Ski jumping today - Schedule and results 2023-2024

See Ski jumping competitions and results today. On our ski jumping page you can find the latest ski jumping info.

Just like alpine skiing and biathlon, ski jumping is also very popular in Central Europe. This becomes obvious when you take a look at the amount of spectators and the prize money awarded in the competitions. Norway and Finland are also very traditional ski jumping countries.

Ski Jumping - Competition schedule 2023-2024

In addition to the World Championships (every two years) and the Olympics (every four years) the yearly organized Ski Jumping World Cup and the Four Hills Tournament are the most famous and appreciated ski jumping competitions.

NOTE! All the times in the calendar are Central European Time (CET), UTC +1.

Calendar Ski Jumping

  • DateEventLocation
  • 24.11.2023 - 26.11.2023World Cup Ruka (men) Ruka, Finland
    Fri 24.11.2023 16:00HS142, qualification, men
    Sat 25.11.2023 16:15HS142, men
    Sun 26.11.2023 14:50HS142, qualification, men
    Sun 26.11.2023 16:15HS142, men
  • 1.12.2023 - 3.12.2023World Cup Lillehammer Lillehammer, Norway
    Fri 01.12.2023HS98, qualification, women
    Fri 01.12.2023HS98, women
    Sat 02.12.2023HS98, qualification, men
    Sat 02.12.2023HS98, men
    Sun 03.12.2023HS140, qualification, women
    Sun 03.12.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Sun 03.12.2023HS140, women
    Sun 03.12.2023HS140, men
  • 8.12.2023 - 10.12.2023World Cup Klingenthal (men) Klingenthal, Germany
    Fri 08.12.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Sat 09.12.2023HS140, men
    Sun 10.12.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Sun 10.12.2023HS140, men
  • 14.12.2023 - 17.12.2023World Cup Engelberg Engelberg, Switzerland
    Thu 14.12.2023HS140, qualification, women
    Fri 15.12.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Fri 15.12.2023HS140, women
    Sat 16.12.2023HS140, men
    Sat 16.12.2023HS140, qualification, women
    Sat 16.12.2023HS140, women
    Sun 17.12.2023HS140, qualification, men
    Sun 17.12.2023HS140, men
  • 28.12.2023 - 6.1.2024Four Hills Tournament (men) Germany, Austria
    Thu 28.12.2023Oberstdorf HS137, qualification, men
    Fri 29.12.2023Oberstdorf HS137, men
    Sun 31.12.2023Garmisch-Partenkirchen HS142, qualification, men
    Mon 01.01.2024Garmisch-Partenkirchen HS142, men
    Tue 02.01.2024Innsbruck HS128, qualification, men
    Wed 03.01.2024Innsbruck HS128, men
    Fri 05.01.2024Bischofshofen HS142, qualification, men
    Sat 06.01.2024Bischofshofen HS142, men
  • 29.12.2023 - 30.12.2023World Cup Garmisch-Partenkirchen (women) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
    Fri 29.12.2023HS142, qualification, women
    Sat 30.12.2023HS142, women
  • 31.12.2023 - 1.1.2024World Cup Oberstdorf (women) Oberstdorf, Germany
    Sun 31.12.2023HS137, qualification, women
    Mon 01.01.2024HS137, women
  • 2.1.2024 - 4.1.2024World Cup Villach (women) Villach, Austria
    Tue 02.01.2024HS98, qualification, women
    Wed 03.01.2024HS98, women
    Thu 04.01.2024HS98, qualification, women
    Thu 04.01.2024HS98, women
  • 12.1.2024 - 14.1.2024World Cup Wisla (men) (Polish Tour) Wisla, Poland
    Fri 12.01.2024HS140, qualification, men
    Sat 13.01.2024HS140 Super team competition, men
    Sun 14.01.2024HS140, men
  • 12.1.2024 - 14.1.2024World Cup Sapporo (women) Sapporo, Japan
    Fri 12.01.2024HS134, qualification, women
    Sat 13.01.2024HS134, women
    Sun 14.01.2024HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 14.01.2024HS134, women
  • 16.1.2024 - 17.1.2024World Cup Szczyrk (men) (Polish Tour) Szczyrk, Poland
    Tue 16.01.2024HS104, qualification, men
    Wed 17.01.2024HS104, men
  • 18.1.2024 - 21.1.2024World Cup Zao (women) Zao, Japan
    Thu 18.01.2024HS102, qualification, women
    Fri 19.01.2024HS102, women
    Sat 20.01.2024HS102, Super team competition, women
    Sun 21.01.2024HS102, qualification, women
    Sun 21.01.2024HS102, women
  • 19.1.2024 - 21.1.2024World Cup Zakopane (men) (Polish Tour) Zakopane, Poland
    Fri 19.01.2024HS140, qualification, men
    Sat 20.01.2024HS140, team competition, men
    Sun 21.01.2024HS140, men
  • 25.1.2024 - 28.1.2024Lentomäen World Championships Kulm Bad Mitterndorf/Tauplitz (men)Kulm Bad Mitterndorf/Tauplitz, Austria
  • 26.1.2024 - 28.1.2024World Cup Ljubno (women) Ljubno, Slovenia
    Fri 26.01.2024HS94, qualification, women
    Sat 27.01.2024HS94, women
    Sun 28.01.2024HS94, qualification, women
    Sun 28.01.2024HS94, women
  • 2.2.2024 - 4.2.2024World Cup Willingen Willingen, Germany
    Fri 02.02.2024HS147, qualification, women
    Fri 02.02.2024HS147, qualification, men
    Sat 03.02.2024HS147, women
    Sat 03.02.2024HS147, men
    Sun 04.02.2024HS147, qualification, men
    Sun 04.02.2024HS147, qualification, women
    Sun 04.02.2024HS147, men
    Sun 04.02.2024HS147, women
  • 9.2.2024 - 11.2.2024World Cup Hinzenbach (women) Hinzenbach, Austria
    Fri 09.02.2024HS90, qualification, women
    Sat 10.02.2024HS90, women
    Sun 11.02.2024HS90, qualification, women
    Sun 11.02.2024HS90, women
  • 10.2.2024 - 11.2.2024World Cup Lake Placid (men) Lake Placid, USA
    Sat 10.02.2024HS128, qualification, men
    Sat 10.02.2024HS128 Super team competition, men
    Sat 10.02.2024HS128, men
    Sun 11.02.2024HS128, qualification, men
    Sun 11.02.2024HS128, men
  • 16.2.2024 - 18.2.2024World Cup Rasnov Rasnov, Romania
    Fri 16.02.2024HS97, qualification, women
    Sat 17.02.2024HS97, women
    Sun 18.02.2024HS97, qualification, women
    Sun 18.02.2024HS97, women
  • 16.2.2024 - 18.2.2024World Cup Sapporo (men) Sapporo, Japan
    Fri 16.02.2024HS134, qualification, men
    Sat 17.02.2024HS134, men
    Sun 18.02.2024HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 18.02.2024HS134, men
  • 22.2.2024 - 25.2.2024World Cup Oberstdorf (men) Oberstdorf, Germany
    Thu 22.02.2024HS235, qualification, men
    Fri 23.02.2024HS235 Super team competition, men
    Sat 24.02.2024HS235, men
    Sun 25.02.2024HS235, qualification, men
    Sun 25.02.2024HS235, men
  • 29.2.2024 - 3.3.2024World Cup Lahti Lahti, Finland
    Thu 29.02.2024HS130, qualification, women
    Fri 01.03.2024HS130, women
    Fri 01.03.2024HS130, qualification, men
    Sat 02.03.2024HS130, team competition, men
    Sun 03.03.2024HS130, men
  • 8.3.2024 - 10.3.2024World Cup Oslo (Raw Air) Oslo, Norway
    Fri 08.03.2024HS134, qualification, men
    Fri 08.03.2024HS134, qualification, women
    Sat 09.03.2024HS134, men
    Sat 09.03.2024HS134, women
    Sun 10.03.2024HS134, qualification, men
    Sun 10.03.2024HS134, qualification, women
    Sun 10.03.2024HS134, men
    Sun 10.03.2024HS134, women
  • 11.3.2024 - 13.3.2024World Cup Trondheim (Raw Air)Trondheim, Norway
    Mon 11.03.2024HS100, qualification, women
    Mon 11.03.2024HS100, qualification, men
    Tue 12.03.2024HS100, women
    Tue 12.03.2024HS100, men
    Wed 13.03.2024HS100, qualification, women
    Wed 13.03.2024HS100, qualification, men
    Wed 13.03.2024HS100, women
    Wed 13.03.2024HS100, men
  • 15.3.2024 - 17.3.2024World Cup Vikersund (men) (Raw Air) Vikersund, Norway
    Fri 15.03.2024HS240, qualification, men
    Sat 16.03.2024HS240, men
    Sat 16.03.2024HS240, women
    Sun 17.03.2024HS240, qualification, men
    Sun 17.03.2024HS240, men
    Sun 17.03.2024HS240, men
  • 21.3.2024 - 24.3.2024World Cup Planica (men) Planica, Slovenia
    Thu 21.03.2024HS240, qualification, men
    Fri 22.03.2024HS240, men
    Sat 23.03.2024HS240, team competition, men
    Sun 24.03.2024HS240, men

Ski jumping - Results today

We will update the results from the most important ski jumping competitions here during the season 2023/2024.

Lillehammer World Cup 2.-3.12.2023

3.12. Men HS140

1.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹318,2
2.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪312,3
3.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹311,3
4.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪308,7
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵299,9
6.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴298,1
7.Pius Paschke 🇩🇪295,7
8.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹295,3
9.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹29,43
10.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮287,8
16.Antti Aalto 🇫🇮268,7
29.Eetu Nousiainen 🇫🇮243,0

3.12. Women HS140

1.Josephine Pagnier 🇫🇷272,4
2.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦267,5
3.Eirin Maria Kvandal 🇳🇴252,8
4.Silje Opseth 🇳🇴251,7
5.Ema Klinec 🇸🇮250,7
6.Sara Takanashi 🇯🇵245,4
7.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵241,7
8.Katharina Schmid 🇩🇪236,0
9.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹233,2
10.Nika Kriznar 🇸🇮233,0

2.12. Men HS98

1.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹296,7
2.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪291,7
3.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹287,3
4.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪284,6
5.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹283,8
6.Pius Paschke 🇩🇪283,5
7.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹282,0
8.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮278,8
9.Stephan Leyhe 🇩🇪278,3
10.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴275,8
30.Niko Kytösaho 🇫🇮242,0

2.12. Women HS98

1.Yuki Ito 🇯🇵244,6
2.Josephine Pagnier 🇫🇷242,7
3.Alexandria Loutitt 🇨🇦241,6
4.Eirin Maria Kvandal 🇳🇴240,3
5.Anna Odine Strøm 🇳🇴229,2
6.Marita Kramer 🇦🇹229,1
7.Thea Minyan Bjørseth 🇳🇴228,4
8.Katharina Schmid 🇩🇪227,6
9.Anna Rupprecht 🇩🇪227,0
10.Nika Prevc 🇸🇮225,5

Ruka World Cup 26.11.2023

Men HS142

1.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹363,5
2.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹340,9
3.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪334,1
4.Pius Paschke 🇩🇪333,8
5.Stephan Leyhe 🇩🇪327,9
6.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮324,1
7.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹319,5
8.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮318,1
9.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪317,5
10.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹313,2

Complete results

Ruka World Cup 25.11.2023


1.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹326,2
2.Pius Paschke 🇩🇪315,6
3.Stephan Leyhe 🇩🇪313,2
4.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪311,5
5.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹310,3
6.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵309,7
7.Philipp Raimund 🇩🇪309,3
8.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮298,6
9.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹297,9
10.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹296,6


Ruka World Cup 24.11.2023

HS142, qualification

1.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪154,2
2.Gregor Deschwanden 🇨🇭-2,3
3.Stephan Leyhe 🇩🇪-4,8
4.Clemens Aigner 🇦🇹-6,1
5.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴-7,6
6.Philipp Raimund 🇩🇪-9,1
7.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪-10,7
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹-13,1


Four Hills Tournament - Bischofshofen 6.1.2022

Final results HS142

1.Daniel Huber 🇦🇹286,8
2.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴282,4
3.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪281,9
4.Yukiya Sato 🇯🇵281,1
5.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵277,8
6.Robert Johansson 🇳🇴277,7
7.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹275,3
8.Markus Eisenbichler 🇩🇪275,2
9.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮273,6
10.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴271,5

Qualification HS142

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵151,5 Q
2.Markus Eisenbichler 🇩🇪149,1 Q
3.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴142,6 Q
4.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹140,9 Q
5.Killian Peier 🇨🇭139,1 Q
6.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮138,3 Q
7.Robert Johansson 🇳🇴137,1 Q
8.Daniel Huber 🇦🇹136,3 Q
9.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹135,4 Q
10.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱135,0 Q

Mäkiviikko, Bischofshofen 5.1.2023

HS142 Men

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴151,9
2.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱147,5
3.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮143,7
4.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱143,3
5.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹143,1
6.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹139,9
7.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮136,6
8.Ryoyu Kobayashi 🇯🇵136,4
9.Clemens Aigner 🇦🇹136,0
10.Ziga Jelar 🇸🇮135,1

Innsbruck Four Hills Tournament 3.1.2023

Men qualification HS128

1.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱126,8
2.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱122,8
3.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮116,1
4.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴114,1
5.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴113,6
6.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹113,4
6.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹113,4
8.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮112,0
9.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮108,7
10.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹107,9

Complete results

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Four Hills Tournament 2/4 31.12.2022

Men's qualification HS142

1.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱143,2
2.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮142,0
3.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮139,1
4.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱138,6
5.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹134,8
6.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴133,5
7.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱131,1
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹128,6
9.Philipp Raimund 🇩🇪127,7
10.Constantin Schmid 🇩🇪126,8

Oberstdorf Four Hills Tournament 28.12.2022

Men's qualification HS137

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴155,5 Q
2.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱146,6 Q
3.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮141,7 Q
4.Johann Andre Forfang 🇳🇴140,5 Q
5.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱140,1 Q
6.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱140,0 Q
7.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪139,8 Q
8.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪137,9 Q
9.Daniel Andre Tande 🇳🇴137,8 Q
10.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹137,5 Q

Complete results

Bischofshofen mäkiviikko 4/4 6.1.2023

Men HS142

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴313,4
2.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮305,5
3.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱303,7
4.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹297,6
5.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹292,1
6.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱289,9
7.Peter Prevc 🇸🇮288,6
8.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹285,6
9.Timi Zajc 🇸🇮285,3
10.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱282,5
32.Antti Aalto 🇫🇮128,3
33.Vilho Palosaari 🇫🇮127,3

Complete results

Innsbruck mäkiviikko 3/4 4.1.2023

Men HS128

1.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱265,2
2.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴261,7
3.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮258,8
4.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹255,0
5.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱249,2
6.Marius Lindvik 🇳🇴246,2
7.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹239,1
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹234,3
9.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹233,7
10.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱231,5
27.Antti Aalto 🇫🇮205,7
41.Vilho Palosaari 🇫🇮88,3

Complete results

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1.1.2023, Four Hills Tournament 2/4

Men HS142

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴303,7
2.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮297,3
3.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱294,4
4.Manuel Fettner 🇦🇹279,6
5.Jan Hörl 🇦🇹278,9
6.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱277,0
7.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹275,4
8.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪273,1
9.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱272,7
10.Michael Hayböck 🇦🇹269,8

Complete results

Oberstdorf Four Hills Tournament 1/4 29.12.2022

Men HS137

1.Halvor Egner Granerud 🇳🇴312,4
2.Piotr Zyla 🇵🇱299,0
3.Dawid Kubacki 🇵🇱294,9
4.Karl Geiger 🇩🇪293,6
5.Stefan Kraft 🇦🇹292,0
6.Andreas Wellinger 🇩🇪285,2
7.Lovro Kos 🇸🇮280,7
8.Daniel Tschofenig 🇦🇹278,8
9.Kamil Stoch 🇵🇱276,1
10.Anze Lanisek 🇸🇮267,4

Complete results

Men's & women's ski jumping

For a long time ski jumping competitions were held only for men but nowadays women have their own world cup tour and the sport is also included in the World Championships and the Olympics. In the olympic level women's ski jumping was introduced in the 2014 Sochi games in Russia.

The first World Championships medals were awarded to women in 2009 in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Ski jumping records - the longest jumps

Austria's Stefan Kraft has the longest recorded ski jump. He jumped incredible 253,5 metres in March 2017 in Vikersund, Norway. The womens' longest jump record is held by Austria's Daniela Iraschko-Stolz. She has jumped exactly 200 metres.

Ski jumping world records

WR, men253,5mStefan Kraft 🇦🇹Vikersund HS225
WR, women200mDaniela Iraschko-Stolz 🇦🇹Kulm HS200
Summer WR, men147,5mDmitri VasiljevRusSki Gorki HS140
Summer WR, women141,0mSara Takanashi 🇯🇵Okurayama HS134