JuVaughn Harrison - Two historic results on the same day

JuVaughn Harrison from the US achieved something special on Friday.
Etusuora: 13.03.2021 07:23Athletics
JuVaughn Harrison - Two historic results on the same day
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen/Trackpic
JuVaughn Harrison, who turns 22 in April, won two different events on Friday at the NCAA Hall Championships in Fayetteville, Arizona.

In the high jump, Harrison raised his record by two cents to 230. Just over a couple of hours after that, Harrison also set his new record 845 in the long jump. The previous record set a few weeks ago improved by 12 cents. With his long jump result, he rises to eighth in the all-time world statistics (indoor).

Harrison, who achieved the U20 Series World Championship bronze in 2018 in the high jump, achieved the best results ever on the same day in men’s high jump and long jump. Competition at the top level in these two sports has otherwise been quite rare in men’s athletics since World War II.

East German Henry Lauterbach jumped high jump result of 230 in 1978 and long jump of 835 in 1981. Lauterbach was the Olympic champion in high jump in 1980 and the European Championship in long jump in 1982.