Entry Standards for European Championships in Munich 2022

The road to next year’s Munich European Championships 2022 will be much more difficult than expected for many athletes. The entry standards are the toughest in the competition history.
Veijo Vaakanainen: 16.08.2021 19:30Athletics
Entry Standards for European Championships in Munich 2022
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen/Trackpic
The European Athletics has finally released its long-awaited result limits for the next summer European Championships 2022 in Munich.

Compared to previous European Championships, the result limits have risen significantly. For example, the entry standard for men’s javelin throw is 84 meters, compared to 80.50 at the cancelled Paris European Championships. In the women’s 100-meter hurdles, on the other hand, the limit has risen from a time of 13.30 to 12.93.

With the toughened limits, the ranking system familiar from this year’s Tokyo Olympics will also be used to qualify for the European Championships. If the target number of athletes is not obtained for the different disciplines, the places will be supplemented with the help of rankings. In addition to the result points, the ranking also takes into account the level of competition with the help of ranking points.

The ranking system and the introduction of strict discipline quotas clearly make it more difficult to succeed in competitions in certain disciplines. For example, 29 heptathlon athletes took part in the European Championships in Berlin, but in Munich a maximum of 24 of them can take part. Also in many field disciplines, the qualifications are clearly tightened, with the maximum number of athletes being 26.

Entry Standards

10,16100 m11,24
20,43200 m23,05
45,70400 m51,70
1.45,90800 m2.00,40
3.36,001 500 m4.06,00
13.24,005 000 m15.25,00
28.15,0010 000 m32.20,00
8.30,003 000 m steeplec.9.39,00
13,50110/100 m H12,93
49,50400 m H55,85
1.22.1020 km race walk1.32.15
2.35.3035 km race walk2.55.00
230High jump195
575Pole vault460
810Long jump679
16,95Triple jump14,25
20,85Shot put18,20
77,00Hammer throw71,80