Gällivarepremiären 2021 | Livestream, Schedule & Results

Sweden's top skiers start their season 2021/22 in Gällivarepremiären - Watch live

Once again, Gällivarepremiären 2021 is the season opener for the Swedish cross country skiers in mid November.
Etusuora: 19.11.2021 07:31Cross country skiing
Sweden's top skiers start their season 2021/22 in Gällivarepremiären - Watch live
Photo: Vilma Laaksonen (Ruka Nordic -kuvapankki)
Dahlqvist, Svahn, Sundling.
Gällivare in Northern Sweden hosts the Swedish cross country skiing season 2021/22 opener on the 19th-21st of November 2021. The three-day-event is called Gällivarepremiären and it traditionally gathers all the Swedish skiers to start their winter competition season.

The weekend begins on Friday with classic style sprints. On Saturday it's time for 10/15 km classic style interval races. The weekend ends on Sunday with 10/15 km freestyle interval races.

The Norwegian skiers start their season at the same time in Beitostölen in the Beitosprinten event. Finnish skiers gather in Taivalkoski for their national cup competition.

After Gällivarepremiären the top Swedish skiers travel to Finland for the FIS World Cup opener in Ruka, Kuusamo.

Gällivarepremiären 2021 – Schedule & timetables

NOTE: All the times are local times in Sweden (CEST, GMT+1).

Friday 19.11.
9.35 - Sprint (f) qualification, women
10.05 - Sprint (f) qualification, men
12.05 - Sprint (f) finals, women
12.40 - Sprint (f) finals, men

Saturday 20.11.
10.45 - Men 15 km (c) interval
12.30 - Women 10 km (c) interval

Sunday 21.11.
10.45 - Men 15 km (f) interval
12.30 - Women 10 km (f) interval

Gällivarepremiären 2021 - Entries and startlists

We will update the entries/startlist for the Gällivarepremiären 2021 here.

Sun 21.11.2021

Sat 20.11.2021

Fri 19.11.2021

Gällivarepremiären 2021 - Livestream

The Swedish national network SVT broadcasts the Gällivarepremiären live. The broadcast should available worldwide.

Watch Gällivarepremiären 2021 live

Gällivarepremiären 2021 - Results

Gällivarepremiären 21.11.2021

Women´s 10 km (f)

1.Frida Karlsson (SWE)23.22,4
2.Ebba Andersson (SWE)+29,5
3.Moa Olsson (SWE)+34,8
4.Louise Lindström (SWE)+54,3
5.Charlotte Kalla (SWE)+1.12,4
6.Linn Sömskar (SWE)+1.31,5
7.Izabela Marcisz (POL)+1.44,3
8.Patricija Eiduka (LAT)+1.44,7
9.Lovisa Modig (SWE)+2.10,7
10.Moa Lundgren (SWE)+2.21,8

Men´s 15 km (f)

1.Leo Johansson (SWE)31.46,5
2.Jonas Eriksson (SWE)+14,2
3.Fredrik Jonsson (SWE)+20,2
4.Dario Cologna (SUI)+24,8
5.Johan Herbert (SWE)+41,9
6.Axel Ekström (SWE)+43,1
7.Karl-Johan Westberg (SWE)+44,5
8.Beda Klee (SUI)+57,2
9.Simon Andersson (SWE)+59,1
10.Gustav Eriksson (SWE)+59,4

Gällivarepremiären 20.11.2021

Men´s 15 km (c)

1.Leo Johansson (SWE)35.38,0
2.Dario Cologna (SUI)+7,1
3.Eric Rosjö (SWE)+20,9
4.Johan Häggström (SWE)+39,3
5.Fredrik Andersson (SWE)+41,5
6.Calle Halfvarsson (SWE)+48,5
7.Viktor Brännmark (SWE)+52,1
8.Jason Rüesch (SUI)+52,2
9.Fredrik Jonsson (SWE)+56,3
10.Johan Ekberg (SWE)+56,5

Women´s 10 km (c)

1.Frida Karlsson (SWE)25.53,3
2.Ebba Andersson (SWE)+16,1
3.Charlotte Kalla (SWE)+48,6
4.Anna Dyvik (SWE)+1.01,0
5.Moa Olsson (SWE)+1.07,7
6.Linn Sömskar (SWE)+1.12,4
7.Maja Dahlqvist (SWE)+1.20,8
8.Louise Lindström (SWE)+1.26,3
9.Masako Ishida (JPN)+1.40,5
10.Lina Korsgren (SWE)+1.46,5

Gällivarepremiären 19.11.2021

Men's sprint (f) final

1.Johan Häggström (SWE)2.40,3
2.Kevin Bolger (USA)+0,7
3.Marcus Grate (SWE)+1,3
4.Axel Aflodal (SWE)+4,6
5.Olof Jonsson (SWE)+44,6
6.Anton Persson (SWE)+1.08,2

Women's sprint (f) final

1.Anna Dyvik (SWE)3.01,7
2.Johanna Hagström (SWE)+1,0
3.Linn Sömskar (SWE)+5,4
4.Nadine Fähndrich (SUI)+6,6
5.Jenny Solin (SWE)+7,8
6.Alicia Persson (SWE)+10,5

Men's sprint (f) qualification

1.Anton Persson (SWE)2.37,0
2.Gustaf Berglund (SWE)+0,6
3.George Ersson (SWE)+0,7
4.Olof Jonsson (SWE)+2,6
5.Erik Silfver (SWE)+2,9
6.Truls Gisselman (SWE)+3,1
7.Hugo Jacobsson (SWE)+3,3
8.Olov Roos (SWE)+3,4
9.Gustav Aflodal (SWE)+3,8
10.Edvin Anger (SWE)+3,9

Women's sprint (f) qualification

1.Maja Dahlqvist (SWE)3.00,1
2.Anna Dyvik (SWE)+1,5
3.Jonna Sundling (SWE)+2,1
4.Johanna Hagström (SWE)+7,2
5.Linn Sömskar (SWE)+7,4
6.Nadine Fähndrich (SUI)+7,9
7.Patricija Eiduka (LAT)+9,2
8.Moa Hansson (SWE)+9,6
9.Jenny Solin (SWE)+9,8
10.Alicia Persson (SWE)+10,3

Follow the race results live via FIS live result service:

Friday 19th of November

Saturday 20th of November

Sunday 21th of November

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