U20 sprints start off the JWSC 2021 in Vuokatti

The JWSC 2021 gets on the way on Tuesday with classic style junior sprints.
Etusuora: 09.02.2021 13:43Cross-country skiing
U20 sprints start off the JWSC 2021 in Vuokatti
Photo: Tomi Mäkipää
Niilo Moilanen Vuokatin Suomen Cupissa sykyllä 2020.
Six days of action in the FIS World Junior Ski Championships begin on Tuesday in Vuokatti, Finland with junior (U20) classic style sprints. The qualification starts at 10:00 local time (9:00 CET). The final phase begins at 12:00 (11:00 CET).

In the men´s race the biggest favourites might be last years JWSC veterans. Russia´s Sergey Volkov (4th) and Vladimir Rybkin (12th) as well as Sweden´s under aged Edvin Anger(9th) were fighting for top spots last year and are now hungry for medals. The local hero Finland´s Niilo Moilanen tries to challenge the favourites and he might a surpise name in the medal podium on Tuesday.

In the women´s race Poland´s JWSC medalist Monika Skinder tries fight off her Swedish and Norwegian rivals from the top podium. Also Switzerland´s 18-year-old super talent Siri Wegger has to be mentioned among the favourites. She got the bronze last year in Oberwiesenthal when she was three years younger than her competitors.

In Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia there is an open live stream provided by their local networks. Elsewhere you buy buy the international live stream.

Qualification results

JWSC 9.2.2021

M20 sprint (c) qual

1.Niilo Moilanen 🇫🇮3.03,36
2.Jonas Vika 🇳🇴+5,45
3.Emil Danielsson 🇸🇪+6,62
4.George Ersson 🇸🇪+6,96
5.Lars Agnar Hjelmeset 🇳🇴+7,68
6.Viktor Zhul+8,54
7.Vladimir Rybkin+8,85
8.Jaume Pueyo 🇪🇸+9,04
9.Edvin Anger 🇸🇪+9,04
10.Truls Gisselman 🇸🇪+9,37

W20 sprint (c) qual

1.Karolina Kaleta 🇵🇱2.40,26
2.Moa Hansson 🇸🇪+0,42
3.Alena Baranova+2,32
4.Monika SKinder 🇵🇱+2,74
5.Maria Hartz Melling 🇳🇴+3,95
6.Märta Rosenberg 🇸🇪+4,88
7.Veronika Stepanova+5,06
8.Nela Pubalova 🇨🇿+5,14
9.Vilma Ryytty 🇫🇮+5,39
10.Uliana Nikolova+5,85

The final phase begins at 12:00 local time (11:00 CET).

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