Men's Javelin All Time Top 100: See Complete Lists!

Men's javelin all time TOP 100: Železný still number one, Vetter closing in

We take a look at the men's javelin throw world all time best throwers and results. One man dominates the longest throws list.
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Men's javelin all time TOP 100: Železný still number one, Vetter closing in
Photo: Olavi Kaljunen / Trackpic
Johannes Vetter
This article is based on the Tilastopaja statistics of the currently used javelin model. The A-mark beside the result stands for result made in high altitude.

Germany's Johannes Vetter has been dominating men's javelin lately. He rose to the second place of men's javelin throw's all time list with the current javelin model in 2020 after throwing an amazing result of 97,76 in Poland in early September.

The world record still remains with Czech Republic's Jan Železný who threw his WR of 98,48 in 1996 in Jena, Germany.

Alltogether 22 athletes have reached the incredible mark of 90 metres. Germany and Finland are the countries with the most 90 metres throwers: Germany has five, Finland three. Czech Republic has two throwes in the 90 meters club and Kenya, Russia, Greece, Norway, Great Britain, Taipei, USA, Latvia, Estonia, Grenada, Pakistan and Trinidad & Tobago have one thrower each over 90 metres.

The stats have been updated August 25th 2022

Men's javelin - All time top 100 throwers

1.Jan Železný (CZE)98.4825.5.1996
2.Johannes Vetter (GER)97.766.9.2020
3.Thomas Röhler (GER)93.905.5.2017
4.Aki Parviainen (FIN)93.0926.6.1999
5.Anderson Peters (GRN)93.0713.5.2022
6.Julius Yego (KEN)92.7226.8.2015
7.Sergey Makarov (RUS)92.6130.6.2002
8.Raymond Hecht (GER)92.6021.7.1995
9.Andreas Hofmann (GER)
10.Konstandínos Gatsioúdis (GRE)91.6924.6.2000
11.Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR)91.592.6.2006
12.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)91.5326.6.2005
13.Steve Backley (GBR)91.4625.1.1992
14.Cheng Chao-Tsun (TPE)91.3626.8.2017
15.Breaux Greer (USA)91.2921.6.2007
16.Jakub Vadlejch (CZE)90.8813.5.2022
17.Vadims Vasiļevskis (LAT)90.7322.7.2007
18.Magnus Kirt (EST)90.6122.6.2019
19.Seppo Räty (FIN)90.6020.7.1992
20.Boris Henry (GER)90.449.7.1997
21.Arshad Nadeem (PAK)
22.Keshorn Walcott (TTO)
23.Neeraj Chopra (IND)89.9430.6.2022
24.Oliver Helander (FIN)89.8314.6.2022
25.Marcin Krukowski (POL)89.558.6.2021
26.Julian Weber (GER)89.546.6.2022
27.Ihab Abdelrahman (EGY)89.2118.5.2014
28.Edis Matusevičius (LTU)89.1727.7.2019
29.Tom Petranoff (USA)89.16A1.11.1991
30.Zhao Qinggang (CHN)89.152 Oct 2014
31.Patrik Bodén (SWE)89.1024.11.1990
32.Bernhard Seifert (GER)89.0626.5.2019
33.Jarrod Bannister (AUS)89.0229.2.2008
34.Antti Ruuskanen (FIN)88.982.8.2015
35.Aleksandr Ivanov (RUS)88.907.6.2003
36.Dmitriy Tarabin (RUS)88.8424.7.2013
37.Marius Corbett (RSA)88.7521.9.1998
38.Peter Blank (GER)88.7030.6.2001
39.Matthias de Zordo (GER)88.3616.9.2011
40.Vítězslav Veselý (CZE)88.348.8.2012
41.Petr Frydrych (CZE)88.3212.8.2017
42.Matti Närhi (FIN)88.2427.7.1997
43.Juha Laukkanen (FIN)88.2220.6.1992
44.Gavin Lovegrove (NZL)
45.Ioánnis Kiriazís (GRE)88.0131.3.2017
46.Vladimir Ovchinnikov (RUS)88.0014.5.1995
47.Andrus Värnik (EST)87.8319.8.2003
48.Harri Hakkarainen (FIN)87.8224.6.1995
49.Curtis Thompson (USA)87.709.7.2022
50.Kazuhiro Mizoguchi (JPN)87.6027.5.1989
51.Gatis Čakšs (LAT)87.579.6.2021
52.Aliaksei Katkavets (BLR)87.531.8.2020
53.Vladimir Sasimovich (BLR)87.4024.6.1995
54.Andrey Moruyev (RUS)87.3425.6.1994
55.Teemu Wirkkala (FIN)87.2322.7.2009
56.Viktor Zaytsev (UZB)87.2023.6.1992
56.Peter Esenwein (GER)87.2031.5.2004
56.Guillermo Martínez (CUB)87.20A28.10.2011
59.Dariusz Trafas (POL)87.1717.9.2000
60.Tom Pukstys (USA)87.1225.5.1997
60.Emeterio González (CUB)
62.Yuriy Rybin (RUS)86.9826.8.1995
63.Mick Hill (GBR)86.9413.6.1993
64.Ryohei Arai (JPN)86.8321.10.2014
65.Ari Mannio (FIN)86.827.6.2015
66.Einar Vilhjálmsson (ISL)86.8029.8.1992
66.Robert Oosthuizen (RSA)86.80A1.11.2008
68.Pål Arne Fagernes (NOR)86.7422.9.2000
69.Lars Hamann (GER)86.7113.5.2017
70.Tero Järvenpää (FIN)86.6827.7.2008
71.Andrew Currey (AUS)86.6722.7.2001
72.Zigismunds Sirmais (LAT)86.667.7.2016
72.Andrian Mardare (MDA)86.668.5.2021
74.Klaus Tafelmeier (GER)86.6412.7.1987
74.Ainārs Kovals (LAT)86.6423.8.2008
74.Huang Shih-Feng (TPE)86.6426.8.2017
77.Harri Haatainen (FIN)86.6319.8.2001
78.Tapio Korjus (FIN)86.5025.8.1988
79.Kim Amb (SWE)86.4925.7.2020
80.Ēriks Rags (LAT)86.4722.7.2001
81.Lassi Etelätalo (FIN)86.4421.8.2022
82.Alexandru Novac (ROU)86.375.7.2018
83.Stuart Farquhar (NZL)86.3129.4.2012
84.Shivpal Singh (IND)86.2322.4.2019
85.Oleksandr Pyatnytsya (UKR)86.1220.5.2012
86.Rocco van Rooyen (RSA)85.9727.2.2021
87.Kimmo Kinnunen (FIN)85.968.8.1999
88.Yukifumi Murakami (JPN)85.9629.4.2013
89.Paraskevás Batzávalis (GRE)85.9520.7.2016
90.Magnus Arvidsson (SWE)85.755.5.2007
91.Dmitriy Polyunin (UZB)85.7423.6.1992
91.Miroslav Guzdek (CZE)85.74A5.4.2002
93.Andrey Shevchuk (RUS)85.701.6.1993
94.Mark Roberson (GBR)85.6719.7.1998
94.Michael Shuey (USA)85.6717.7.2021
96.William Hamlyn-Harris (AUS)85.6031.1.2004
97.Fatih Avan (TUR)85.6020.5.2012
98.Ilya Korotkov (RUS)85.4725.2.2010
99.Andreas Linden (GER)85.4217.9.1995
100.Donald-Aik Sild (EST)85.2810.6.1994

Finns in control of top 100

Now let's take a look at the compelete list of 100 best throwers.

The top 100 includes 34 different nationalities. Finland has the most entries with 15 athletes. Germany is second with 13. The top two are miles clear of the rest as Russia is third with eight top 100 throwers and the Czech Republic and Latvia have five athletes on the list.

At the moment the top 100 spot requires a throw of 85,28.

Top 100 throwers by nationality


Top 100 throws of all time: Železný leads, Vetter closing up

The top 100 list that we just went through included only one best throw by each athlete. When we broaden the scope and take into account all the throws by each athlete, the list gets a little one-sided.

The world record thrower Jan Železný's name is mentioned in the following top 100 throws -list staggering 33 times. Železný has thrown five of the ten longest throws of all time.

Vetter has been in an amazing form in 2021 throwingly constantly over 90 meters. Vetter has now also five throws in the all time top 10 (25 in the top 100).

Germany's Thomas Röhler is the first name on the list behind Železný and Vetter. Röhler holds the 13th position with his PB of 93,90.

Top 100 throws of all time

1.Jan Železný (CZE)98.4825.5.1996
2.Johannes Vetter (GER)97.766.9.2020
3.Johannes Vetter (GER)96.2929.5.2021
4.Jan Železný (CZE)95.6629.8.1993
5.Jan Železný (CZE)95.54A6.4.1993
6.Jan Železný (CZE)95.3429.8.1993
7.Johannes Vetter (GER)94.846.9.2020
8.Jan Železný (CZE)94.6431.5.1996
9.Johannes Vetter (GER)94.4411.7.2017
10.Johannes Vetter (GER)94.2429.5.2021
11.Johannes Vetter (GER)94.2019.5.2021
12.Jan Železný (CZE)94.0226.11.1997
13.Thomas Röhler (GER)93.905.5.2017
14.Johannes Vetter (GER)93.8818.8.2017
15.Johannes Vetter (GER)93.5926.6.2021
16.Johannes Vetter (GER)93.2021.5.2021
17.Aki Parviainen (FIN)93.0926.6.1999
18.Anderson Peters (GRN)93.0713.5.2022
19.Johannes Vetter (GER)93.0611.7.2017
20.Jan Železný (CZE)92.8825.5.1996
21.Jan Železný (CZE)92.8012.8.2001
22.Julius Yego (KEN)92.7226.8.2015
23.Johannes Vetter (GER)92.7011.11.2018
24.Sergey Makarov (RUS)92.6130.6.2002
25.Raymond Hecht (GER)92.6021.7.1995
26.Jan Železný (CZE)92.4228.5.1997
27.Aki Parviainen (FIN)92.4123.6.2001
28.Jan Železný (CZE)92.3026.3.1997
29.Jan Železný (CZE)
30.Raymond Hecht (GER)92.2814.8.1996
31.Jan Železný (CZE)92.2626.3.1997
32.Johannes Vetter (GER)92.1429.6.2021
33.Jan Železný (CZE)92.1227.8.1995
33.Jan Železný (CZE)92.1215.9.1995
35.Andreas Hofmann (GER)
36.Jan Železný (CZE)91.8827.8.1995
37.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.8621.5.2021
38.Jan Železný (CZE)91.824.9.1994
39.Thomas Röhler (GER)91.784.5.2018
40.Konstandínos Gatsioúdis (GRE)91.6924.6.2000
41.Jan Železný (CZE)91.681.7.1994
42.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.6718.8.2017
43.Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR)91.592.6.2006
44.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.564.5.2018
45.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)91.5326.6.2005
46.Thomas Röhler (GER)91.5328.6.2017
47.Jan Železný (CZE)91.504.6.1994
47.Jan Železný (CZE)91.50A8.4.1996
47.Raymond Hecht (GER)91.501.9.1996
47.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.5024.4.2021
51.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.4911.8.2020
52.Jan Železný (CZE)91.4815.9.1995
53.Steve Backley (GBR)91.4625.1.1992
54.Andreas Hofmann (GER)91.4420.5.2018
54.Andreas Hofmann (GER)91.4430.8.2018
54.Jan Železný (CZE)91.4425.5.1996
54.Jan Železný (CZE)91.4426.3.1997
58.Jan Železný (CZE)91.402.7.1993
59.Julius Yego (KEN)91.397.6.2015
59.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.3929.6.2021
61.Cheng Chao-Tsun (TPE)91.3626.8.2017
62.Jan Železný (CZE)91.348.4.1997
63.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)91.3310.9.2005
63.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.3319.5.2021
65.Aki Parviainen (FIN)91.3112.8.2001
66.Jan Železný (CZE)91.301.9.1995
67.Breaux Greer (USA)91.2921.6.2007
68.Jan Železný (CZE)
68.Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR)91.2828.8.2009
70.Thomas Röhler (GER)91.2829.6.2016
71.Konstandínos Gatsioúdis (GRE)91.2726.5.2001
72.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)91.2322.7.2007
72.Jan Železný (CZE)
72.Konstandínos Gatsioúdis (GRE)91.2324.7.2002
75.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.22A27.2.2018
76.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.2010.8.2017
77.Johannes Vetter (GER)
78.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)91.1124.6.2006
79.Andreas Hofmann (GER)91.0726.8.2017
80.Johannes Vetter (GER)91.0611.7.2017
81.Jan Železný (CZE)91.0422.6.1996
82.Thomas Röhler (GER)91.0429.6.2016
83.Jan Železný (CZE)91.0222.6.1996
83.Thomas Röhler (GER)91.0228.6.2017
84.Aki Parviainen (FIN)90.9724.6.2000
86.Jan Železný (CZE)90.9215.9.1995
87.Aki Parviainen (FIN)90.8811.6.1998
87.Jakub Vadlejch (CZE)90.8813.5.2022
89.Sergey Makarov (RUS)90.8712.6.2002
90.Sergey Makarov (RUS)90.8629.5.2002
90.Johannes Vetter (GER)90.8625.8.2020
92.Steve Backley (GBR)90.8122.7.2001
93.Aki Parviainen (FIN)90.8020.6.2000
93.Jan Železný (CZE)90.8030.5.1995
95.Jan Železný (CZE)90.7610.8.2001
95.Jan Železný (CZE)90.768.7.1994
97.Thomas Röhler (GER)90.758.6.2018
97.Johannes Vetter (GER)90.7511.7.2017
97.Anderson Peters (GRN)90.756.6.2022
100.Vadims Vasiļevskis (LAT)90.7322.7.2007

11 nationalities are included in the top 100. The Germans and Finns are on top also on this list as Germany has 4 athletes on the list and Finland 2. One thrower each for Czech Republic, Norway, Russia, Greece, Latvia, Kenya, Great Britain, USA and Taipei.

15 different athletes are found in the top 100 throws list. As mentioned Železný still rules the list with an incredible 33 top throws. Vetter has the second most entries on the list with 25, Röhler is third with 7.

Most top 100 -throws

1.Jan Železný (CZE)33
2.Johannes Vetter (GER)25
3.Thomas Röhler (GER)7
4.Aki Parviainen (FIN)6
5.Tero Pitkämäki (FIN)4
5.Andreas Hofmann (GER)4
7.Sergey Makarov (RUS)3
7.Raymond Hecht (GER)3
7.Konstandínos Gatsioúdis (GRE)3
10.Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR)2
10.Julius Yego (KEN)2
10.Steve Backley (GBR)2
10.Anderson Peters (GRN)2
14.Breaux Greer (USA)1
14.Jakub Vadlejch (CZE)1
14.Vadims Vasiļevskis (LAT)1
14.Cheng Chao-Tsun (TPE)1