Iivo Niskanen pulls out of the Tour de Ski

The Finnish cross country super star Iivo Niskanen has decided to withdraw from the Tour de Ski.
Etusuora: 29.12.2020 11:45Cross-country skiing
Iivo Niskanen pulls out of the Tour de Ski
Photo: Touho Häkkinen
Iivo Niskanen.
Iivo Niskanen has decided not to participate after all in the Tour de Ski this time. Niskanen was originally named to the Finnish team a week ago but now the Finnish number one skier has come to a different conclusion.

According to the Finnish Ski Association´s media post Niskanen has decided to avoid the risk of getting sick and concentrates now in training in Finland for the World Championships.

Source in Finnish: https://hiihtoliitto.fi/iivo-niskanen-ei-lahde-tour-de-skille/

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