Swedish top skiers start their season in Bruksvallsloppet - Karlsson vs. Andersson top pick of the weekend

Swedish cross country skiers start their season on Friday in Bruksvallarna with a three-day event.
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Swedish top skiers start their season in Bruksvallsloppet - Karlsson vs. Andersson top pick of the weekend
Frida Karlsson. Kuva: Granada [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Swedish top skiers gather to their season opening event in Bruksvallarna on Friday as the three-day Bruksvallarsloppet opens their season.

The competition starts on Friday afternoon with 10/15 km classic style intermediate races. On Saturday it's time for classic style sprints and the weekend ends on Sunday with 10/15 km freestyle intermediate races.

Our number one pick for the weekend is the ladies' first race on Friday when the world class duo of Frida Karlsson-Ebba Andersson go head-to-head in the 10 km (c). The duo will have a rematch on Sunday in the freestyle race. Charlotte Kalla is out of the Bruksvallarsloppet due to her covid-19 symptoms.

Andersson secured her place in the FIS World Cup top level last season as she finished third in the overall distance cup and visited the podium total of six times during the season.

Ebba Andersson.
Ebba Andersson. (Ebba Andersson. Kuva: Granada [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

Karlsson made her mark last season in Holmenkollen. The young Swede beat the local hero and cross country queen Therese Johaug in the legendary 30 km race.

In Saturday's sprint event we will witness some world class action as the top two sprinters of last season Linn Svahn-Jonna Sundling go against each other. Sweden's top level female sprinter list doesn't end there. In Bruksvallarna the previous duo will be challenged by the following top skiers: Maja Dahlqvist, Moa Lundgren, Emma Ribom, Johanna Haggström, Linn Sömskar, Hanna Falk and Anna Dyvik.

The men's races feature Sweden's top names Calle Halfvarsson (sprint & 15 km (f)), Jens Burman (15 km (c) & (f)) ja ikinuori Daniel Rickardsson (15 km (c) & (f)).

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Bruksvallsloppet 2020 - Schedule & timetables

Friday 20th

12:1015 km (c) intermediate, men
14:2010 km (c) intermediate, women

Saturday 21st

9:45Sprint (c) heats, women
10:15Sprint (c) heats, men
12:20Sprint (c) finals, women
12:45Sprint (c) finals, men

Sunday 22nd

9:4010 km (f) intermediate, women
12:1015 km (f) intermediate, men

Bruksvallsloppet 2020 - Results

We will update the Bruksvallsloppet 2020 results here as the competition proceeds.

Bruksvallarna 20.11.2020

Women´s 10 km (c)

1.Ebba Andersson 🇸🇪30.15,0
2.Frida Karlsson 🇸🇪+3,2
3.Emma Ribom 🇸🇪+1.21,9
4.Linn Svahn 🇸🇪+1.25,9
5.Jonna Sundling 🇸🇪+1.48,6
6.Sofia Henriksson 🇸🇪+2.04,3
7.Johanna Hagström 🇸🇪+2.25,5
8.Evelina Settlin 🇸🇪+3.01,8
9.Lovisa Modig 🇸🇪+3.03,9
10.Jenny Larsson 🇸🇪+3.04,5

Men´s 15 km (c)

1.Max Novak 🇸🇪41.41,60
2.Gustav Eriksson 🇸🇪+12,5
3.William Poromaa 🇸🇪+7,4
4.Axel Ekström 🇸🇪+36,1
5.Björn Sandström 🇸🇪+38,2
6.Emil Persson 🇸🇪+40,6
7.Oskar Svensson 🇸🇪+47,9
8.Johan Ekberg 🇸🇪+59,8
9.Filip Danielsson 🇸🇪+1.04,4
10.Marcus Roos 🇸🇪+1.12,0