Huge throw in women's discus - best result in 30 years!

Huge throw in women's discus - best result in 30 years!

The 2021 Olympic champion USA's Valarie Allman was on fire on Saturday in La Jolla California throwing a new North American discus record and the best result in women's discus in 30 years.
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Huge throw in women's discus - best result in 30 years!
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USA's 27-year-old Valarie Allman is in an inspiring spring form. In her second competition of the season in Triton Invitational in La Jolla California Allman threw an impressive 71,46 - the best result in women's discus in more or less 30 years!

Last time a female was able to throw discus further was back in May 1992 when China's Xiao Yanling threw the current Asian record of 71,68 in Beijing, China. Allman improved her personal best as well as the North American and USA's record by 30 centimeters.

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Valarie Allman (USA)

Born: 23.2.1995

Latest results

2022-05-21Kiekonheitto67.851.Diamond League Meeting, finaali
2022-04-16Kiekonheitto69.461.Golden Games, finaali
2022-04-08Kiekonheitto71.461.UCSD Triton Invitational, finaali
2022-03-19Kiekonheitto68.13-UTSA Invitational, finaali
2021-09-14Kiekonheitto69.631.Memorial Boris Hanžeković, finaali
2021-09-12Kiekonheitto71.161.80th ISTAF, finaali
2021-09-09Kiekonheitto69.201.33rd Weltklasse, Wanda Diamond League Final, finaali
2021-09-01Kiekonheitto64.252.46th Van Damme Memorial, Wanda Diamond League, finaali
2021-08-28Kiekonheitto64.513.Meeting de Paris, Wanda Diamond League, finaali
2021-08-02Kiekonheitto68.981.32nd Olympic Games, finaali

Personal and season bests

WT (halli)21.42 (2018)
Moukarinheitto63.65 (2018)
Kiekonheitto71.46 (2022)71.46

The reigning Olympic champion Allman reached the all time 16th spot with her throw passing Croatia's discus legend Sandra Perkovic on the list. Womens' discus world record 76,80 was thrown by Germany's Gabriele Reinsch in 1988.

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