Vålådalsrennet Ski Classics 2021 | See Schedule & Results

Vålådalsrennet 2021

Vålådalsrennet in Sweden replaces Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet in Visma Ski Classics 2021 Series. Birkebeinerrennet 2021 was cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Vålådalsrennet is a first-timer in the Visma Ski Classics long distance skiing series. The distance in Vålådalsrennet is 54 kilometres and the race is skied in classic style as a mass start. The course of Vålådalsrennet resembles the one of Birkebeinerrennet.

Only Visma Ski Classics Pro Team skiers will be able to participate in this year´s Vålådalsrennet. In addition some national teams elite skiers that meet certain criterias can take part in 2021 Vålådalsrennet.

Vålådalsrennet 2021 – Schedule & timetables

Sat 20.3. klo 7:45Women 54 km (c)
Sat 20.3. klo 9:45Men 54 km (c)

Vålådalsrennet 2021 - Results

We will update Vålådalsrennet 2021 results here.

Vålådalsrennet Ski Classics 20.3.2021

Men´s 54 km (c) mass start

1.Emil Persson 🇸🇪2:30.37,7
2.Andreas Nygaard 🇳🇴+1,1
3.Oskar Kardin 🇸🇪+1,4
4.Anton Karlsson 🇸🇪+1,5
5.Tord Asle Gjerdalen 🇳🇴+3,1
6.Andrew Musgrave 🇬🇧+3,5
7.Max Novak 🇸🇪+4,1
8.Nils Persson 🇸🇪+5,2
9.Øyvind Moen Fjeld 🇳🇴+5,5
10.Magnus Vesterheim 🇳🇴+5,9

Women´s 54 km (c) mass start

1.Ebba Andersson 🇸🇪2:52.01,0
2.Emilie Fleten 🇳🇴+7,0
3.Lina Korsgren 🇸🇪+1.58,0
4.Silje Theodorsen 🇳🇴+2.14,9
5.Roxane Lacroix 🇫🇷+2.39,1
6.Katerina Smutná 🇨🇿+3.03,5
7.Ida Dahl 🇸🇪+5.41,4
8.Elin Mohlin 🇸🇪+5.44,1
9.Sofie Elebro 🇸🇪+5.44,4
10.Jenny Larsson 🇸🇪+6.16,0