's own World Championships under IBU.

Cross country skiing - Competition schedule 2020-2021

FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski or International Ski Federation) organizes the popular cross country skiing world cup series yearly around Europe, North America and occasionally also in Asia. During the 2020-2021 season the World Cup consists of 14 weekends of competition on 14 locations.

Besides the Olympics and World Championships the Tour de Ski is one of the most valued cross country skiing event. It consists of eight events and the times of each eight events are calculated together to decide the overall winner of the tour.

Calendar Cross country skiing

  • DateEventLocation
  • 27.11.2020 - 29.11.2020World Cup Ruka Kuusamo, Finland
    pe 27.11.2020Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    pe 27.11.2020Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    pe 27.11.2020Sprint (c) heats, women
    pe 27.11.2020Sprint (c) heats, men
    la 28.11.202010 km (c) intermediate, women
    la 28.11.202015 km (c) intermediate, men
    su 29.11.202010 km (f) pursuit, women
    su 29.11.202015 km (f) pursuit, men
  • 4.12.2020 - 6.12.2020World Cup Lillehammer Lillehammer, Norway
    pe 04.12.2020Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    pe 04.12.2020Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    pe 04.12.2020Sprint (c) heats, women
    pe 04.12.2020Sprint (c) heats, men
    la 05.12.2020Skiathlon 7,5+7,5 km, women
    la 05.12.2020Skiathlon 15+15 km, men
    su 06.12.20204 x 7,5 km relay, men
    su 06.12.20204 x 5 km relay, women
  • 12.12.2020 - 13.12.2020World Cup Davos Davos, Switzerland
    la 12.12.2020Sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    la 12.12.2020Sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    la 12.12.2020Sprint (f) heats, women
    la 12.12.2020Sprint (f) heats, men
    su 13.12.202010 km (f) intermediate, women
    su 13.12.202015 km (f) intermediate, men
  • 19.12.2020 - 20.12.2020World Cup Dresden Dresden, Germany
    la 19.12.2020Sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    la 19.12.2020Sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    la 19.12.2020Sprint (f) heats, women
    la 19.12.2020Sprint (f) heats, men
    su 20.12.2020Team sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    su 20.12.2020Team sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    su 20.12.2020Team sprint (f) finaali, women
    su 20.12.2020Team sprint (f) finaali, men
  • 1.1.2021 - 10.1.2021Tour de SkiSwitzerland and Italy
  • 1.1.2021 - 3.1.2021World Cup Val Müstair (Tour de Ski) Val Müstair, Switzerland
    pe 01.01.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    pe 01.01.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    pe 01.01.2021Sprint (f) heats, women
    pe 01.01.2021Sprint (f) heats, men
    la 02.01.2021xx km (f) mass start, women
    la 02.01.2021xx km (f) mass start, men
    su 03.01.202110 km (c) pursuit, women
    su 03.01.202115 km (c) pursuit, men
  • 5.1.2021 - 6.1.2021World Cup Toblach (Tour de Ski) Toblach, Italy
    ti 05.01.202110 km (f) intermediate, women
    ti 05.01.202115 km (f) intermediate, men
    ke 06.01.202110 km (c) pursuit, women
    ke 06.01.202115 km (c) pursuit, men
  • 8.1.2021 - 10.1.2021World Cup Val di Fiemme (Tour de Ski) Val di Fiemme, Italy
    pe 08.01.202110 km (c) mass start, women
    pe 08.01.202115 km (c) mass start, men
    la 09.01.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    la 09.01.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    la 09.01.2021Sprint (c) heats, women
    la 09.01.2021Sprint (c) heats, men
    la 09.01.202110 km (f) mass start, final climb, women
    la 09.01.202110 km (f) mass start, final climb, men
  • 16.1.2021 - 17.1.2021World Cup Ulricehamn Ulricehamn, Sweden
    la 16.01.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    la 16.01.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    la 16.01.2021Sprint (f) heats, women
    la 16.01.2021Sprint (f) heats, men
    la 16.01.2021Team sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    la 16.01.2021Team sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    la 16.01.2021Team sprint (f) finaali, women
    la 16.01.2021Team sprint (f) finaali, men
  • 23.1.2021 - 24.1.2021World Cup Lahti Lahti, Finland
    la 23.01.2021Skiathlon 15 km + 15 km, men
    la 23.01.2021Skiathlon 7,5 km + 7,5 km, women
    su 24.01.20214 x 5 km relay, women
    su 24.01.20214 x 7,5 km relay, men
  • 30.1.2021 - 31.1.2021World Cup Falun Falun, Sweden
    la 30.01.202110 km (c) intermediate, women
    la 30.01.202115 km (c) intermediate, men
    su 31.01.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    su 31.01.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    su 31.01.2021Sprint (c) heats, women
    su 31.01.2021Sprint (c) heats, men
  • 20.2.2021 - 21.2.2021World Cup Nove Mesto Nove Mesto, Czech Republic
    la 20.02.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    la 20.02.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    la 20.02.2021Sprint (c) heats, women
    la 20.02.2021Sprint (c) heats, men
    su 21.02.202110 km (f) intermediate, women
    su 21.02.202115 km (f) intermediate, men
  • 24.2.2021 - 7.3.2021World Championships OberstdorfOberstdorf, Germany
    ke 24.02.202110 km (c) qualifiers, men
    ke 24.02.20215 km (c) qualifiers, women
    to 25.02.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    to 25.02.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    to 25.02.2021Sprint (c) heats, women
    to 25.02.2021Sprint (c) heats, men
    la 27.02.2021Skiathlon 7,5 km + 7,5 km, women
    la 27.02.2021Skiathlon 15 km + 15 km, men
    su 28.02.2021Team sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    su 28.02.2021Team sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    su 28.02.2021Team sprint (f) finaali, women
    su 28.02.2021Team sprint (f) finaali, men
    ti 02.03.202110 km (f) intermediate, women
    ke 03.03.202115 km (f) intermediate, men
    to 04.03.20214 x 5 km relay, women
    pe 05.03.20214 x 10 km relay, men
    la 06.03.202130 km (c) mass start, women
    su 07.03.202150 km (c) mass start, men
  • 10.3.2021World Cup Drammen Drammen, Norway
    ke 10.03.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, women
    ke 10.03.2021Sprint (c) qualifiers, men
    ke 10.03.2021Sprint (c) heats, women
    ke 10.03.2021Sprint (c) heats, men
  • 13.3.2021 - 14.3.2021World Cup Holmenkollen Oslo, Norway
    la 13.03.202130 km (f) intermediate, women
    su 14.03.202150 km (f) intermediate, men
  • 19.3.2021 - 21.3.2021World Cup Peking Beijing, China
    pe 19.03.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, women
    pe 19.03.2021Sprint (f) qualifiers, men
    pe 19.03.2021Sprint (f) heats, women
    pe 19.03.2021Sprint (f) heats, men
    la 20.03.2021Skiathlon 7,5 km + 7,5 km, women
    la 20.03.2021Skiathlon 7,5 km + 7,5 km, men
    su 21.03.202110 km (c) pursuit, women
    su 21.03.202115 km (c) pursuit, men

Cross country skiing - Results today

Here you find the latest results of the main international cross country skiing competitions including the World Cup and the World Championships.

Holmenkollen World Cup 8.3.2020

Men 50 km (c) mass start

1.Alexander Bolshunov (RUS)2:08.05,3
2.Simen Hegstad Krüger (NOR)+0,9
3.Emil Iversen (NOR)+19,5
4.Eirik Sverdrup Augdal (NOR)+20,3
5.Hans Christer Holund (NOR)+20,8
6.Dario Cologna (SUI)+21,3
7.Sjur Røthe (NOR)+22,3
8.Jens Burman (SWE)+26,7
9.Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget (NOR)+27,1
10.Didrik Tønseth (NOR)+55,8

Holmenkollen World Cup 7.3.2020

Women 30 km(c) mass start

1.Frida Karlsson (SWE)1:22.19,1
2.Therese Johaug (NOR)+1,2
3.Ebba Andersson (SWE)+20,9
4.Charlotte Kalla (SWE)+40,5
5.Natalia Nepryaeva (RUS)+43,1
6.Katharina Hennig (GER)+43,9
7.Kerttu Niskanen (FIN)+46,7
8.Anamarija Lampic (SLO)+48,0
9.Anne Kyllönen (FIN)+48,3
10.Nadine Fähndrich (SUI)+49,0